Site Update

Fuck. Me.

June 29th, 2006

Okay. I sorted out the email problem. Now I’m sorting out the email. Jeeziz! There were 533 messages sitting there. It’s extremely confusing trying to figure out which ones are spam and which ones are legit. See above. The first “congratulations” is real. The second one is not. And “Don’t expose your intimate life!” is probably good advice for anyone who’s just published a memoir about their family, but it turned out to be a Cialis pitch.

There’s stuff here from childhood friends, relatives, people I went to high school with, people who’ve been to my readings, people who want to interview me…I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Especially considering that I lost control of my personal, non-website inbox some time ago. I guess all this is to say, please be patient if you don’t hear right back from me. I’m on the job.

Uh…if you’ve been trying to email me through this site…

June 29th, 2006

I just found out that people are getting “mail delivery returned” messages after emailing me at I’m really sorry about that, and am trying to get to the bottom of it. I guess when we moved over to this new site from the old one, we didn’t set up that address to forward mail to me like it used to.

The really scary thing is that there must be a frickin’ huge pile of messages there that I haven’t been getting for over a month. Apologies to everyone who’s written to me and not heard back. And I’ll try to get this fixed immediately.

The Sahara, the rain forest, Siberia, and Greenland

June 22nd, 2006

What do these places have in common? Click on the little map feature in the sidebar and discover for yourself.


Oh, someone asked in a previous post what time zone the comments are set to, and it looks to me like GMT.

Attention Midwesterners!

June 16th, 2006

New dates are up for Alison’s Fun Home tour in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago. Also, you can catch an informative interview from The Forum on KQED San Francisco on Realplayer right here. (posted by Katie)

While Alison is on the Run

June 5th, 2006

Hi DTWOF Fans!

I’m interrupting your regularly-scheduled DTWOF and Fun Home programming to introduce myself!  As Alison’s new assistant, I will be attempting to fill Cathy Resmer’s capable and organized shoes to help with website updates, email, and other communications with the outside world.

Katie Sullivan

Apologies to everyone having trouble reading the split posts

June 3rd, 2006

Thanks to Andrew Burday and Nichael Cramer for identifying the coding problem. My web guy is going to fix it soon. In the meantime, you can try switching browsers. Netscape works, Explorer doesn’t. And Firefox is best of all.

Oh, and some people have been concerned about why I ask for your email address when you make a comment. You don’t have to put anything there, just leave the forms blank and you’ll come through as ‘anonymous.’ I think the way the comments form is set up now is just a default thing. I’ll try and make it more friendly and explanatory at some point.


May 18th, 2006

Sorry…I’m still figuring out this new system. Comments weren’t posting because there was some default thing checked that made people have to register, then it held comments for moderation. I’ve unchecked all that. Let’s see if it works. Thanks for your patience!

Oh, and sorry about the thing where you have to register for Flickr to see the large version. I don’t have time to figure that out now, but I’ll get to it.


May 15th, 2006

Yeah, this is definitely more of a site overhaul than an upgrade. And there’s still a ton of stuff to do. And I’m not very familiar with this new interface yet. But I just wanted to make a quick test post, to see if I could. Uh…I can’t figure out how to insert a link. There’s a nice review of Fun Home on bitch phd.