Sketch Diary

sketch diary, Sun. 12/17

December 17th, 2006

beaverdam closeup

Damn beavers. Read the rest of this entry »

sketch diary, Sat. 12/16

December 17th, 2006

Actually, before I did the Friday cartoon posted below, I did another one based on something that happened to me today.

But before I show you that, let me just say that the main rule of the sketch diary is that I can’t spend much time on it. I can’t do any photo references, or look anything up at all. I can only draw stuff that comes right out of my head. Well, I can do one quick pencil sketch. But that’s it.

So I went out for a hike this afternoon after putting up the Gentle Reader post, and it was while I was hiking that I got the idea for this little story. And then later on during the hike I got the barbershop idea.

I don’t know if I’ll keep this up. I might not. But it was really fun to do these little stories. (NOTE: I’m having some trouble getting the art to display properly. It might take a while to get that figured out. Sorry. ) Read the rest of this entry »

sketch diary, Friday Dec. 15

December 17th, 2006

barber closeup

No sooner did I post that guilt-ridden message about blowing off my strips this month than I was seized with a new idea. I could post other kinds of cartoons here, like a sketch diary, until I’m back on track with strip.

I think I was inspired by Roz Chast’s new book, which a very kind reader of this blog just sent me. I was looking at it last night and envying her free ‘n’ EZ drawing style and wide-ranging subject matter. Well, it was a combo of Chast’s influence and James Kochalka’s. I’m also envious of his simple, haiku-like American Elf sketchbook diary.

I just thought it might be fun to try something like that, and it would make up for slacking off in the DTWOF department. I know, I know, everyone’s been making these very kind posts about how Read the rest of this entry »