may moon. thrush. veery. sunset sky. peepers.

May 23rd, 2007 | Wild Kingdom

It was such a lovely evening here I had to make another installment of my Wild Kingdom documentary series.

Oh, and here’s something I keep meaning to mention. The Comics Curmudgeon made a nice passing reference to my work recently. He began a post about “amusing ancillary details” in various recent editorial cartoons with the comment, “Dykes To Watch Out For creator Alison Bechdel once described her urge to put little, almost invisible details in her comics as arising from horror vacui, which must be a common cartoonist affliction.” You can read the whole thing here on Wonkette. I couldn’t find it on the Comics Curmudgeon’s own site for some reason. I don’t understand how all this stuff works. But that’s okay because I’m not a blogger. If you don’t know the Comics Curmudgeon, you should. I have particular respect for his insights into my favorite daily strip, Mark Trail.

21 Responses to “may moon. thrush. veery. sunset sky. peepers.”

  1. kate says:

    jinx on the “wow”–so lovely. that is an amazing camera–what is it you are using? did you use the same for your flickr pic?

  2. Josiah says:

    We like the moon.

  3. Josiah says:

    Also, thank you for teaching me the word “veery”. It’s veery nice.

  4. Josh says:

    Aw, *blush* Alison, er, Ms. Bechdel, I am very honored to be linked to. I am a big DTWOF fan from way back. To answer your implied question, I try to keep my political cartoon commentary limited to Wonkette ’cause I don’t want stupid political fights breaking out on my own site, plus they (Wonkette) pay me and stuff.

    I am utterly charmed to find out that you like Mark Trail. I hope you were as excited as I was to meet “Buzzard” today, or as I call him “No-neck hillbilly stereotype stock character #2”.

    Josh (aka the Comics Curmudgeon)

  5. Wendy B. says:

    wow is right. beautiful moon. thanks for the moment of magic…zooming in and out.

  6. Fräulein says:

    On the way to the moon, I wondered if I was appropriately dressed. Felt like we’d be on the moon any minute.

  7. Ben says:

    Funny I read Comics Curmudgeon on my way over here. And Get Fuzzy, which is having a great poetry slam this week.

  8. --MC says:

    I read the Curmudgeon every day, it’s my source for the daily Mark Trail (we only get the Sunday here). I had no idea he was so two-fisted! When Trail punches a guy .. he stays punched!

  9. cz says:

    That [Curmudgeon] has to be the funniest thing I have ever read. So that’s where all the people with a sense of humor have gone.

  10. boltgirl says:

    Comics Curmudgeon has become my favorite way to unwind my weary brain after a long day of fighting to keep the world safe for archaeology.

  11. Phyllis says:

    Yes that’s surely the same moon that stopped me in my tracks last night while crossing the Pont St. Michel.

    Say, do you ever have signings in Paris? I run a little second-hand bookshop here and would love to host one. Perhaps this is better directed to your publisher.

    In any case, thanks for all the work you’ve put out there. I’m looking forward to reading Fun Home.

    Phyllis Cohen
    Berkeley Books of Paris

  12. shadocat says:

    I don’t get it—-if one has a blog, doesn’t that already make one a blogger? And if one comments on another blog, say, “pandagon” wouldn’t that also make that person a blogger?

  13. Jeffster83 says:

    The public service announcements ask: “Have you been a father today?” with the strong suggestion that just because a male has biological offspring doesn’t mean he’s a father. It’s something that requires work.

    I have a blog, but I don’t blog regularly, so I don’t call myself a blogger. I do fath every day, though, so I do call myself a father.

  14. Elisablue says:

    I love those little movies.
    I just love them.

  15. Feminista says:

    I remember when AB did satires of popular magazines and comic strips in one of the DTWOF books. Mo Trail featured our favorite kvetcher hard at work in the forest. Never read the comic,though.

  16. shadocat says:

    Jeffster; I’m a mother—but there are some days I don’t “moth”(my kids are adults). But I still call myself a mother…

  17. geogeek says:

    Thanks for the tip-off to comics curmudgeon – what a treat to know I’m not the only person who mainly sees the comics page as a time to rip on the lame non-humor, bad drawing, and perpetuation of stupid stereotypes.

    And your movielet is beautiful…

  18. cyd says:

    I’m so pleased that two of my daily diversions are exchanging blog-kisses. Well, you know what I mean. I was going to explain the distinction between Josh’s blog localities, but I see he has done so himself. Despite your presence at Wonkette, Josh, I have to say that I prefer my politics from DTWOF.

  19. Ydnic says:

    Sigh… Thank you for the glimpse of your lovely evening. The veery’s song is reminiscent of my favorite birdsong, that of the hermit thrush. It has a similar echoey, metallic, haunting quality.

    If you ever have the chance, Alison, would you please elaborate about why you like Mark Trail? It’s always baffled me what people see in it, yet it’s been going for ages.

  20. patricia tall and proud says:

    Me too, cyd.

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