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Beebo Brinker

February 28th, 2008


I went to NYC last weekend to see a performance of The Beebo Brinker Chronicles. It’s based on Ann Bannon’s pulp fiction novels from the early sixties. Have you read these? I was addicted to them when Naiad Press reissued them in the early eighties. I’ve probably read Odd Girl Out a dozen times. Read the rest of this entry »


February 20th, 2008


I just have to show you the costume I wore to the Winter is a Drag Ball the other night. The theme was the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Read the rest of this entry »

Amazon Bookstore Cooperative for sale

February 20th, 2008


Amazon Bookstore in Minneapolis, the oldest feminist bookstore in the country–and the model for Madwimmin Books in DTWOF–is for sale. Barb Weiser, the general manager who’s worked at the store for the past twenty-one years and should be awarded a congressional medal of honor, is moving on. None of the staff is in a position to take over. Read the rest of this entry »

DTWOF episode #522

February 15th, 2008

522 detail
I decided to put 522 up a week early because the way things are going, the argument Jasmine and Janis are having might be a moot point by next Wednesday. Read the rest of this entry »

duly noted

February 15th, 2008

tintin on mcsweeney's
I just skimmed the comments on episode 520, starting from the end. It was curious reading in reverse like that. I couldn’t imagine where the gym teacher discussion had sprung from, but spooling back it all fell into place.

Okay, you’re all right. The characters in 520 wouldn’t be dressed in t-shirts if the house were really at 65 degrees. No one ever goes to the dentist. I cover more negative than positive aspects of long term relationships. And the fat characters–Jezanna and Harriet–have mysteriously disappeared from the scene. I’ve been aware of that last item on the list, and have been troubled by it. I’ll see what I can do about remedying all these problems, okay?

Once decades ago our blog friend June Thomas noted that I had drawn a drink in which the ice cubes sat at the bottom of the glass instead of floating to the top.

That’s when I knew this was a tough crowd.

On an unrelated note, Kendall Gerdes sent me a link to this piece on the McSweeney’s site that the Tintin fans among us will enjoy. It’s even more clever than it looks at first glance–it lists and updates each book in the entire Tintin series.

DTWOF episode #520

February 5th, 2008

520 detail

Okay, remember I ran 521 out of order already. So here’s 520.

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short note

February 5th, 2008


Jeez, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much. Haven you noticed? I’ve been working on a totally consuming project that’s taking me forever to finish. I’m contributing an essay on Vermont to an upcoming book called “State by State,” edited by Sean Wilsey and Matt Wieland. A graphic essay. I’m feeling very resentful and envious of the people contributing normal prose essays–they type something up and that’s it! But that’s only the halfway point for me. Then I have to design, photograph, sketch, draw, typeset, ink, scan, paint, and endlessly tweak every square millimeter of the fucking thing.

I have also sort of started dating someone, which I tell you because this, too, has had a deleterious effect on my blogging. I think in some ways the blog has been like a significant other for me. Or at least, an activity where I spent the time I might otherwise have been spending doing whatever it is people do with one another.

ich bin lesbisch

February 1st, 2008


Thanks to NLC for alerting me to the fact that someone has posted my German TV interview on YouTube. It’s all in German of course, so who knows what they’re saying. But it looks really good! All slick and professional, with little slow-motion bits that make things appear dramatic and luminous instead of the gritty, everyday way they really are.

They show the sex scenes in my book! Imagine that happening in this godforsaken land of puritans.