DTWOF Trivia

Questions for Feb 2010:
OK, starting out from the heart of the strip:
1] What is Mo’s full (first, middle, last) name? [Answer]

2] Name as many of Mo’s relatives as you can. [Answer]

3] On what day of the week did Mo and Harriet first say “I love you”? [Answer]

Questions for Mar 2010:
Madwimmin Books:
4] Name a famous (“real world”) writer who has given a reading at Madwimmin’s. When did the reading happen? [Answer]

5] What is a “code blue”? [Answer]

6] What is the (approximate?) street address of Madwimmin’s? [Answer]

Questions for Apr 2010:
The House on Johnston Ave.:
7] What was the topic of Ginger’s PhD Thesis? [Answer]

8] Which Star Trek episode is Sparrow’s favorite? [Answer]

9] What was the name of Lois’s “Girl Next Door” as she was growing up? [Answer]

10] What is the name of Stuart’s Blog? [Answer]

Questions for May 2010:
These Kids Today:
11] After whom was Raffi named? [Answer]

12] When/how was Jiao Raizel almost arrested? [Answer]

13] When the pregnant Toni felt the (unborn) Raffi move, to what did Mo compare the experience? [Answer]

14] What was Raffi’s first word? [Answer]

Questions for June 2010:
Abbreviations and Acronyms. Please Identify:
15] LABIA [Answer]

16] LUST [Answer]

17] JLQT [Answer]

18] CRONE [Answer]

Questions for July 2010:
Toni and Clarice:The Ultimate Relationship History, Part 1/3
19] When we first meet Toni and Clairce, how long have they been together?

20] Where did Clarice propose to Toni?

21] Where did their commitment ceremony take place?

23] Where did their first wedding take place?

Answers and next questions available 1 Sept 2010.