Original Art for Sale

Thanks for looking at my art. Please note that the originals look different from the pages in my books. There are whited-out and pasted up bits, marginal notes, etc., that don’t show up in print. For pages from Fun Home and Are You My Mother?, please take a look at this explanation of how the originals look.

If you’re interested in having the artwork personally inscribed, or have any other questions, contact me at alisonbechdelink (at) gmail (dot) com.

There are more pages available than are shown here. There’s a list here (scroll to bottom) of the pages from Fun Home and Are You My Mother? that are not available. Prices have 6% VT sales tax built in.

Click images to see larger version.

New Yorker gradual impact 1

New Yorker gradual impact 2

“Gradual Impact”

Published in the June 9 & 16, 2014 issue of The New Yorker.

India ink on Bristol board. Two separate pages, each 14 x 17, available only as a set. $7500.


DTWOF 1996 Calendar cover

DTWOF 1996 calendar cover
Gouache and india ink on watercolor paper. 15 x 10.5. $1200.


FH 90-91 spread

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, pages 90/91
Two-page spread. Hand-lettered—so it looks a little different than the printed book, which is digitally lettered.
India ink on Bristol, acetate overlay. Two pages, combined size 23 x 14. $3000. (this is on loan summer 2021, so not available till fall)


FH 166

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, page 166
India ink on Bristol, hand-lettered, acetate overlay. 11 x 14. $1500.


RUMM 256

 Are You My Mother? A Comic Drama, page 256

India ink on Bristol board, hand-lettered, acetate overlay. 11 x 14. $1200.


Twilight of the Titans:Pekar LINE ART

Twilight of the Titans Pekar LINE ART

Harvey Pekar collaboration.

This is a promotional comic Harvey and I did to publicize some speaking events we did together in 2008. He wrote the script, I drew it. India ink on Bristol board, 11 x 14. $1200.


DTWOF episode 251

Dykes to Watch Out For episode 251, Desperate Measures.
January, 1996. India ink on two pages of Bristol board, combined size 14 x 17. $1500.


There are many more DTWOF episodes, and pages of Fun Home and Are You My Mother available. Feel free to write and request any you’re interested in, but it’s good to have an alternate in mind too.