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DTWOF in the halls of academe

April 12th, 2005

Just found out that tomorrow, Allison J. Kelaher Young, a professor in the College of Education at Western Michigan University, is presenting a paper about Alison’s comics during a panel at the American Educational Research Association conference in Montreal. The paper’s called “Presentation of Self in Not-so-Everyday Comics: Curricular Implications of the Comics of Alison Bechdel,” and it’s part of a panel entitled, “The Performative Discourse of Identity in Queer Studies.”

This isn’t actually the first time somebody’s written a paper about Alison’s work. We know of a few others, including “Humour in Alison Bechdel’s Comics,” a thesis penned by Finnish student Tuula Raikas in 1998. Anybody know of some we should add to our list? We also know that sometimes professors put Alison’s books on their syllabi. Anybody ever take a class where they had to (got to) read DTWOF? I want to compile a list for posterity.