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April 20th, 2007

eastern phoebe

Speaking of off topic, here’s a movie I made today–well, now it’s yesterday already, which sort of takes some of the pungency away–of the phoebes who return every year to nest at my house. They usually get here around April 9 or so, but it’s been so wintry, they weren’t showing up and I was growing quite anxious. They arrived at last on Wednesday. Today, Thursday, was a stunning bright blue spring day. You can’t actually see the phoebes in the video because I wasn’t patient enough. But you can hear them. You can also hear the brook rushing. I stole this photo off the Cornell bird site, which is normally really great but seems to have been under construction for a while now.

Today was such a nice day, in fact, that I couldn’t think about blogsistentialism at all.