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how to sound like an amurrican

September 19th, 2007

me & juneMy pal June Thomas, who I met back in the last millennium when she was part of the off our backs collective, and who is now the foreign editor for Slate, has a funny video up on Slate V. She’s British, and goes to see a dialect coach to see if she can learn to talk like an American, as many British actors have recently done for Hollywood movies.

June is one of my (and Mo’s) doppelgängers. She put me up once when I was visiting DC, and on the table next to my bed, I found a book with a hand-drawn cover on it that read “Vanilla Leather Love,” a reference to Mo’s favorite stroke book. It was a funny, subtle gesture that forever endeared June to me. Though she’s pretty endearing in her own right, as you’ll see. If you can get past the Infiniti ad. (Aren’t you glad there are no Infiniti ads on this site?)