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workaday logo appreciation, perimenopausal perversity

December 30th, 2008

kiwi logo
I just bought these rawhide bootlaces, and they make such a beautiful little object wrapped up in their Kiwi bi-directional label band, I’m loathe to undo it. See the tiny little kiwi? Such an elegant, unpretentious logo, and so deeply familiar. I guess it’s emblazoned in my brain from childhood, when I had to polish my hideous red corrective shoes with Kiwi shoe polish–some kind of clear version, since they didn’t make any that was the exact hideous red color of my shoes. Read the rest of this entry »

gift of the magi

December 25th, 2008

mo syd xmas detail
I’m finally starting to miss my DTWOF characters a little bit. I checked in to see what they were up to today, and got this skimpy glimpse. Read the rest of this entry »

a lovely Dykes obit and a groovy video

December 17th, 2008


That’s my ex-assistant Cathy Resmer posing as Ginger almost ten years ago. And here’s a really wonderful piece she wrote this week about DTWOF for our local alt weekly Seven Days. And look! There’s also a very slick and smart video interview that the Seven Days vlogger extraordinare Eva Sollberger* did with me last weekend. She does this brilliant series called “Stuck in Vermont” for the Seven Days website.

*A Simon’s Rock alum, like me.

Portland women’s bookstore in trouble

December 16th, 2008

I’ve been getting emails about Portland’s women’s bookstore, In Other Words. They need a pile of money by the end of the year in order to survive. Go to their website to buy some holiday gifts or make a donation, okay? It sounds like people are really pitching in, like they did for the fictional Madwimmin Books.


It’s a cold world. Thank god this cord of wood got delivered today.

I’m here!

December 16th, 2008

As I read the comments on the last post, I see that my protracted absence has alarmed some readers. No, the ice storm didn’t knock my power out. I’ve just been too scattered to blog. I went to Pennsylvania to visit my family last week, which always warps time in a disconcerting way. Then on the way home to Vermont, my girlfriend Holly and I had to drive through the ice storm. Click this picture to see how harrowing it was.
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December 5th, 2008

So I’m still obsessively looking for that ancient Times clipping containing their first use of the word “gay” as opposed to “homosexual.” I don’t think it was in the article Sara linked to in the last post. And as I recall, I neglected to date the clipping, so finding it won’t yield any real information anyway. But you know how when you can’t find something, you sort of go crazy? I’m doing that. Maybe it’s just my way of settling down after all the hubbub about the NY Times review of The Essential DTWOF on Wednesday. But look what I ran across while rooting through my “clippings” folder! An article from my local paper from July 1, 1992. The first version was in the morning edition. The second, in the afternoon edition.

martina, am & pm


December 3rd, 2008


The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For just got this amazing rave in the NY Times.

Lemme tell you whippersnappers. I can remember when the Times wouldn’t even print the word “dyke.” In fact, somewhere in my vast archives I have a tiny clipping from 1983 or so…maybe even later…containing the first instance of the Times using the word “gay,” as opposed to “homosexual.”

I’m just saying.

swords into…paper? Plus readings at the Bear & the Pig

December 2nd, 2008

There was a strangely moving article in my local newspaper yesterday about Iraq war vets turning their uniforms into handmade paper. It’s by my pal Lauren Ober.

If you live in Northern Vermont, come to one of my readings/signings for Essential Dykes to Watch Out For. I’ll be at Bear Pond in Montpelier tonight, and at the Flying Pig in Shelburne tomorrow. Thanks to the redoubtable Cathy Resmer for posting about it on the blog of our local alt weekly Seven Days.

More links…a semi-coherent interview with me on Bookslut.