swords into…paper? Plus readings at the Bear & the Pig

December 2nd, 2008 | Uncategorized

There was a strangely moving article in my local newspaper yesterday about Iraq war vets turning their uniforms into handmade paper. It’s by my pal Lauren Ober.

If you live in Northern Vermont, come to one of my readings/signings for Essential Dykes to Watch Out For. I’ll be at Bear Pond in Montpelier tonight, and at the Flying Pig in Shelburne tomorrow. Thanks to the redoubtable Cathy Resmer for posting about it on the blog of our local alt weekly Seven Days.

More links…a semi-coherent interview with me on Bookslut.

9 Responses to “swords into…paper? Plus readings at the Bear & the Pig”

  1. Mame says:

    I loved the link to Bookslut! Thanks!

  2. Kate L says:

    Gosh, as a DTWOF reader, I started out thinking that Moe was based on A.B., but then after I started reading A.B.’s comments on this blog, I decided that Moe wasn’t like her at all. Now in her interview, A.B. says that Moe WAS based on herself, age 23! I either stand corrected, or I was right all along!!!

  3. sk in london says:

    Oooooooooo, excitement in London!! Guardian G2 yesterday an interview with you!! excellent…. just about gasped atop the #168 bus riding through Camden town. Excellent…. then sorry that it did not lead into your coming to the UK to hang out over here with a visit…. nice to see you though in newsprint over here..:-)

  4. --MC says:

    KateL: Which reminds me that when I first got my copy of that one DTWO4 collection, the one with all the Mo-manques on it (what’s the name of it — “Lyrical, Spherical, Diabolical Dykes To Watch Out For”?), I thought of Louis Jordan’s song “Five Guys Named Moe”, and get it stuck in my head every time I see the cover of the book. There’s big Mo, scoodly doo be da da, little bitty Mo ..

  5. Duncan says:

    So, Moe is Alison at 23. Who’s Larry? Who’s Curly? Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk.

  6. Erica says:

    Regarding your comments on gay marriage in that interview: I’m young and queer and the fight for marriage is not my fight. Or maybe I’m old now (just turned 29). But yeah, there are plenty of radical young queers out there fighting against the pro gay marriage assimilationists… http://makezine.enoughenough.org/prop8.html .

  7. Josiah says:

    In the Bookslut interview, Alison says, “two other people own or have copyright on my work, and it’s just kind of a nightmare.” How did that happen? And can it be fixed?

  8. TM says:

    I was truly sad to read you may not continue DTWOF. It has always been very special to me. There is no smarter comic out there, especially with regard to politics — and by that I mean national politics and the cogent satire of leftist/queer politics. I’ll miss it very much. And, in fact, I hope you change your mind.

    A longtime fan