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site update

June 9th, 2009

Look at all the strange new things going on here! Shawn changed the header up there today. And the new wordpress magician, Alison Abreu-Garcia, has numbered the comments and done a bunch of other little things.

More change is afoot! But don’t worry, we’re just kinda playing around and trying things out.

Thanks to everyone who sent resumes and websites in response to our search for a wordpress helper. By way of introducing Alison, I just have to show you the link she sent in her email. Go here, then click on ” where it says “If your name is alison bechdel, click here.” That just kinda won me over. So, welcome Alison A-G.

Is everyone on board with starting the discussion of THe Little Stranger on 6/28? NLC, thanks for the link to the NPR interview with Sarah Waters today.