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new graphic books

August 26th, 2009


This great book just came out, A.D.: NEW ORLEANS AFTER THE DELUGE. Josh Neufeld, the artist, has been running installments of it on for the past several years. It’s pretty amazing. Josh is one of a passel of cartoonists, including me, David Rees, Jason Little, and David Heatley, who all went to Oberlin College. But not at the same time. Or maybe they all went there together, I don’t know. I’m way older. Jeez, I’m so old that I forget if there are others…I think there are some other folks I’m forgetting.


As if the aftermath of Katrina were not a vast enough topic, here are some folks making a graphic novel out of the Torah. (Sample page above.) Here’s a video of Sharon Rosenzweig and Aaron Freeman talking about their Comic Torah project.


And here’s Best Erotic Comics 2009, which includes an old DTWOF strip of mine with a rather mild sex scene in it.

Live from the potholes

August 18th, 2009

I have lived five minutes from this phenomenal swimming site for thirteen years, and this afternoon is the first time I’ve ever been to it. Hol dragged me away from my computer and here I am immersed in Joiner Brook.

Look, all the kids are jumping lower down. Hol & I have gravitated to the old peoples’ pool up above, where everyone’s smoking and drinking Coors Lite.

It’s awesome.

hard copy

August 5th, 2009

the notion

I’ve been subscribing to The Nation for over twenty years. For many of those, I saved the freakin’ back issues—stacks and stacks of these flimsy newsprint magazines with post-its sticking out Read the rest of this entry »