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April 18th, 2010


That’s a picture of me sadly searching the internet for clues about what to do when you lose your iPhone. I seem to have left mine in a cab in New York this afternoon. I know it’s very unseemly to come on here and whine about it, but I can’t figure out what to do and maybe you’ll all have some clever ideas. I did call this cool 311 number that NYC has for all kinds of minor city life bureaucratic details like parking rules and recycling schedules. Very smart, snappy people take all your information and for a second you feel hopeful. I had the cab’s medallion number. But they won’t know anything for two days.

Should I call AT&T and cancel the service? This seems smart, but then whoever finds the phone won’t be able to find me. Right? We’ve been calling the phone all day to no avail, and sending texts to it

I’d show you pictures of my ferry ride to Staten Island last night to see Kate Clinton and Lily Tomlin perform. But they’re on my iPhone.

It’s very odd how much a part of myself that thing was. I feel strangely amnestic, not quite sure who or where I am.