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July 23rd, 2012

price of salt

This is my re-creation of the cover of Patricia Highsmith’s pseudonymous lesbian novel which came out in paperback in 1952 or 1953. (I drew this as one of my top ten books for the Unpacking My Library project that I blogged about two years ago.)

W.W. Norton has just re-issued the works of Highsmith as e-books. Check out their great website. You can “choose your Highsmith” by answering a branching list of funny questions about what exactly you’re in the mood to read. And you can see a 3 minute promotional video with people like Joanne Schenkar and Terry Castle and me (Alas,no! I did not get to meet the infamous Castle or the mysterious Schenkar…we were all interviewed separately.) talking about Highsmith’s work.

Patricia Highsmith – EBooks Now Available from WW Norton on Vimeo.