April 28

April 28th, 2010 | Uncategorized

Thank god I went out Monday and got some new deck chairs. Aren’t they pretty?

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  1. Therry and St. Jerome says:

    You live in Vermont. What did you expect?

  2. hairball_of_hope says:

    At least with the fresh snow, you’ll be able to see the animal tracks, including those of the baconator bear.

  3. NLC says:


    Surely you mean baconivorous.

  4. Ruth in RI says:

    This post should have been labeled “What th’?”

  5. kat says:

    One more reason I refuse to move any further north than Boston.

  6. sapphicapuella says:

    Oh my! I lived in VT for a while and miss it – but this photo has cured me of that (at least for a little while!)

  7. Bechadelic1 says:

    Sooo, how long exactly does winter go on and on and on in Vermont?

  8. judybusy says:

    Really? It snowed this much this late? How appalling. My heart breaks for you. As a gardener, my first thought is for Holly, and hope she hadn’t sent too many seedlings outside before this happened.

  9. Calico says:

    LOL – looks like topiary to me. Nice!
    In QC we had a gray day with “spitting” snow, but no accumulation.
    I think El Nino this past season has resulted in all the cold stuff being forced further south.

  10. Khatgrrl says:

    I hope that the trees are OK. They were starting to leaf out in southern and central VT this past weekend. Hopefully they were further behind to the north.

    The deck chairs are lovely. They look so soft and fluffy!

  11. NLC says:

    Bechadelic1#7 and judybusy#8:

    Speaking from southern VT (where we got zero snow) there were places in northern VT/NH/NY that got more than 12in last night.

    As to how long it lasts (and its effect on gardening) even down here in the “banana belt” my beloved rarely plants anything “real” before Memorial Day. Hard frosts in early June are not unheard of.

    To take another view of this, perhaps we should postpone this discussion to, say, late July or August. The flip side of this is that it’s not unusual to go through an entire summer where I can easily count on one hand the number of days when it got up into the 90’s.

    Having served my time in Dallas and Austin –e.g. 35 consecutive days of 105+ weather– or in the atmospheric swamp that is a Hoosier August, I consider it well worth the trade.

  12. Bechadelic1 says:

    Ah well, you know that old rhyme…

    “As a rule, man is a fool,
    When it’s hot he wants it cool,
    When it’s cool, he wants it hot,
    Always wanting what is not!”

    *not referring only to men of course*

  13. Borealis says:

    Bechadelic1, it’s not that it’s still winter here in VT, it’s just that spring here includes the occasional snow storm.

    We’ve actually had quite an early spring this year. I’m not too worried about the native tree leaves, they’re used to such things, but here in Burlington (a little ahead of the rest of the region) the apple and cherry blossoms were just about to open and I do hope we haven’t lost too many.

  14. I’m envisioning a new comic strip featuring Baconator Bear.

  15. Bechadelic1 says:

    🙂 Borealis, I debated in my head whether or not to make all you Vermontites? Vermonteans? Vermonters? jealous by quoting the temperature where I live. But I’m too lazy to convert Celcius to Farenheit. LOL.

    On a more serious note, sorry to hear about the apple and cherry trees being swamped under the snow again, just when they were ready to bloom. I felt really sad when I read that. It must be such a pretty sight when they do bloom.

  16. brooke says:

    oh yes, i woke up to snow here in northern utah as well.. not nearly as much, oh no, but snow nonetheless. last week it was 74.

  17. Kate L says:

    (Bechadelic1 #7) “It’s Groundhog Day, again!” What early 1990’s movie about a surprisingly “long and lustrous winter” did that line come from?

    (Bechadelic1 #15) They call themselves Vermountaineers, I believe.

  18. Bechadelic1 says:

    @ Kate L #17
    me, me, pick me, I know the answer….it’s ‘Groundhog Day’!!

    And Vermountaineers, ahahahaha, I like that!

  19. kate the kid says:

    that is why i want to refuse to move further north agian. i like the temps in eastern NC, even if it feels so hot you don’t want to move for a few days in summer, the winters are NICE (former Ohioan). and i think the chairs look like a ram that you might see on an old painting. i will tell the hummingbirds to hang out down here for a while more. stay warm!

  20. Khatgrrl says:

    Flowering trees can take quite a hit when the temp drops below freezing. I was concerned about the tree limbs breaking under the weight of the snow if the leaves were out.

  21. Ian says:

    Wow. That’s how many inches of snow?

    Speaking of cartoons, today I picked up a book of ‘Clare in the Community’ which is a strip in the Guardian (UK) following the life of a right on straight female social worker. She even wears a horizontally striped black and white long-sleeved top most of the time and has rants that Mo would be proud of. The only trouble is, good as the creator is, it’s like carob to DTWOF’s luxury (fair trade) chocolate.

    Ok, now you ought to be able to get a good shot of the baconator bear against the white snow!

    Oh, and I’m with judybusy – hope you didn’t lose many plants to the snow! At least you were able to fly home through air free of volcano ash …

  22. hairball_of_hope says:

    @NLC (#3)

    While the ursine one might be baconivorous, I had in mind a portmanteau word combining bacon with “The Terminator,” as in Gov. Ahh-nold’s famous line, “I’ll be back…”

  23. Dr. Empirical says:

    Bechadelic1 #15: I believe the term is “Vermonsters”.

  24. Feminista says:

    Well, here in Portland,OR we got some hail at 5:10 PM.

    Statehood for Puerto Rico: si o no?

    …Wanders out humming America from West Side Story.

  25. Sherry says:

    They’re beautiful!
    It’s hot here in the southeast. I have hot flashes continuously. I want those chairs! I’d probably melt each one and feel good in the process.

  26. Kate L says:

    Last year, I had the opportunity to talk with Canadian science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer about his series of novels concerning Ponter Boddit, the Neanderthal scientist who travels across time-lines to become trapped in a violent, barbaric universe where Neanderthals went extinct, and humans rule the Earth (i.e., our time-line). I recall this now because I am teaching an Earth History course where today I showed a slide with the recreation of the face of a Neanderthal child… HERE IS THAT FACE, based on the same calculations that go into the forensic reconstruction of a crime victim’s face. BRACE YOURSELVES ! Well, do you think this Neanderthal youth is the face you expected to see (nasty, brutish and short-tempered) or not ? Amazing what our egocentric expectations can be !

  27. --MC says:

    Feminista @ 24 .. let’s make PR a state. And to keep the costs of having to redo all the flags, let’s cede Arizona to Mexico.

  28. Catsanova says:

    I coulda sworn that was a sheep…

    And gotta say: love, love love the HTML guide that now accompanies the “Reply” function…but could the font be just a bit bigger?

  29. Ready2Agitate says:

    Just wannata mention that we got on this here blog:
    Kate L. (Utah, right, Kate?)
    kate the kid
    Kat (Portland, OR, right Kat?)
    kat (Boston) (hey-o!)
    Khattgrrl (eastern NC)

    er, not that I’m keeping track…

    Alison, did you put the shovels in the basement already, and do you have to go outside (like I do) to an old bulkhead to get to the basement? meh, you prolly got a shed or garage.

  30. Feminista says:

    @27: Seriously,statehood seems more likely than ever before,and they could benefit from some stimulus $. Their unemployment rate is close to 20%,and the per capita income is less than half that of our poorest state,MS. This would be a good balance to Draconian measures AZ guv’s proposing,which Maggie mentioned in an earlier thread. (Even Janet Napolitano thinks AZ’s gone too far.)

    Naturally,the U.S.right’s opposed to statehood: nearly 4 million people whose first language is Spanish! Holy diversity,Batman!

  31. Minnie says:

    Fascinating, Kate L! Do we have any idea about Neanderthal skin and hair colour? Do we know where they lived and if they were nomadic?

    I think you folks that live where there is snow and bitter winter weather are wonderfully brave. I do not think I could keep myself warm over a winter. But I’d love building snowmen!

    Off to fall asleep under a down quilt with “Essential DTWOF” on a Los Angeles night that I’d previously considered nippy.

  32. Khatgrrl says:

    R2A #29 Actually, I’m from upstate NY, Albany area. There is someone from eastern NC…maybe judybusy? Sorry, I can’t quite remember.

  33. Eva says:

    AHA HA AHA HA HA HAha ha he, oh my. Good one Alison. It sas not nearly as funny (to me) while it was actually snowing, but now that most of snow downstate, in Montpelier, has melted I feel more sanguine about it all. And I do mean all. It’s more snow than we got in one storm in all of March together, if I’m not mistaken. I sincerely hope that’s the last of it. However, I’ll be happy if it doesn’t snow in June.

  34. Eva says:

    *was* not sas.

  35. judybusy says:

    Ian #21, I live far, far, away from Vermont. We’ve been having lovely weather–in the 60’s F. All of my plants are shooting up like mad!

    However, Minnesota is also known for its tricky springs: we’ve had that much snow as late as third week of April, which is why I can commiserate!

    Khatgrrl—looks like kate the kid is in NC–see # 19!

  36. Kate L says:

    (Minnie #31) The Neanderthals were adapted to Europe; and that is why the child is depicted with reddish hair, pale skin and blue eyes. These are all adaptations to the lower-intensity UV solar radiation at higher latitudes than is present in our mutual origin in Africa. Well, actually the lack of need for high levels of skin and hair pigment to counter the ultra-violet caused the same result as an adaptation. It’s true that some in our branch of humanity also went on to develop red hair and blue or green eyes, but that was an example of convergent evolution, when different species develop the same trait independently. And, recent DNA tests on archeological remains cofirm that Neanderthals are a different species – Homo neanderthalis and not Homo sapiens. They were just as human as us, but in a different way.

  37. Kat says:

    The post from “Kat” above is not from me.

    I’m Berkeley. Someone else is Portland….Aunt Soozie, maybe?

  38. Andrew B says:

    –MC, 27, geez, what did the Mexicans ever do to deserve Arizona? ;^) We’re going to have to solve our own bigot problem.

  39. hairball_of_hope says:


    In reference to an earlier thread about your website design and use of Flash, here’s Steve Jobs’ open letter explaining why Apple won’t support Flash on mobile devices:


  40. nel says:

    KateL #26- I read the Robert Sawyer books a few years ago (recommended by a friend and taken out of the library) and really enjoyed them. For some reason two weeks ago they bubbled up to consciousness, wondering if more had been written. I was digging in the noun cupboard for some access to either his name, the name of the books or Ponter Boddit. Alas, it was bare. I forgot it again before googling “Neanderthal novel” or other desperate peri-menopausal measures. Thank you so much for bringing it up. Do you know the names of the books in the series and their order? Do you recommend his other books? The picture you sent of the Neanderthal child was fascinating and so not what was in MY mind’s eye.

  41. Bechadelic1 says:

    @ Dr. Empirical # 23
    ahahaahahahahaa, that’s funny too. Gosh, I hope there’s no such thing as name calling karma and and if there is I hope it doesn’t bite on the ass the ones who laugh along with the name callers 😀

  42. Kate L says:

    (Ready2Agitate #29). Kansas, dear, just like Dorothy Gale!

  43. Feminista says:

    #37: No,Aunt Soozie doesn’t live in Portland,but she would have her own stand-up comedy show if she did.

  44. Aunt Soozie says:

    Nope Kat…
    not me trying to impersonate you!
    must be yet another Kat. 🙂
    I don’t hate snow but I sure do love beautiful sunny Spring days like this one!!
    So, gotta go step away from the computer and take the rest of it in!

  45. Kate L says:

    (Nel #40) Humans, Hominids and Hybrids are the three titles to Robert J. Sawyer’s Neanderthal trilogy. His novels always have a progressive theme, and he is critical of science fiction that does not. Case in point: the Star Wars universe, which among many other faults casually accepts the institution of slavery. He did praise the progressivism of Star Trek, so I say: Janeway Rules ! Jar-Jar Drools !

  46. Holly says:

    Peas are coming up and the garlic planted last fall is up about 5″. But otherwise we’ve brought the seedlings inside every night (except for the one time I forgot to bring them in!), hardening them off during the day–unless there’s two feet of snow on the deck. Still a foot out there. It’ll be gone by the weekend when we’re expecting high 70’s and we can try out the new furniture!

  47. […] into shirtsleeves weather — coats not required (at least in Seattle […]

  48. Bechadelic1 says:

    @ Holly # 46
    Absolutely love your passion for the planet Holly. The Earth is lucky to have you on her side 🙂

  49. judybusy says:

    Thanks for the update, Holly!

  50. Kat says:

    Thanks for the flash info, Hairball.

    Oops, I didn’t mean to imply that you were impersonating me, Aunt Soozie, I was just trying to remember who’s in Portland…..

  51. Ready2Agitate says:

    Egad I was tired the other night.

    I absolutely KNEW that Kate L. was living in Kansas (with all her regular know-how of political life there and thereabouts); and also that Kat was in Berkeley (when she mentioned hating that SF bar where great lesbian comic was performing).

    I actually went to work the next day thinking, I think “Hmm, I may have accidentally said I thought Kate L. was in Utah….” My poor overworked brain!

    Thx to all the K-word folks. Love. This. Blog.

  52. Kat says:

    “(when she mentioned hating that SF bar where great lesbian comic was performing).”

    …wait, I did? I’m super tired, myself, though, so lord only knows what I’ve forgotten….(perhaps I should change my email-answering time from first thing in the morning, when I’m groggy and can’t spell)