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June 26th, 2007 | Uncategorized

Sunday was interesting. It was Pride in NYC, and the MoCCA comics festival was happening at the same time. So these two strands of my life sort of intersected. I walked downtown along the parade route, where everyone was lined up very expectantly waiting for the Dykes on Bikes to come roaring down Fifth Avenue.


I didn’t wait, because it was hot and I didn’t have much time and I wanted to get to MoCCA.
comics curmudgeon
Here I am at the festival with the Comics Curmudgeon, who I was fortunate enough to run into. He posted my Mark Trail parody “Mo Trail” on his site recently.

I ran into the tail end of the Pride Parade much later in the day, on my way to Penn Station. I must say, it was an odd conglomeration. Here’s the queer geek Renaissance Festival contingent.

gay geeks

Followed closely by this inexplicable float.

gay real estate

I caught the 6:00 train to DC, where at approximately 9pm I emerged into Union Station.

union station

12 Responses to “comics & queers”

  1. Kat says:

    isn’t it interesting that Renaissance Fair (Faire, Fayre….whatever) outfits bear no actual resemblance to anything worn in the Renaissance?

  2. --MC says:

    We had Pride in Seattle this past weekend also. There are two parades, but we only went to the small one on the Hill, which was not overwhelming. The Dykes on Bikes, as usual, opened the ceremonies with several minutes of high octane motordyke action. The Seattle community is so inclusive that not only was there a transwoman riding, but there were several Vespas and Metropolitans in among the Harleys and Gold Wings.

  3. LF says:

    It was the first year I’d seen anything approaching a RenFest contingent at NYC Pride… I must admit, we started singing “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” when they came along our part of the route! 😉

  4. Dylan Edwards says:

    I was chained to my table at MoCCA so I didn’t manage to check out the parade, but at least I got to see some of the festively-dressed queers later on at Port Authority.

    It was good to say hello to you, even if it was just for 5 seconds. It’s actually the sign of a good show when you don’t have time to talk to any of the other artists – means you’re too busy selling stuff!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pride in Toronto this past week, too, where it was a blast (for an American who’s lived in the North, South, East, and West) to see and feel the GLBTQ lovin’ from an entire city. We were there for four days–we got married in City Hall on the second day–and not one dirty look or comment, so completely unlike in the States. It just shows what a difference an ideology NOT based (primarily) on aggression, discrimination, and exclusion makes in all areas of life and culture. The feel was so amazingly different and accepting and multicultural that we never wanted to leave. I wonder how hard it is to emigrate.

    I also wonder if Toronto is like that during other times of the year, too.

  6. monkey says:

    i was with the squidworks table on the first floor of mocca. i cant belieeeeeeve i missed pride in NY…
    i didnt see any signs.
    i didnt hear anything…
    i barely noticed that some kids had mini flags, but when i asked my freind who lives there, she said, ‘this is chelsea, it’s gay here… that’s probably why they have them’

    and then i heard about the parade briefly on cnn the next day… DOH!!!!!!

    next year…. sigh….

  7. shadocat says:

    Alison; You have a nice smile…you should share it with us more often!

    Pride was held in K.C. the first weekend in June; didn’t even know it was going on until it was over! I know stuff is happening all over everywhere the entire month of June, but the first weekend?

    Anyway, I found out about it on the news, post event, and even though I was midly pissed that I found out after the fact, this is the first time I noticed a TV story about Pride that treated it like any other festival; pictures of happy people, the musical acts, the carnival (yes we have one)—no gratuitous leering of the news camera—kind of refreshing.

  8. shadocat says:

    oops—that’s “mildly ” pissed; I’m hardly ever “midly pissed”

  9. Annie from Toronto says:

    Hi Anonymous, yes Toronto really does embrace diversity all year round! It is an amazing city. But, we don’t have any gay Renaissance re-inactors, so hmmm, tough trade off.

  10. Deb says:

    What a treat to experience Pride in NYC!

  11. bingo says:

    Alison and the Curmudgeon – together! I love it, love it! Nobody could possibly be as scathing as the Curmudgeon about the dailies without deepy loving the medium, I thought, which was totally vindicated when I saw “Mo Trail.” Yea-a-ah!

  12. Stephanie says:

    Love the pics! You must have seen my group, The Stonewall Chorale, march–we were a couple of groups before the Ren Faire folks.