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October 1st, 2008 | Uncategorized

If you’re in NYC, get yourself to the First Annual Sarah Palin Book Club Fundraiser at Cattyshack! Thursday night October 2! 7pm! Help raise some much-needed dough for the Lambda Literary Organization.

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  1. Ellen O. says:

    For Robin Morgan’s thoughts on Governor Palin, go to

    My top quote from this article: “Obama’s favorite authors are Graham Greene and Toni Morrison. McCain’s are James Fenimore Cooper and Hemingway. For me, as a writer? Honest-to-god, that alone does it.”

  2. Ginjoint says:

    Damn, Ellen, there’s so many good lines from that article I couldn’t choose. I started to cut & paste the “Ten Nice Things to Say About Sarah Palin,” to send in an email to my mother, but thought twice about it. She forwards emails ferociously, and I worry that eventually Robin Morgan’s name would be removed as author. I made sure her byline was in my forward, but still. I guess I’ll just send the link – thanks for sharing this.

    (Morgan did make me chuckle when she pointed out that Wasilla is about the same size as many urban high schools. My own high school had about 2500 kids. I love numbers in context.)