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45 Responses to “DTWOF 493”

  1. Anne Moore says:

    Kind of hard to read… Have you changed the formatting?

  2. NLC says:

    By the way, in case anyone else was wondering
    about “01.20.09”:

    (Peronsally, I have to admit to being partial to the
    2 0 0 7

    bumperstickers, myself.)

  3. g-lo says:

    If you click on the thumbnail it should provide a larger image that’s readable.

    Unless… you are in firefox and you have your prefs to shrink images to fit in your browser. If this is the case then: open firefox prefs, go to the “advanced” tab, choose the “General” subtab, and deselect “”Resizing large images to….” under the “Browsing” heading.

    The added benefit is that now you’ll see images full size on the web. I mean. If you look at images on the web.

  4. Emma says:

    I still can’t get it the right size from the thumbnail – and i’m on internet explorer. ??

  5. Emma says:

    Oops. Cancel that last one. You have to disable ‘image resizing’ on preferences, if anyone else has that problem!

  6. Deb says:

    I can’t see it either……….:(.

  7. Daisy Thompson says:

    It works on my computer.
    Raffi is a teenager, okay, that I can accept. Teenage boys download porn, I’m sure they do. “Femdomarama”? That I don’t believe. Sounds like something aimed at an older audience, perhaps at men who miss their mothers, not at 13 year olds who live with a pair of mothers.

  8. Annie the Librarian says:

    Here’s something to get Mo all hot and bothered:


    [a blog post about photographer Candida Hofer’s new book _Libraries_ ISBN:0500543143]

    Although, it seems to take a while to download, as there are several examples of the photos in the post.

  9. cynthia says:

    Thanks for the large print edition – even better that reading it in print!… and thanks for all the years of dtwof!

  10. Ann S in Madison says:

    Once again, brill. Thank you, Alison.

  11. Ann says:

    If you can’t get a larger version on your computer, you can copy and paste it to a Word page and enlarge it.

  12. Sir Real says:

    Hmm, Femdomarama _is_ a rather interesting choice for young Raffi! But I’d believe it 😉 I mean, it makes sense in a way if the strong women who dominate his life were turned mobius-striplike into doms in his erotic imagination, who, under the ferocity, are actually serving up just what the sub wants!

    Though I’m not claiming that’s exactly what’s going on… :)what folks find erotic is often so unaccountable. And heck, that’s part of the fun…

  13. Duffi says:

    Another brilliant strip. Truly one of your best. Now where can I get Stuart’s T-Shirt? My 13 year old daughter needs one as a late birthday present.

  14. Deb says:

    I tried the copy and past to Word but it is so blurry that I can’t read it.

  15. Leslie says:

    that’s so funny. i was the same way when i couldn’t figure out how to get the strip to be bigger.. it’s an obsessive compulsive love of the strip. struggling to read blurry lines..then slightly depressed cause you just can’t.. thanks Allison i’m a junkie.

  16. Joe Code says:

    I dunno about 01/20/09 being his last day. I’m hoping that after November he and *Dick* just might be leaving the W.H. a little eariler than expected. A long shot I agree, but I can always dream.

  17. Jaibe says:

    I hate to ask the obvious, but you guys have *clicked* on the image first, right? It’s a link to the big version. Don’t just try to look at it in the blog page, go to where it links to.

  18. Deb says:

    When I click on it, it enlarges only about to half the original size…………still to small to see. There is no link displayed there either. Maybe my computer is strange??

  19. Em says:

    Normally I’m not a big fan of these sort of asides that don’t really affect the plot, but in this case it was worth it for JR’s “MINE!” Somewhere in my parent’s house is a picture of me at age three trying to stuff a whole loaf of bread in my mouth, so this just really made me smile. I love that she who sprung from the loins of two vegetarian health nuts is a little sugar junkie in her own right. Sure, just about all kids are at that age, but I love seeing how Stuart reacts to it.

  20. Alex K says:

    Deb, click on the thumbnail and let the “half original size” version appear.

    Left-click on the “half original size” version.

    Look for an “image bar” with four icons, which should appear when you left-click.

    Move the mouse to the image bar and click on the bar, not on any of the icons.

    Another icon should appear on the image – a square with an arrow at each of its corners.

    Click on the new icon.

    The image should now have gone full-sized, making the comic very readable.

    I do not know what underlies this process, only that it works for me (using Microsoft Internet Explorer).

  21. me says:

    After you have opened the thumbnail, your browser may automatically resize the bigger .jpg to fit your browser window, as others have mentioned. For me, in Firefox, in the big but resized-to-window and hence blurry .jpg, when I hover the cursor over the .jpg it changes to a little magnifiying glass with a plus sign in it. Clicking on the picture will thus make it bigger (original size, non-blurry, needs scrolling). No need to change the preferences.

    I don’t know if this works in IE. An alternative would probably be: Click on the thumbnail to get the big version. In the big version, right click on the picture, and “save as”. Then, open the saved picture in some image-viewing software that doesn’t resize the image. Hint: Word is not an image-viewing software. Irfanview is a pretty good and lightweight one for Windows I guess; I am sure there are others (haven’t used Windows in a while).


  22. NLC says:

    Concerning the large image:
    The problem is that this works differently for every
    browser-type and depends on how you have your own
    browser configured.

    If you click
    this should work on any browser.

  23. Jaibe says:

    Or just download Mozilla or Firefox (which are free and far better browsers than internet explorer…) and just click on the link!

  24. Sir Real says:

    Hmm, I’m curious – what `actually’ happened in the DTWOF world?

    I mean, the actual words and attitudes displayed here are generally out of character – altered in order to illustrate W’s rationalizations of flagrant grabs of power, I’m thinkin’. I mean, these people would be more covert, or apologetic. Although our ink-pals are, except (perhaps) for JR, far more eloquent than thu Shrub.

    But did the underlying event `actually’ happen in the strip universe? For instance, did Lois _really_ smash up Ginger’s car? Did Sydney arrange another conference-canoodle? Did Ginger actually hunt through Samia’s things for evidence of sex within marriage? Those things might perhaps happen, given what we know about the characters…

    But it’s hard to believe that Toni would miss a mortgage payment! I’m thinking she’d have to be waaay off kilter to let that slip by.

    So, Alison, are the events of this strip part of the `canon’, so to speak? Or more of a play-within-a-play sort of aside? (Or a lapse like Watson’s wandering war wound?)

    Or if Alison doesn’t care to divulge, what do the fans think? Perhaps we will just have to wait n’ see…

  25. cybercita says:

    thank you nlc, i came here specifically to see what the date on the teeshirt was about!

    great strip, alison. as always.

  26. --MC says:

    Sir Real, once in a while Alison diverges from the “reality” of the strip to do an episode where the characters strike different attitudes, usually out of character, to make a point about the way things are going. (CF. the strip where Clarice treats Raffi to Iraq-like sanctions after finding “Grand Theft Auto” in his Playstation.)
    It’s not part of the continuity. It’s just fun!

  27. Duncan says:

    Ah, irony… Americans have such trouble with it.

    It’s not as if AB hasn’t done strips like this before, especially since September 9/11. Remember #424, “Queer Eyes for the Bush Guys”? There’s another one I don’t have time to locate right now, in which Sydney is shredding her credit card bills in a Cuisinart. So relax, folks… Raffi isn’t downloading porn from a dominatrix site. Maybe from a “Daddy” site?

  28. mlk says:

    I can understand the confusion, as the characters who bookend the strip — Sydney and JR — aren’t necessarily acting so out of character. perhaps I’m cynical, but I could see Sydney blantantly arranging a tryst . . . well, maybe she’d have to be under the influence of something illegal. still, Sir Real’s question crossed my mind when I read the strip. I decided, though, that these little “episodes” were only intended to illustrate a point.

    as a person who tends to take the world too seriously, I’m glad someone else pauses to think about reality warps. we might have better leadership if W & Co. took time to examine their understanding of reality!!

  29. Sir Real says:

    Duncan, dare you assume I’m American!? I prefer to be called a United-Statesian. 😉

    Heh. I was being a tad ingenuous, in part in order to be able to write `Watson’s wandering war wound’. Though some DTWOFfans might also recognize a `Clarice’s tattoo’ reference.

    Also to suggest a theory – that love and lust can lead people to do very surprising things, but financial behaviors are alot less prone to change!

  30. Deb says:

    Everyone who helped me get a larger version, thanks! It worked and the strip is great!

  31. Suzanonymous says:

    I’m impressed with the extensive, patient explanations of images/browser use above.

    Somewhat as a nod to that, some sleuthing turned up some more examples of past trips to that sort of Bizarro-World DTWOF:

    424: Queer Eyes for the Bush Guys (mentioned by someone else)

    461: Double Think

    And the not so bizarro:
    447: On Message
    (Would Lois really continue to stand there?)

    418: The Legacy Continues
    (Would Clarice really mess with Raffi’s head like that?)

    Oh yeah, it’s just a cartoon. ..chuckle..

    Oh, here’s one from the other Bizarro-World DTWOF, the DTWOF Inc. world:
    409: We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Comic Strip..

    (I love the ones from that Inc. world.)

  32. geogeek says:

    One more expanding images in Explorer method:

    (1) click on thumbnail
    (2) let mouse hang on image (no clicking)
    (3) look at bottom R corner of image to see box shape
    (4) click on box shape to expand

    Great strip – I missed some background somewhere on Samia et al. and am looking forward to the next collection (yes, I know it’s at keast 1.5 years away). As science geek (see above) I was almost as excited to see an inductively-coupled plasma mass spectometer in the strip as I was to see bisexuals show up…

    Speaking of strip collections, the last time I went to the bookstore they told me the earlier volumes of strip collections are no longer in print (DTWOF, More DTWOF, etc.). I’m missing the first several volumes and wonder if the new hype might result in re-issuing those volumes?

  33. Ryan says:

    You can also watch for the new strips on AB’s flickr stream:


    Might be easier for the tech-dis-inclined.

  34. Sarah says:

    Geogeek: Try the Firebrand Books Web site for the old DTWOF collections:

  35. moalterego says:

    Thank you Alison for bringing all the characters. I wait patientiely…One month I will wait for NEWS about the characters now. I am Moalterego so I can whine about this.

    What is going one with Lois? Hew sweetheart and her chld Jonas/Janice?

    What about Harriett? Moe’s parents are getting older.

    And Ginger’s parents, her mom had cancer….we have not heard much from them. Maybe Ginger’s parents could come back if she and Samia get married.

    Did Mo get a job at the library? Will Lois get sick but be in debt with no health insurance?

    Did Sparrow get the job with lots of travel? Then maybe Ginger could move on out? oy…so many potential plot twists.

    Will Toni and Clarice say together? What about Anna?

    SO many things for Moalterego to worry about, and 4 long weeks to wait, since the last strip was a metaphore (I hope. did I assume wrong?)

    Thank you Alison for bringing all the characters, especially Mo.

  36. taxishoes says:

    Suzanonymous — I’ll bet Lois WOULD just stand there.


  37. That Fuzzy Bastard says:

    Questions of continuity are all well and good, but I’m more wondering: What the heck happened to age all the characters by 15 years in the last month? Toni, esepcially, is suddenly looking eligible for Social Security…

  38. Hazel says:

    Mo gets what she asks for. She whined herself out of a good relationship with Harriet and is stuck with a cyber-crazy, megalomaniacal and an unfaithful mate. Mo is a stoic, never shed a tear for Sydney’s cancer and gets what she deserves. Mo’s P.C. ways were indifferent to Sydney, who sought solace elsewhere.

  39. lyn says:

    Toni seems to be having some real problems in the last several strips. Aside from her problems with Clarice, it seems like she’s unhappy with her relationship with Raffi … Clarice and Raffi started bonding more as Raffi got older, and Toni has seemed a little left out of that picture. Also, she (Toni) seems to be developing a drinking problem, which might account for her aging. I’m interested, as always, to see where things are headed.

    I miss Harriet, too! I hope we can see more of her!

  40. Liz says:

    Th DTWOF offspring are spoiled brats! The type of kids who throw temper tantrums and threaten to call CPS if their parents don’t give them what they want. Raffi is about as evolved for his age as children featured on Nanny 911, who are ungrateful and badly behaved.

  41. Hannah says:

    Hi Allison, and everybody,
    I have yet to get this to a readable version. I have gone through all the advice everyone has helpfully offered and so far NOTHING is working. So I still havent read it.
    Hopefully something will eventually work. Allison, take a look at it, please, and see what if anything, I should do.
    Dying of withdrawal,

  42. sikiru says:

    I love this comic strip this is the first time I am reading it I foundout about the it when I was watch it yesterday on channel 13 in which it was talking about the lesbian life, history, and other stuff. You can tell by my writing that I am a man and straight, but I found this comic very interesting, engaging, and witty. I love how allison setup the stories and draw her audience in. The comic come of to me not only as the daily life and trials of the modern lesbian but of peoples life in general gay or staight. Please keep on writing and doing what your doing, and I will keep on reading. I hope none of what I have said has offended any one, if it has please excuss any of my disrespect.

  43. katie says:

    Did you know that the Bill of Rights is actually not part of the Constitution? So there’s nothing at all in the Constitution that says we’re entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

  44. Sora RYu says:

    that was a good one…i love how you interweave ur fiction w. politics