DTWOF Archive Episode #328

January 10th, 2007 | Uncategorized

Hey, I meant to put up this “archive episode” two weeks ago. While I’m taking a month off from the strip. I chose this one not just because it was seasonal, but because it features an anonymous character who I later used as the model for Beth McLaughlin-Farkas. (Or Farkas-McLaughlin. Whatever.)

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  1. --MC says:

    Ah, God. Digger still alive, the bookstore still open, and Y2K was the thing to fear. Those were different times.
    This is one of my favorite strips, by the way. “Summoning the dark lord?” still breaks me up.

  2. Duncan says:

    So, that’s the model for Liz MF? You established her despicableness from the beginning, then.

  3. psychofogqueen says:

    Boy I was confused by the title of this entry. Of course it doesn’t take much to confused me.

    Also I would have slapped that customer with The Harry Potter book and thrown her out of the store.

    …so when will we see a DTWOF Movie? 😉

  4. bean says:

    chiming in late on the “who would you date?” question…am i wrong or did NO ONE ELSE MENTION HARRIET???

    she’s always been my fav!

    and, hooray for the constant “support your independent bookstore” messages! took me a few weeks of longing, passing by Fun Home in the local convenient B&N and Borders, before I finally had time to pick it up at some little bookstore here in the city.

  5. silvio soprani says:

    The Evil Customer Prototype did not have the Harry Potter book! Those were stacked up on the counter display. NOOOO, she was buying some kind of gay-family-affirming social psychology book. Harry is not implicated in her nefarious behavior. And yes, I really wanted Jezanna to imperiously order her out of the shop!

    But it was so nice to see Harriet again!! And I love that doctor and her evolving t-shirt! That frame reminded me of when I gave birth to my 2nd child in a New Jersey birthing center (because NJ health insurance would not cover home birth at the time–1982). By the end of the day, when I was leaving to take my new baby home, I had to walk through the front room where “my” weekly Lamaze class was going on. It felt so disorienting to see all those women still pregnant when I was literally “carrying” my new baby.

  6. Duffi says:

    Ah, the good old days. I miss Harriet! and Jezanna! and the bookstore…sigh….

  7. Judith, London says:

    so do I miss the bookstore crowd (as an ex-bookseller who worked in a London version of Madwimmin in the 80’s). Of course completely realistic that it would sink under the corporate weight of Bunns and Noodle, Bounders and Medusa.com!

  8. Sylvia Payne says:

    “But she’s not due for another week!” *LOL* Too funny. If only due dates were that exact.

  9. Angi says:

    Yeah, that seems about right.

  10. shadocat says:

    I used to sweat for months, making sure I made at least one homemade present for each of my loved ones at Xmas. Then I found out what they did with their presents…Now I just give ’em a gift card,

    Anyone read the FAQ’s lately? I’ll be looking forward to those quarters…

  11. Joe Code says:

    psychofogqueen: I would have felt like doing the same thing, but a quick-thinking book-store proprietor might have responded with something like “what would it take for you to buy the books from my store?” and cut her a deal.

    I’d like to see a DTWOF movie too! Or maybe even a Winter Solstice special a-la Charlie Brown Christmas. 😉

  12. Deb says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh, those good old days! Medusa.com, summoning the dark lord, Digger, Mo kvetching, Syd striving for polyamory, the book store, Lois eating her banana, Vanessa walking on the counter………….I miss those days!

  13. susan says:

    So, this is from 1999. Its 2007 now, that means Mo and Sydney have been together for over 7 years. Isn’t this Mo’s longest relationship? Sydney’s as well? For all of Syd’s polyamory talk, she sure is committed to Mo.

  14. Xanthe says:

    It’s cool to see this blast from the past, Toni was looking gorgeous back then. And I’m not Ginger’s ever been the same since Digger’s demise.

  15. meg says:

    quarters? *rubbing hands together gleefully*

    Can’t wait. No, really, I need to do laundry, and I really *really* appreciate the cyberlords prioritizing this issue.

  16. mysticriver says:

    I *knew* it! I was pretty sure that was where I’d seen Beth McLaughlin-Farkas/Farkas-McLaughlin before!

    Are we going to continue to see more of Beth? I like the idea of her popping out of the woodwork the way Sydney and Cynthia always did before they became regular cast of characters. It’s sometimes nice to have some annoying or less sympathetic characters around (speaking of which, whatever happened to Jules the java jerk? Did she make that move to Starbucks?)

  17. katt says:

    yes i miss the bookstore too- it closed around the same time as new words, in my former cambridge home, stopped being a bookstore and turned into a “center for new words” which only did presentations. . . . . which meant i rarely really got there again, and it wasn’t the same– so i got to cry twice. the nutty coop that sparrow and company live in is something i look forward to, but i miss countercultural instittutions disguised as/operating as local businesses like houndfire. . . . . .

    anyway, i dig this strip here muchly. . .

  18. Jana C.H. says:

    I’ve never gone the homemade gifts route, but a few years ago I decided that only children would get “things” for Christmas. Adults would get contributions to worthy causes in their name. And no fair giving to a cause the recipient hates. I went with Heifer International, and got a goat for my father (the old goat) and mother, a llama for my older brother, and tree seedlings for my younger brother (who works in the Olympic National Park). I haven’t done it since because I keep finding books I want to give people, but I still think it’s a good idea.

    Jana C.H.
    Saith JcH: Some people drink, some people gamble, some like whips and chains– I buy books.

  19. silvio soprani says:

    Thanks for pointing out the new FAQ item. I think I detect a bit of Alison’s dry wit. (Much more valuable to me than those mythical quarters!)

  20. Red Genie says:

    This is also one of my favorite episodes. My partner and I own a struggling Books/Metaphysical Supply shop outside of SF and we have actually had people ask us if they could use our photocopier to copy something out of one our books (on sale) until their copy came from “the book jungle.com”. Would be funnier if it weren’t true.

  21. brynn says:

    Aw, this episode makes me miss the good ol’ days so much!!

    Amazing how much a small group of dedicated fanatics (the Bush cabal) can change the world in five years, isn’t it?

    (And Red Genie, I hope you tell them, “No!”)

  22. Pam I says:

    Hi Judith. Been to Centerprise lately?

  23. Emily in LA says:

    Jana C.H. in Seattle-
    does FUP ring a bell to you? are you Jana C.H. formerly (?) of Mercer Island and Adams House?

    if you have no idea what i’m talking about, then sorry for the bother…

    if you do, then I know you, and am Emily of Adams (and then Dudley) House, FUP, etc… last initial H…. and it is nice to see you here.

  24. Red Genie says:

    brynn: No, would be too polite. We usually burn their ears for a bit.
    We began our shop at the same time MadWimmin was “toying” with becoming an adult shop. We have survived but we expanded into herbs and metaphysical merchandise to keep us going, I think this is a sad statement on our local community of readers, but this is the way the internet has dealt with small shops.

  25. Aunt Soozie says:

    So many great laughs in this strip…in addition to what was already mentioned I like Harry Potter and the Gargantuan Royalty Check…I think I missed that edition.

    Speaking of…did someone say that there were different covers for each of the international editions of Fun Home? I searched for images of them but couldn’t find them. Did I miss something? Link please…

    When my water broke…in the shoe store…the young clerk and my partner both freaked. I was sitting there calmly and I was, uhm, wearing protection so it wasn’t as if it was leaking everywhere…my partner started to walk out of the store in the shoes that she hadn’t purchased yet…without ME and the clerk was running for the telephone asking if she should call 911.

    By the time I calmed them down and got in the car to go home and called my ob/gyn on my cell and starting planning the evening of early labor in my own house I turned to my partner, yeah, she was driving at least…and said, Well, we’re going to have this baby. And she said, well, in a couple days or so right? and I said, no honey, my water broke, that means one way or another the baby is coming in the next 24 hours…she didn’t faint but nearly so…

  26. Deb says:

    Just read FAQ section. LOL Rhymes with rectal! I would say that Alison had a touch to do with that section!

  27. K.B. says:

    It’s because of this episode that everyone I know has to hear an admonition every time they order something from medusa.com.
    I did that exactly whad pre-Beth did, once. OK, not *exactly*. I felt extremely guilty about it and was very secretive, too. What’s worse, the bookstore I did it in doesn’t exist anymore. But after this episode I stopped ordering at medusa.com entirely.

  28. K.B. says:

    I guess my fingers are still shaking from guilt after 8 years. Can’t even type right. Sorry!

  29. katt says:

    well, i used to do teh OPPOSITE! (but don’t feel badly, k.b., we all have bad habits we hafta unlearn, and actualy you rock for unlearnin’ em kudos)- i grew up in the town borders started in, and before it became a huge national behemoth scary monster it was one of about 27 little local bookstores ina pretty little downtown. . . . after they went “public” and bulldozed some of our best places out of business, i started going in borders, checking isbn numbers for books i was interested in, and toolin’ on over to a local to order it! now i do it with medusa- if i can’t find something i look it up then go down to my local bookstore and order it– hah hah, works both ways!

    a friend of the family’s works for medusa-dot-com. i talked to her about all this, and she said she’s trying to figure ways for local bookstores to benefit rather than shut-down, by using it as a national sales thingie. . . .i am madly skeptical and i miss my little local bookstores- but who knows, maybe she’ll make it happen(she’s wicked smaat, even if she does hafta get her paycheck from the Enemy. . .. )

  30. Ianscot says:

    Aunt Soozie,

    “Harry Potter and the Gargantuan Royalty Check” had a sequel: “Harry Potter and the mammoth amounts of dead wood as a result of my isolation from proper editing.” One led to the other.

    DTWOF routinely tells more story in 12 or so panels than Ms. Rowling can pack into 700 pages…

  31. Ian says:

    Medusa.co.uk have already started taking pre-orders for the final Harry Potter instalment and it’s not even finished yet! Two weeks after she announced the title, the book has outsold every other bestseller on the Top 10 list combined. This is before Bloomsbury have even given permission for companies to take pre-orders!

    We still have a womens’ bookshop in Liverpool called News from Nowhere. It’s generally where I get the D2WO4 books from though to my utter, utter shame I did get the last compilation from Medusa.co.uk as they didn’t have it in stock (flagellates self). They survived (as business rates soared in Liverpool city centre) because they own the building.

    The baby thing’s funny ‘cos my sister just had a little boy. Her waters broke a week early but delivery took over 50 hours!!! I’m having a very similar reaction to Mo’s over her niece – getting all misty-eyed. Though I bought fair trade organic cotton baby dungarees – from Marks & Spencer no less. Fair trade/organic clothes in the premier ‘main street’ retailer!!

  32. Ian says:

    BTW, online artzine ArtKrush has a feature on the crossover of comics and art and mentions two comics/art exhibitions in New York this year including the Masters of American Comics touring exhibition.

    See http://www.artkrush.com/current_mailer/ for more info (you have to scroll down for the article.

  33. Michelle says:

    God… What happened to harriet and Jezanna?? Where they are going?? I wonder Harriet and Mo will get back again?? or what??

  34. Aunt Soozie says:

    Ian…I know…those really sweet soft organic cotton baby duds can be so seductive…and put a sweet soft baby in a sweet soft cotton garment and sniff their little head and truly…it’s bliss.

    Congrats on your nephew…enjoy him!
    I adore being the indulgent favorite Auntie of my two nephews…it’s a role I was born for… : )

  35. shadocat says:

    a “bump” to you girl!

    p.s.-I am still listening-so good!

  36. Em says:


    You’re forgetting that there is a good 2 or 3 year wait between Potter books! While even I admit the books could use a tad bit of editing, I want as much story as humanly possible to tide me over in the years between book releases! It would be nice to have it in installments released every two weeks a la DTWOF though, which brings to mind all sorts of HP-characters-enacting-DTWOF type scenarios that are best kept to myself:) Oye, I really do have a section of my brain that lights up at the mention of Harry Potter and then goes off in all sorts of inane tangents.

  37. Judith, London says:

    Pam, hello! No I never go in – I go past twice a day, look at the window and wonder how on earth they keep going …

  38. Judith, London says:

    Ian, I’m so glad News from Nowhere is still going! and congratulations on your nephew – hope you get to spend lots of time with him.

  39. silvio soprani says:

    I am not sure what a “bump” is, but right back atcha! (Glad to hear it!)

    Em- Yes, I cannot be rational about Harry Potter books. I am even more addicted to them than I am to this blog. If I had to wait 2 to 3 years for each episode of DTWOF I would go stark raving mad. So that shows you what fortitude HP fans must have to endure. And knowing that this 7th book will be the last (and probably the last of some characters too) just tears me up.

    And yes, where the heck are Harriet and Jezanna? I do hope they make a return to the series.

    Finally, just a note about hairdos. Alison is a master (mistress?) of them! Toni’s hair in this retro episode reminds me of how gorgeous she used to look before all the cares of the world descended upon her and Clarice. I love the way the front of her hair rolls into that breaker-like curl. Alison has created some great hair for all the various characters. I think it may her be most underrated talent.

  40. Ian says:

    Back again – I can’t keep away!

    Seeing the old episodes filling in while you’re having your sabbatical, I just wondered if you might put up episodes 481 and 482 which appeared in that gap between the strip appearing on PlanetPout and on the blog? They won’t be new to your print readers, but they will to us online addicts.

    Just a request …

  41. anon-eponymous says:

    An entertaining antidote to the Harry Potter books is Witch Week by Diana Wynne Jones. I think of her as rather a spotty author, but Witch Week has a lot of bite for a juvenile book. It was published in the 80s and thus predates the Harry Potter books; but the school which the children attend is a very dark, inverted version of Hogwarts.

    The Harry Potter books are a social phenomenon as much as anything. I was teaching in Hawaii when one of the more recent books came out—the entire campus of “gifted” children and staff were in a complete uproar asking everybody else if they had got their copy yet—not to hide one’s lack of interest in the entire series was to provoke hostility. Eventually I went with the option I usually choose, directness, and told people that I had read the first book while staying one night at my sister’s place and that the experience had left me with absolutely no inclination to read any subsequent volumes. (All I can remember now of the first book is that there was a race called Muggles whose members were genetically inferior and incapable of practicing magic and that there was a girl character who responded to every setback by running off and crying in the bathroom.) Emerging from the closet into which I had inadvertently slipped through mistaken good manners was a relief, as it so often is, but swimming upstream against the social pressures was still a pain.

  42. Feminista says:

    Hi there sister and fellow writers–We’re having a snow day here in Portland,so no school. I’m doing email work to prepare for my mother’s memorial service at the end of the month,and enjoying the latest Isabel Allende epic novel,Ines of my Soul.

    I’m not a Harry Potter fan,but my niece and nephew are. I saw the first HP movie when it came out with my daughter,though,to be a good sport.

    And I’m going to become an *gasp* abuela (grandmother) this summer,so as the pragmatic woman I am,have opened a 6 month CD to provide $ for el bebe. I look forward to taking my nieta/a (grandchild) on her/his first demonstration,in organic cottonware,of course.

  43. Feminista says:

    Oops,that should be nieta/nieto above. And cottonwear.

    I have felt for some time that Mo and Harriet should reconcile.

    Jana CH–I have a similar holiday gift-giving system. This year donations went to Green Empowerment,which supports sustainable development in Latin America and Asia,and Voices on the Border,a solidarity organizations which sponsors Salvadoran delegations. I will join my sister again on a March delegation; we’ll spend part of our time with Comuidad Octavio Ortiz,a self-governing rural community.

  44. ED says:

    I love the glue, pipe cleaners and scissors. Was Mo really going to make her own gifts by consulting Martha Stewart? (Who looks a lot like Ellen on the cover.) I miss Harriet and Jezanna as well, and the only consolation I have for their absence is that as real as they may seem, they aren’t – so there are no “actors” out of a job.

    There’s a stick-thin, overly tanned woman in the NY Social Diary website (which I look at to laugh at – give me the Dykes world any day) who hyphenates her name and one of those surnames is Farkas.

  45. rokinrev in CNY says:

    “summoning the dark lord” (ROTFLMAOSTD)
    I’m watching that happen with my partner….

    We just this month finished up her former partner’s Y2K stuff…….

  46. K.B. says:

    katt: omigod! It was not a *habit* of mine. I did it once! And only because the books were English language books needing to be delivered in Germany, something small bookstores on either side of the ocean aren’t really prepared for. The books were suspiciously cheap for hardcover and I just wanted to make sure they were real books. And I didn’t “thumb” them!

  47. silvio soprani says:

    Didn’t Sydney (okay, I don’t hate her…seeing the retro episodes gives me a little nostalgia…I must have been having a bad day when I earlier said extremely negative things about Syd)once say “Martha Stewart is so hot!” (or was it Lois?) Am I imagining this? I like the fact that the frames above go from pipe cleaners and glue to “Make your own IPO.” Can’t do that with pipe cleaners…

    People perceive things so differently. I remember a girl in my 7th grade class in 1964 who said she hated the Beatles.

    HATE the Beatles? Unbelievable. But everybody’s different.

    anon-eponymous, I didn’t like Witch Week so much, but I like Dianne Wynne Jones’ other book in that series, THE LIVES OF CHRISTOPHER CHANT. It is original and somewhat substantial.

    The thing with the Harry Potter Books, whatever occasional faults they may have, is the quality of the characters. There is no formula for that; it is just a gift.

  48. Ng Yi-Sheng says:

    Anon-eponymous, I’m so glad you mentioned Diana Wynne Jones’s work. All her early Chrestomanci works are top-notch – Charmed Life, The Lives of Christopher Chant, The Magicians of Caprona and Witch Week. She manages to draw on so much historic spiritualism and folklore into her works – unlike Ms Rowlings, who gets lauded for mentioning elements of Western or Eastern magical traditions with zero knowledge of their original mythological context.

    Speaking of old characters, I wanna see what happened to Anjali. I bet she’s an investment banker by now, though.

  49. --MC says:

    In a better world, there would be more books like Harry Potter and more films like the Harry Potter films more often. They’re satisfying, they’re not exceptional by any means, but because they’re fair to good everybody treats them with all sorts of hallowedness.
    I’ll bet Anjali moved to Olympia and formed a band with some mates, and they’re just about to release an album on Barsuk.

  50. Jana C.H. says:


    Olympia, Washington????

  51. Jana C.H. says:

    Dear Emily in LA,

    No, I am Jana C.H. of Ballard and formerly of Port Angeles, Washington. Opera buff, Gilbert and Sullivan fanatic, Democratic PCO, fomer comic book collector, former Neo-pagan, creator of “Pagan Cowboy Joe.”

    Where does that other person get off using my name?

    Jana C.H.
    Saith WSG: Every boy and every gal / who’s born into the world alive, / is either a little liberAL / or else a little conservaTIVE.

  52. shadocat says:


    A “bump” is like a positive nod of the head, an internet high five, some would even say a “ditto”(although I don’t like to use that word anymore, for obvious reasons).

    No you’re not wrong about Sydney thinking Martha is “hot”; she and Mo had a whole Martha Stewart fetish/fantasy thing for a long time(remember the letters to “Panthouse”?).

  53. byrdie says:

    On Mo and Harriet getting back together: I’m not sure if I like that idea. Mo seemed to only be flirting near the idea because she had baby-lust and a mid-life “I wanna be an adult” crisis. That’s not particularly fair to Harriet, a single mother.

    On Sydney hatred: I didn’t like Sydney at first either, but then I remembered a fairly early strip in which Mo inadvertantly ended up being smitten by a lesbian Log Cabin member. Pretty much everything that Mo was fantasizing about during that particular Pride march has come true with Sydney: a wild and spontaneous sex life (well, pre-affair) and enthusiastc acceptance from her partner’s family. Okay, she’s not being supported while writing mystery novels, but Mo is a librarian now — so at least there’s been a change of career.

    And I agree with bean: of all of the characters, I’d date Harriet. She’d be the least likely to drive me binky-bonkers.

  54. aviatrix says:

    damn – Digger…
    (recovering from the loss of my own dog, Louise, this past Thanksgiving)

    and, geez, I still think of Sydney as the new girl

  55. Elaine The Cat Pimp says:

    Harriet deserves a less neurotic partner than Mo, sad to say.

    Love Ian’s comments abt. HP needing editing. I keep thinking of Dorothy Parker’s line about “This is not a book to be cast aside lightly…”

    I think, after book 3, HP needed a chain saw.

    That said, I’d date Jezanna, and I say that as a straight woman. I love her menopausal temper.

    Harriet’s too sweet for me.

  56. Andrew O. says:

    Well, I can’t read the Harry Potter books at all. MC is right, they are not exceptional. I think Rowling hit exacty the right note of mediocrity in the zeit geist, thus her success. Too many cutesey ideas with no logic, from what I’ve seen of the movies (assuming they reflect the books). She’s the modern version of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, with perhaps better writing and plots. But what I was able to swallow of the first book seemed very derivative and unoriginal. If you like fantasy, try Diana Wynne Jones as suggested above (YAY) or Peter Dickinson (“The Ropemaker” is an amazing book) or of course Ursula LeGuin! All excellent, original writers. Well edited, too!

  57. Andrew O. says:

    P.S. I’d date Carlos’ cute partner. Less flaky than Carlos.

  58. genevieve says:

    oh, man, I looked at the date of the strip and went – wait a minute! Mo and Sydney have been together for almost 8 years?!? Oy.


  59. Aneilie says:

    oooh I do love Sydney as a character. She is my favourite in the strip, for a lot of different reasons. Thinking about polyamory is certainly one of them. It would be just great to see her do ethical committed polyamory, with all the compersion and precious poly moments possible.

  60. bean says:

    i don’t see sydney doing “ethical” polyamory. i can imagine sparrow and stuart pulling it off, or maybe even clarice and toni. (and i wish they woulda tried! sad for them to break up. i’m still hoping it’s not a foregone conclusion). but sydney, i think, just wants a lot of cake. amazing how those girls can use the pomo lines (“everything is relative..” and “what is meaning, really?” and “how do you define committment?”) to justify ANYTHING. and while i DO appreciate that mo doesn’t let syd get away with that kind of bullshit…i’m in the camp with the “I just don’t know what she sees in her!” folks.

    but what i find is truly interesting is how evenly split folks are on the character of sydney. is any other character as equally loved and hated? was this the point of the sydney character? (only stuart elicited a similar response. but i love him!)

    and, yeah, i admit, maybe i am ambivalent about sydney because i’m still loyal to harriet. but geez, if mo dumped harriet over a VCR, how do you explain (without pomo lingo please) the vapid materialism of sydney???? i know, i know, that’s hte irony, you can’t predict who you’ll fall for… but if it were the real world, i’d think it was cheap.

    as for harriet needing someone less neurotic than mo, well…aren’t we supposed to identify with mo?? i know i’m neurotic, and i know i’m still waiting for my harriet. i hope she finds my neuroses endearing, or at least tolerable.

  61. jmc says:

    I’ve been biting my tongue about Sydney for a while now, but I have to say that I love ‘er, she’s definitely the one I’d “date”.

    Why are folks split on Sydney? I’ll confess that I haven’t read the strip for as long as many folks on this list, but it seems to me that she’s probably the least idealistic and least politically engaged of the bunch, which probably frustrates many of the politicoss / activists among the readers who identify with and/or are attracted to more earnest-seeming folk. And Syd’s flaws are so up front, so very much on the surface.

    I identify with both Mo and Syd insofar as I’m capable of good self-righteous rants against and from within academe, and I get satisfaction from belonging to a CSA, creative political activism, etc. as well as from the fac-grad study group on “perverse bodies” that turns up a pile of hip queers on campus. To me, the attraction makes perfect sense – they seem to balance each other.

    Oh, and totally unrelated to why I would “date” Sydney, I’ve noticed that AB always gives her really good pants.

  62. jmc says:

    Oops – I missed one thought I meant to throw in about the ‘why’ question. Doesn’t it make sense that Mo would be attracted to somebody who isn’t so thoroughly caught up in the guilt that defines so much of her life? Sometimes serious folks need to be released from all that pressure…

  63. Wondering says:

    when we will get new DTWOF strips????

  64. ED says:

    I find Sydney interesting because she’s so different. I was very struck by the fact that she and her father have this weird relationship … I couldn’t help but think of Syndey and her dad while reading “Fun Home.”

    Yeah, Sydney has been around for a while now but I consider her second phase. I divide my Dykes reading into two periods: everything up to the break-up with Harriet (first phase), and then everything after. Obviously it doesn’t add up so neatly but I think it’s because I started reading it when they were still together.

  65. Ellen says:

    Personally, I wonder about Miriam the Midwife. When Toni went into labor with Raffi she had to bike 35 miles into town to get to the Birthing Center. When Sparrow went into labor, Miriam was cross-country skiing during a snow storm. Here she has a neck brace from a snowboarding accident.

    For me, she’s one of the extra layers that makes DTWOF so engaging.

  66. Andrew O. says:

    One more great fantasy writer: Susanna Clarke, author of “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell” and a collection of delightful stories, “The Ladies of Grace Adieu.” Very interesting takes on fairies and fairy lore.

  67. Silvio Soprani says:

    I am not in the “hate sydney” camp because of frustration with her lack of politics OR because of being attracted to “earnest-seeming folks.” No, I don’t like her because she has no empathy for Mo. She doesn’t let the possible effect of her actions (cheating, rampant shopping) on Mo stop her from doing them. I suppose you could say she is the only truly un-co-dependent person in the strip. Perhaps that is one of her character strengths but it does not make me like her.

    I have to admit that her later life events have mellowed her a bit. And I think your comment about Mo needing a break from guilt and finding in the unlikely role model of Sydney is a good point.

  68. anon-eponymous says:

    Andrew O.: Thanks for reminding me about Peter Dickinson! I read several of his books when I was really still too young to follow them. I soaked up the atmosphere pretty well but some of the meaning of the events, geography and history went right over my head. I also confused him with John Christopher, which makes a lot of sense since they are both Englishmen born around the time of World War I with fairly grim world views and write books for both children and adults.

    On Sydney: She desperately needs Mo because without Mo’s self-righteous rants there would be no context for her snarky comments and the strip wouldn’t be as funny. When AB draws herself the character she most resembles is Sydney! Which is funny, because she doesn’t resemble Sydney nearly as much in photographs. Now what does that mean?

  69. mlk says:

    even though Mo abhors Sydney’s materialism and debt, she seems to enjoy having some of the creature comforts that Sydney’s brought into her life. if Mo were on her own, I expect she’d be one of those souls who relies on the public library for computer access. honorable, yes — and probably all her budget would allow — but a royal pain.

    I speak from experience.

    anyone remember the strip where Mo laments living like a grad student and says she wants a stuff like a microwave and a dishwasher? she even argues that dishwashers save water!! Mo goes through these periods from time to time, and I suspect they’d be both longer and more frequent if she weren’t with Sydney.

    re: hairdos in the strip, I love how Alison’s characters get a new one at critical moments that somehow mark a turning point in their lives. Sparrow got her ‘do after breaking up with June, not so long before she met Stuart. she seems to have dropped a lot of her flakier metaphysics at about that time, too. as I recall, Toni’s haircut was a result of an unfortunate encounter with Raffi’s silly putty, but came at a time when the relationship was shaky and Clarice was up to her eyebrows in a depressive episode. I can’t say that Toni’s new ‘do brought the relationship back from the brink, but it didn’t hurt anything.

    I wonder when Toni started the Right to Marry campaigning vis a vis her haircut.

  70. smartalek says:

    (pls forgive the return to stuff from way upthread, but…)
    katt Says:
    January 10th, 2007 at 9:09 pm
    “a friend of the family’s works for medusa-dot-com. i talked to her about all this, and she said she’s trying to figure ways for local bookstores to benefit rather than shut-down, by using it as a national sales thingie”

    I might be wrong (hope not) but if i’m understanding correctly, this national sales thingie already exists. On almost every item page on medusa.com (books, DVDs, and CDs, that is, plus some, but not all, other categories) you’ll find a little link a few lines under their own posted price that says “X number used and new available from $Y.” Clicking that link will bring up listings from other vendors around the country — most of which seem to be small, local, independent shops (if not necessarily community or activism-oriented a la Madwimmin). Purchases go thru medusa, which takes their cut of course (and provides strong guarantees) — but the business still goes to the independents. Since many of these participants in this “Medusa Marketplace” are undercutting medusa’s own prices on new, as well as used, items (often by quite a bit), it seems as if the independents are doing fine under the terms medusa provides. If anyone knows better, and I’m wrong about the concept or the details, I’d be happy to be corrected. But if I’m understanding it correctly, looks like shopping with the convenience of the net, even lower prices than medusa’s — and no evil-doing.

  71. --MC says:

    Jana: Yes. Oly, WA.

  72. mlk says:

    oops!! it’s Freedom to Marry that Toni’s been devoting her life to. sorry about that!

  73. shadocat says:

    The reason I used to dislike Sydney so much was because, initially at least, she was so rude and selfish. Remember poor Thea? Of course she later apologized to her, but I always doubted the sincerity of that–I thought it was just a way to make herself look good and to get into Mo’s pants.

    As for Mo, Sydney was a sexual liberator (do ya think Harriet would’ve ever worn a strap-on?)and someone she didn’t have to worry about pushing away when she got to close (it was YEARS before Syd ever said “I love you”–and then it was over the phone, right after she had cheated on Mo).

    Over the years, I’ve mellowed a bit towards Sydney; as we’ve gotten to know her, we’ve seen she can be kind; facing cancer helped her drop some of that bs bravado;and seeing her f’d up family definately gives us some insight into how she got the way she is. And I’ve always loved the way she is with Raffi and the other kids-instead of resenting them (as I thought she would) she always seems to jump right in if she were one of them, playing whatever game they’re playing as if she were a kid herself.

    So all in all, I don’t hate her as much as I used to; but “date” her? If I wanted someone who’d talk down to me and cheat on me whenever she felt insecure—well I could just go back to my first girlfriend…

  74. Ellen says:

    What I love about Sydney as a character is her complexity, her fierce focus to her work (dedication is sexy) and her ultimate humanity on the rare occasions when she lets her guard down (after she has sex with Madeleine, as she’s going in for her lumpectomy.)

    One of my very favorite episodes is The Ambassadors (402). In it, Sydney, wearing her sexy leather jacket, brings Hillel students and Students for Justice in Palestine together in their shared distain for her. I find petitions trite too, especially on-line petitions which, without a signature, are fairly meaningless. (Also–and unrelated– in the last panel of 402, Anubis’ expression is priceless.)

    Anyway, if I were constructed of paper and ink, I’d jump into bed with Sydney in a New York minute.

  75. mlk says:

    shadocat, it *is* fun to watch Sydney with the kids! she seems most human when she’s with Raffi. reminds me of a friend who’s much more amusing as a friend than as a partner.

  76. corybant says:

    I agree, shadocat. Remember when Toni had to explain to Harriet why you would “wear a rubber with a rubber dick”?

  77. Ian says:

    Have to agree with you folks, Sydney is definitely a ‘liberator’ for Mo.

    I’m still not sure why people pine for Mo to get back with Harriet. I think their break up said it all: the relationship had run it’s course. And I wish people would remember: Harriet dumped Mo after buying the VCR, not vice versa!

    Oh, and just to go back a bit to the topic of fantasy books, can I just recommend the Dark is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper – a British writer who now lives in Connecticut. Beautifully written, mystical, with some of the most evocative descriptions of England and Wales I’ve ever read. Though it helps that Wales is my homeland (I must learn Welsh at some point). They’re a lot of fun for fans of Arthurian legend too with mahoosive amounts of references to the Arthur stories.

  78. Jain says:

    I don’t remember on which thread someone recommended Mark Kurlansky’s book on Cod, but while we’re discussing literature I’m checking in here to say I got it from the library on that tip and now I’m ready for more. What a swell book. “Where did you hear about this?” ask the friends to whom I’ve read chunks of it. And I tell them.

  79. Maggie Jochild says:

    I loved the Phillip Pullman “His Dark Materials” series, Golden Compass, Subtle Knife, and Amber Spyglass. Read them all on a long train trip to the Pacific Northwest. I found them to be MUCH more original than the Harry Potter books (which I like for the adventure, but Phillip Pullman’s psychological underpinning is far deeper.) Plus, Pullman deals with class and with the problems of Christianity — for all the Right Wing’s blathering, Harry Potter poses no real contradiction to the mythology of Christianity, but Pullman’s writing does. In much the same way, I find, that most of the New Age thinking is Christian in its construct.

  80. AnnaP says:

    I love Harry Potter books, because they have taught many young people to read books.
    But my favourite at the time being is Philip K Dick`s Impossible planet. And I just finishes up Johanna Sinisalo`s book wich has been translated into English. name was something really lame. It is a book about trolls but deffenately not for kids.

  81. shadocat says:

    Okay, now I feel compelled to stick up for my girl Harriet!I believe so may of us yearn for the days when Harriet and Mo were together because (at the beginning at least) their relationship had an endearing, romantic quality that Mo and Sydney’s just never had, and probably never will. Just look at their”first times” together;Mo’s and Harriet’s- like a love finally consumated; Mo’s and Sydney’s-like a lust finally consumated (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

    Although Mo said she loved Harriet, IMO she has a real fear of intimacy, and the closer they got, the more she felt compelled to push her away by hounding her incessantly about politics, recycling. and finally, purchasing a VCR. A person can only take so much of this, and Harriet finally broke it off; but Mo pushed her into it. We knew they still loved each other–they had “good-bye sex” for Chrissake! So many of us still had hope they would someday connect again.

    Then here comes Sydney, who seems to be the antitheses of all that Mo stands for–and even though Mo initially is repelled by her, they hook up! Sydney is rude and downright nasty to Mo, and she takes it! They play sex games where Mo always seems to be the subordinate (okay, she probably liked it)but it made some of us wanna pull our hair out! I mean, can’t Sydney be the pool girl for once?

    But as I said before, as time went by and I got to see more of what made Sydney tick, I became a little more sympathetic. There’s a lot I like about her. But there’s still a lot about her that sends me into bouts of trichotillomania…

    Harriet’s a wonderful character. She’s honest, she’s commited to her career, she’s grounded. She probably still recycles, but wouldn’t stay up all night fretting or berating her partner if a soda can was accidently thrown away. She probably would tell you first if she wanted to be with someone else, instead of sneeking off behind your back. She wouldn’t get off playing games with your emotions, because she has better things to do with her time.

    I know Harriet and Mo are done forever. That’s Mo’s loss. I know Sydney can be a wild woman in the sack when she wants to be, and Harriet’s seen by some as too “flannel”. But who’s to say Harriet wouldn’t have strapped on that dildo, if Mo had asked her nicely?

    Harriet does deserve better than Mo! My dream is, that one day Mo finds out Harriet has a fablous new partner, sexy and hot! They remain deliriously happy ever after, and Mo can only look on in regret, thinking of “what might have been…”

  82. Cat says:

    I am about to enter my semester of student teaching, in high school and middle school english. I have read a few of the HP books, and I have to agree with many posts here that they do not have the depth and creativity that many more accomplished (But less recognized) writers have. AnnaP makes a wonderful point however, that this series got kids reading. Kids who hadn’t read a book (besides what was required from school) started reading on their own time. They put down the playstation or x-box controllers! I have to give JKR kudos on her ability to get kids to read, even if in our minds what they are reading is not that stimulating. A wonderful book that I suggest is “Maximum Ride”. The author’s name escapes me right now, but it’s geared towards middle school students, and is accompanied by a blog that readers can access. They can read current posts written by the characters, and post their own questions to Maximum and her friends. I think books like this are a great combination of literature and technology. Another wonderful author is Nancy Farmer. She pushes student’s boundaries with futuristic experimentation in “House of the Scorpion” and adapts and builds off of the story of Beowulf in the novel “Sea of Trolls”. Just my 2 cents. I’m in college, I’m too poor to have quarters.

  83. --MC says:

    “Trichotillomania”? ” ‘Impossible Planet’ “? The blog is rich with information today.

  84. ED says:

    Shadocat, that was very well put. I think you nailed the essence of Mo’s two major relationships. I thought Mo and Harriet’s first night together was one of the most romantic things I’d ever seen (it was even snowing out, for goodness sakes), and there were so many nice moments (Mo trying to figure out when she could tell Harriet “I love you”) and Sydney’s been so different. That’s good though; this isn’t “Vertigo”. If Mo had the same relationship all over again, it would have been dull. I would love to see a “Hey, how are you?” moment someday when they can reallys it down and laugh (kind of like a flashback episode of a sitcom). Then again, I would also love to see Milkweed Moongarden again, Sparrow’s old friend who popped up for three episodes ca. 1989 and alienated everybody.

  85. shadocat says:

    Oh Milkweed! I’d forgotten about her! The “Houseguest From Hell”!!! How much you wanna bet she’s married to a guy now, and a fundamentalist Christian/Neo-con with five kids as unbearable as her?? (haha-those Milkweed episodes were pretty darn funny, Ed!)

  86. geogeek says:

    To: the person who just finished reading Kurlansky’s _Cod_. He also published a similar foodie/historical book called _Salt_. It was pretty good, but I felt like I wanted to read the stuff he was referencing more than the book itself. this may be the result of my increasing interest/reading in history generally rather than a comment relevant to most of the reading public. Then I found a book called _Spice_ and thought “*Sigh* I suppose I could read yet another monosyllabic food history book, but please…” This was a different author (forgot the name) and someone who obviously came at writing the book from a more intense background in the subject. I would say that where Kurlansky comes across as a journalist who’s done his research, this guy was publishing the book for a general audience from his PhD work in Spice Studies. His bibliography was awesome, too. Part of what I got into was the connections to all of the other books I’ve devoured about the Age of Sail and colonialism in the Pacific and now I’m on an Early Australia kick – I’m reading “The Fatal Shore” and if anyone has other suggestions I’d love to hear them.

    Maybe we should start a book group…

  87. --MC says:

    Geogeek, I’ve got an Australia book for you.”Trooper To The Southern Cross” by Angela Thirkell, originally published under the pseudonym Leslie Parker in 1934. Ms. Thirkell is remembered for her Barsetshire books, gentle comedies set in genteel England, but “Trooper” is a tough-edged book about a doctor and his wife on a troop ship bound for Australia following the World War. It’s quite a ride.
    Thanks Wikipedia for the above, and for this information about Ms. T: “She professed horror at the idea that her circle of well educated and upper-middle-class friends might read her fiction: she expected them to prefer, as she did, writers like Gibbon, Austen, Dickens, Milton, and Proust. She took the epigraph to “T 1951,” as she called it, from Proust. It reads, untranslated: “Les gens du monde se représentent volontiers les livres comme une espèce de cube dont une face est enlevée, si bien que l’auteur se dépêche de ‘faire entrer’ dedans les personnes qu’il rencontre,” or “Society people think that books are a sort of cube, one side of which the author opens the better to insert into it the people he meets.”

  88. Pam I says:

    Geogeek, look out for David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. It has about six interwoven stories that go back + forth in time, with tenuous links between them. Set in Belgium and Australia and the South Seas and more. It’s big, takes a bit of getting started but worth a try.

  89. silvio soprani says:

    Glad you liked the COD book. I got very involved while reading it; I noticed that my local Sicilian grocery stocks saltfish! (Big dry slabs just laying on the floor in a box!) Then I noticed that the Safeway had fresh cod and not too expensive. I loved the scene on the boat when the fishermen cut up salt pork (do people still use salt pork? Sorry, I grew up in the suburban middle class NJ culture and have never set eyes –or teeth–on it!). I made a similar stew but I used a piece of pork loin, some potatoes and beets, etc. and of course the codfish. It was delicious.

    I am sorry I have been AWOL the last few days–the semester starts soon and I have been a little too wound up at work.

    But shadocat, your description of the difference between Mo’s relationships with Harriet and Sydney was right on the money.

    I must say one more thing about the Harry Potter books. I am certain that J.K. Rowling did not compose these books for the purpose of “getting kids to read” even though it achieved that monumental task. I think she pictured the whole plot and those characters and their clever, referential names in her mind, and loved them so much that they had to be written. Had to be!
    I suppose I have a moderate tolerance for low-brow stuff; well, not reality tv, but definitely stuff like episodes of FRIENDS, and Andy Griffith, and Agatha Christie, and the occasional amusing tv commercial. And things like comfort food–grilled cheese sandwiches, and hot chocolate, and chicken pot pies. All this even though I am an excellent vegetarian cook, take my vitamins, and love Ursula K. LeGuin and James Joyce. (But not Proust.)

    So sometimes I get very attached to a phenomenon like the Harry Potter books–they make me happy and they delight me with things I did not expect or had never imagined. I think there is a place for Harry Potter enjoyment. Right along side of enjoyment of DTWOF and TINTIN and COD.

    And right now I am reading Brinkley’s THE GREAT DELUGE. Sort of the “And the Band Played On” of Hurricane Katrina. (Not that it’s about AIDS, just that it is step by step watching the whole house of cards fall down. )

  90. Jana C.H. says:

    I’ve read “Trooper to the Southern Cross” and “The Fatal Shore”, and enjoyed both of them.

    I also like reading explorers’ journals, though the famous Captain Cook (world’s most heroic cartographer) is a fairly boring writer a lot of the time.

    At least one of Patrick O’Brian’s novels is set in early Australia; he admits up front that it was easy to research because “The Fatal Shore” had everything he needed. What I like best about the Aubrey-Maturin novels is that they put you right in the early 19th century, with no concessions to modern language or ideas.

    Jana C.H.
    Saith JcH: History is so much more exciting than anything a novelist could make up.

  91. Duncan says:

    I’m a big fan of Harriet too, and wish we saw more of her in the strip these days. I remember her first night with Mo fondly too; I would love to see a gay male comic strip (or novel, for that matter) with that kind of romantic connection.

    *But*, Mo and Harriet were never very well suited as lovers. I disagree with shadocat that Mo has a fear of intimacy, though I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing in any case — as with commitment, maybe more people should be more afraid of it (be afraid, be very afraid). But when she met Harriet, Mo was a lot more immature than she is now; rereading those strips, you can see her stumbling, tripping all over herself, not sure how to make it work. With Sydney she has always been much more sure of herself. Harriet, by contrast, seemed to have it all together, and was surely more emotionally and sexually experienced than Mo, but she always patronized Mo. Now that I think about it, she could be as snide about Mo’s politics as Sydney is. I think Mo and Harriet in those days were, like many young people, more interested in the idea of having a lover than in actually having one.

    Which doesn’t mean I like Sydney that much. Even if I were a lesbian I wouldn’t want to date her, but I am sure I’d love to argue theory with her. She has a certain pixie-ish quality that I sometimes find attractive in men, but rarely as they move into middle age. (Look at pictures of the poet James Merrill for an example of what I mean.) That Mo always seems to be the pool girl in their scenarios doesn’t surprise me. Remember Thea’s comment that Mo is a catch, in a repressed, butch-bottom kind of way? But now Mo has grown up enough not to be swallowed up by their sex life, and the out-of-bed sparring between them probably keeps the erotic spark going. I get the impression that she and Sydney have a more consistently exciting sex life than, say, Toni and Clarice, who get bored fairly quickly and need to stir up crises to relight the fire.

    Jana, I agree that history is so much more exciting than anything a novelist could make up, but I don’t really look to fiction for faux history.

    I’ve heard, too, that the Harry Potter books got children into reading, but I’m not sure it’s true. Jack Zipe, the expert in kid lit, doesn’t think so. A few years back he wrote that when he talked to school children, most of them had the books (often given to them by adults) but few had read them. Are there any good stats to back up this claim? I, too, like Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy much more than the Potter books; I’d also recommend Ursula LeGuin’s Earthsea books to anyone looking for more good fantasy, though I’m among the few people I know of who likes the later books, from Tehanu on, more than the original trilogy.

    The best book I’ve read recently is Raymond Williams’s 1960 novel Border Country, which was reissued in 2006 in the Library of Wales series. Williams was a great historian and critic, but he was a fine novelist too, and I want to read more of his fiction now. I also recently read Gore Vidal’s new memoir Point to Point Navigation, which is notable for its account of the last days of Vidal’s longtime partner Howard Auster; The Snow Falling on Chagall’s Village by the Korean poet Kim Ch’un-su; Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris (really awful, he’s a disgrace to the atheist race); Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer’s Don’t Look Down (Crusie’s a longtime guilty pleasure of mine). I’m currently reading Daniel Helminiak’s Sex and the Sacred, which is dreadful — bad theology and bad psychology mixed together. Soon I want to get to this new biography of I. F. Stone, All Governments Lie!; but I have 30 or 40 books piled up with it, waiting to be read.

  92. American Immigrant says:

    It seems so strange to me that anyone could not like the Harry Potter series, if only because of the delicious fantasy world it creates. You can’t evaluate them on the basis f the movies and you can’t have only read the first 1 or 2, because they don’t start getting good til 3. 1 and 2 are reference material. I swear I saw an owl outside my house not long ago and was truly disappointed that she was not there to deliver my invitation to Hogwarts continuing ed program. I may well be juvenile, but it’s so alluring.

  93. sobriquet67 says:

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