DTWOF: gURL’s love it

July 19th, 2005 | Uncategorized

Got an email recently from someone at gURL.com pointing out a mini-review of DTWOF on the site. According to their bio page, “gURL is a different approach to being a teenage girl,” geared toward girls 13 and up. Which means that you can find a positive review of DTWOF and other comics, like Ariel Shrag’s Potential, and you can find fast facts about abortion, abstinence, acne, dry humping, orgasms, etc. You can even get tips on hair removal methods. Yep, this is the newly plucked face of feminism.

Here’s what they have to say about DTWOF: “Alison Bechdel creates a tiny perfect world in her drawings, jam-packed with visual jokes and characters who grow up over time. When we say it’s like watching TV, we mean that in the best possible way.”

Go figure.

One Response to “DTWOF: gURL’s love it”

  1. yrleathergrl says:

    what is really scarying is to think most of that is in fact written by women…