Episode 489

June 1st, 2006 | Uncategorized

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23 Responses to “Episode 489”

  1. NLC says:

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    in your browser, try clicking:

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  2. continuity obsessive says:

    Didn’t Cynthia say she was home-schooled? How did she get a class ring?

  3. raised in the bible belt says:

    There are lots of homeschools associations that let kids buy rings/ have proms/ play on sports teams. Americana at its finest.

  4. lisa rosman says:

    this was one of my fave episodes in a long time. less exposition, more of the clever observations that has always been where DTWOF shines brightest. yr on fire lately, missbechdel. can’t wait to have you sign my fun house copy on june 20!

  5. Ed says:

    Gee, rough times all around. Toni and Clarice have every right to be concerned about Raffi but good lord, every kid is miserable at that age, whether it’s middle school or the now obsolete “Junior High.” All happy kids are alike, every unhappy kid is unhappy in their own way.

    I love the cast but I think they could use a little sunshine right about now.

  6. TeratoMarty says:

    Can we get Lois to bang some sense into Cynthia, please? Cynthia’s way too young & clueless, I know, but it would be pro bono publico.

  7. emma says:

    Oh – looking at the small version, I misread Perry’s comment as ‘you’re interfering again, Mo!’ Just perfect.

  8. Suzanonymous says:

    Love Mo’s tired sad look while Sydney dodges the question.

  9. David in Cambridge says:

    Are panels 2 and 3 transposed?

  10. Ellen says:

    Yes, David, I was thinking that myself. Two and three seem transposed.

    Toni and Clarice’s therapist looks familiar. Is she the same one from years ago?

  11. Suzanonymous says:

    If you go to the Life Drawing entry, the Seven Days link AB provided, there is a photo there of her inking this strip. Rows 2 and 3 have been swapped since that time (maybe that is what the note by the side of the row with Mo and Syd is about: swap these).

    A word to the wise, don’t use tags: the blog comment software seems to not log your comment if there are tags..? I think, I deduce..

  12. Joe Code says:

    This blog post was “Uncategorized”. Shouldn’t it have been categorized as “Stip Archive”?

  13. Jaibe says:

    So this never got posted to LiveJournal, so I’ll confess here what I wanted to confess there — you guys were right & I was wrong, the therapy strip is great! I’m especially glad to have the non-pro therapy session put in parallel too though.

  14. Lhinx says:

    I loved that last panel. I could sense Ginger’s frustration with “Willy”

    I’ve always felt kind of bad for Cynthia. She’s not going to get a lot of understanding for her thinking.

  15. GW says:

    Ginger doesn’t have any right to be frustrated with Ammar. Unless I missed a panel, he didn’t hold a gun to Samia’s head to get her to marry him. If she wants him gone, she needs to get a set and do it. If Ginger wants him gone, she needs to speak up. I really loathe Samia, though. Brink back Malika! She and Ginger were perfect for each other.

    Can Sydney just GO AWAY? Bring back Harriet! She and Mo were perfect for each other.

    I’d also like to see Toni AND Raffi go away. Bring back … uh … well, Clarice could find someone political and defiant to hook up with.

  16. Hariette says:

    I have finally come to the realization that I am an addict. One new chapter every 2-4 weeks is not enough!!

    I disagree with much of what GW has said and will deal with each issue separately.

    “If (Samia) wants (Ammar) gone, she needs to get a set and do it.”

    I’ll take sexism for $200, Alex. Get a set? So glad that even on this blog the presence of testicles equates guts/ bravery/fill in the blank. I suppose if she was weak we would be reading “cat” references?

    As for Samia, I like her character. I think it’s an interesting story and shows that no matter what, we all come with baggage. I also think Ginger has every right to be upset with the presence of Ammar in her home. How many of us would want to deal with the spouse of our current lover in our space? I want to watch them work through everything.

    “Can Sydney just GO AWAY? Bring back Harriet! She and Mo were perfect for each other.”

    They were? Then why was it that the purchase of a VCR was the death knell of that relationship? Sydney can be a pill but so can Mo. Sydney has just gone through major illness & doesn’t really deal with emotional issues well. I think their stumbling as they work it out is good.

    “I’d also like to see Toni AND Raffi go away.”

    NO!!! Once again, GW prefers to send away people when the relationship gets rough. (Yes, I know these are just 2 dimensional characters…) Neither Ginger nor Toni are perfect but who is? And Raffi is at an age when any sort of difference is tough. Life isn’t always pretty. Why walk away just because it’s tough?

    Yes, my bias is showing. I’m glad these 3 couples are working on things rather than just walk away because it’s not fun right now.

  17. MS says:

    We need to see some more sex & fun in this strip. Why has everyone’s life become so bleak?

  18. Jezzie says:

    Um, it’s a comic strip…but, okay, I’m commenting, too. The current cast represents the great lesbian diaspora. Let Raffi grow up and be okay…I’m prayin’ for the whole family. I love Clarice, Toni, and Raf b/c they mirror my family and we have been going strong for 14 years. Our son just graduated from HS, and he is awesome. My suggestions: More pets…bring back June, she was hot…put Stuart on a diet or wash him or something…bring in some southerners, maybe a relocated Katrina couple…

  19. Chaka says:

    Mo needs a new girl…I’m sick of that bitch already..wait I’m sorry…

  20. Chaka says:

    I didn’t mean to say that out loud.

  21. LDR says:

    Is that gray line at the bottom of the strip supposed to be there? It almost looks like the very bottom of the graphic got cut off.

    And just to pile on: What is it with these people who can’t get over Harriet? How many freakin’ years has it been? Mo has moved on but you can’t?

    I always thought Mo and Sydney were perfect for each other. They’re going through some rough times now though – maybe the spark has faded.

  22. Cyan says:

    Hariette, I’m with you on all points. What’s this bleaching out of all relationship spots all about? Once people get all the smiling sunshine they demand, they’ll stop relating to DTWOF as it’ll stop being about life as we know it.

  23. Kangaroo says:

    I used to hate Cynthia now I just feel sorry for her.