frazzled at newark

March 6th, 2008 | Uncategorized

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Jeezum crow. I’ve had no internet access for 48 hours and I was getting the DTs. I’ve been on the road, doing some speaking engagements that I meant to post about but I haven’t had a chance because of aforementioned lack of access. Right now I’m soaking up the wifi at Newark airport after speaking at Rutgers last night. Okay, I just felt compelled to check in like this. Because it grounds me when I’m traveling to blog my whereabouts. I hope you don’t mind. As I think I’ve mentioned before, this thing has become my de facto diary. I’ll be back, I hope, with a more relevant post before my flight leaves for Minneapolis.

14 Responses to “frazzled at newark”

  1. Ginjoint says:

    Tintin is tired.

  2. Jill says:

    My French Canadian grandmother used to say jeezum crow. I’ve never heard anyone else outside my family say it!

  3. bette says:

    indeed, Ginjoint!

    BUT: tired Tintin is a rising star in the country of the hiking boots wearing 1960s girls: after the raving review in “NZZ”, Christian Gasser reviewed “Fun Home” today on Radio DRS2 (the high-brow channel of Swiss Broadcasting Corporation’s radio stations; SBC’s comparable to your NPR, real classy)

    and here’s the link for the german speaking community:

    Listening to it, you’ll not only get to listen to AB, but you’ll also get a sample of the Swiss version of standard German 😉 good thing, our language is as diverse as the global Englishes!

    A bow to the tired genius AB from the hiking boots wearing 1960s girl.

  4. Rachel says:

    I saw you last night at Rutgers – the reading was terrific, and I really appreciated the insight into the process of creating the memoir. I’ve been going poetry readings for years and so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the reading of a graphic novel. I thought the combination of your voice and your work on the screen was an amazing experience – walking out of the Student Center, I really felt like I’d been handed some sort of gift, something I could tangibly take away from the room. The meeting of the words and the panels in the space surrounding the audience gave a new dimension to the novel.

    Thanks for coming to Rutgers, and for being so cool.


  5. JenK says:

    Getting online is one of my ways of staying grounded on the road too. Also:
    * Reading a familiar book or newspaper
    * Listening to familiar music
    * Lavender bubble bath
    * Calling a friend
    * Twitter – even if I’m mostly just putting it out there and not reading, it’s a normal thing I do 🙂

  6. Ian says:

    Um, you mean a blog isn’t a personal/work diary that edits out the real gory bits you wouldn’t confess to a priest, never mind the entire world?

    Like others here, I blog, but in my case about track and field and it’s become a really nice grounding routine. I spend about 4 hrs a day working on it and when I can’t I get lost or feel a bit guilty.

    I recently spent a weekend away (ironically doing something blog-related) and felt completely lost without the internet … What did we all do before it took off?

  7. brooke says:

    my blog has been my defacto diary since election day of 2000. it’s seen me almost through the whole w. bush presidency, a nervous break down (maybe the two are related?), and a return back to health and a phd program. hopefuly it will see me through being dr. me and on to tenure and either escaping to a more socialist country or seeing a decent administration and congress here in the u.s.


    thanks for writing allison – it’s been nice to get to know another side of one of my most favourite comic book writers.

  8. Geri says:

    Chuckle, I recognize that airport lounge. They do have good network, and the cheese n crackers ain’t bad. Safe travels!

  9. anon et al says:

    I think that’s one of my new favorite photos of you. the crease lines, your eyes (oh, the depth and longing), them perfect eyebrows, precious nose, frazzled mouth, the flip of your hair. good god what a great shot.

  10. procrastinating law student says:

    I’m from New Hampshire and didn’t realize until now that “Jeezum Crow” is regional.

  11. Fräulein says:

    Herzlichen Dank Bette! I love how you hear that certain pouty “nörgelnde” sound when the Swiss voice of AB says “trauern” in one of the voiceover bits near the beginning. That certain Swiss mouth shape… although I’d have to say this excerpt is not super mega Swiss sounding. I guess it’s in Hoch-Schwiezerdutsch.

  12. ianscot says:

    Sorry I missed your Minneapolis appearance. Conflicts, resolutions, the solace of sleep.

  13. Tera says:

    aw : ) that expression on your face is worth a thousand words.

  14. bette says:

    indeed, fräulein, you’re guessing right!
    it’s standard, not dialect — we wouldn’t want to scare you off with that 😉