fresh turkeys

November 22nd, 2007 | Uncategorized


Look! In my yard. On Thanksgiving.

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  1. Daña says:

    Beautiful, Allison–I’m so thankful for you and wonderfully creative other dykes who create in ways that fill my heart-

    many blessings.

  2. sunicarus says:

    LOL. They look like they are doing some kind of ritual circle dance around that tree. Wild Kingdom, indeed!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Alison. Now, go eat until you’re sick….laugh until your sides hurt….pretend to know something about football blaring from the television….and pass out. C’mon, the holidays have just begun!

  3. Ellen O. says:

    Thanks for bringing a piece of rural Vermont to snowy, new-urban Boulder. Much of my family is in South Burlington today so it’s good to see the northeast forests.

    Gratitude abounding…

  4. Pam I says:

    That’s what turkeys should look like – not those disgusting hormone-pumped tortured corpses some of you may be attacking right now….
    For a different centrepiece, you could go from sublime to Martha Stewart:

  5. rouputuan says:

    i had no ideas turkeys were also sociable in the wild. and can they fly or are they also ground-bound like their barnyard cousins?

    for someone who can draw chicks like no-one else, it’s hardly surprising you should regale your fans with your enchanting, refreshing images of bird life.

    rouputuan in geneva

  6. laura says:

    Wonderful. Reminds me of the idea that the countryside is the place where food goes around raw, or something like that. I believe Groucho Marx or Woody Allen (shame on me, that’s a little the way I feel).

    Allison, you are a genius, and the place where you live is brilliant!!!!

    Happy thanksgiving to all. I am impressed by the idea of a national holiday that is not aggressive, and is actually about gratitude. Sure, it sounds a little ironical to thank God, when (as far as I know) it was the native Americans who deserved to be thanked. But I am not a national and I mean no offense.

  7. Hilliard Addison Erskine says:


  8. shadocat says:

    That video makes me wish I could go live in the country…

    I’m going to be a bit of a turkey myself and announce that yesterday morning I became a grandma to a beautiful baby girl. Talk about things to be thankful for!

  9. April says:

    Congrats, shadocat!

    I don’t recommend the Martha costumes though.

  10. shadocat says:

    Yeah those costumes freak me out. Hope she didn’t put her daughter through anything like that…

  11. Suzanonymous says:

    Thanks so much for the smiles on Thanksgiving — the photo cartoon and the turkeys. Are they wild? So plump.

  12. cz says:

    You already have snow?!

  13. Virginia Burton says:

    Off topic, but Katie~the latest issue of Fun Times doesn’t have a DTWOF at all. At least not that I could find in a quick perusal. And AB isn’t listed as a contributor, either. Is there a problem that you know of, or is it just a glitch? Two months ago they ran one of the old strips, but last month’s issue had the sublime apple picking episode.

  14. Seraphine says:

    I love turkeys. We have them wild
    in our woods too. They come down
    and make a mess of our bark dust,
    lawn and gardens looking for bugs.

  15. Aunt Soozie says:

    Congrats Shado.

  16. Feminista says:

    Virginia and Katie–I also noticed the lack of DTWOF in the current Funny Times.

    Felicitaciones,Shado and the rest of the family.

  17. mlk says:

    yes, congrats, shadocat! you have many years of pleasure ahead . . .

  18. shadocat says:

    Thanks so much everyone—-when I get a picture up, I’ll post a link. She’s a little beauty (but then, I’m predjudiced…)

  19. Mothra in NYC says:

    Wow, swarms of wild turkeys. Who knew they traveled in packs or schools or bevies or whatever? Not me.

    I do know that the wild turkey was almost chosen as America’s national bird; not sure why the eagle ultimately won out.

    Vermont’s looking cool. Very cool. Cold, even. Hope the holiday season is kind to everyone, wheresoever you all are located, and whatever the weather is like!


  20. Kat says:

    Berkeley, CA has a flock? herd? something, anyway, of wild turkeys that are wandering around the whole city. They were first spotted up in the hills, but wandered down to the more densely populated flatlands, as well.

    Overheard from a little boy: “Ooh, I touched one!….uh…I’m gonna go wash my hands…”

  21. ksbel6 says:

    Congrats Shadocat! BTW, where are you from in KC (if you don’t mind my asking, if you want to send me an email I’m at I’m from there originally and now reside in Kirksville, where there are plenty of turkeys roaming the country side. And yes, for whoever asked earlier, wild turkeys fly. They roost in trees. My lover and I laugh when we see them up there because they just don’t look like they belong!

  22. just a guy says:

    They seem to prefer to walk, but wild turkeys can indeed fly, and can do a nice job on car windshields if you are unfortunate enough to hit one. I was driving into my small town in upstate NY a few days back and had one go over the car; close enough to be neat, not close enough to be scary.

  23. j.b.t. says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    And congratulations Shadocat on the birth of your granddaugther 🙂

    I, for one, am very thankful for Allison.

    Love, Jennette

  24. Robin Wood says:

    I’ve been lurking for ages. Please forgive me for not jumping in sooner.

    This is priceless, Allison, like all your work. I especially like the way the cat wants to get into the picture. 😀

    It’s apparently a rafter of Turkeys. Who would have guessed?

    Although it might be a gang or something, instead. I kind of like gang…

    And congratulations, Shadocat!

  25. little gator says:

    My Lydia has never been outdoors and thinks she could kill a raven.At least she’s eager to attack one.

  26. Deena in OR says:

    Gaaaaaaaak. Off-topic, but I need to vent. My fifteen year old daughter’s priest, who knows who I am, and why I left the parish, just compared homosexuality to beastiality in answer to a question at youth group. In front of all her peers, most of whom also know why I don’t attend Mass anymore. Spit…Hiss….

  27. Maggie Jochild says:

    Deena, I know a dyke farmer in Scio with Belgian Draft horses, perhaps they could be trained to force themselves upon your priest. As long as he’s fantasizing…

  28. annonymous says:

    I’ve had a similar experience. Last year on the day after Thanksgiving my mother and I watched as a rafter of turkeys (I didn’t know they it was called that either: ran through my parents’ backyard and flew out to the island in the middle of the river. No sightings this year.

  29. Xena Fan says:

    I’m soooooo jealous! It must be nice to live so close to nature.

  30. Mansuetude @ Tumbleword says:

    Ellen Goodman of THe Boston Globe did
    a piece on Wild Turkeys roaming the
    suburbs of Beantown while she was forking over
    lots of money for a “wild” raised Turkey
    that is only considered range fed and raised
    if it has an open door in which it might

    go outdoors–as if it could get out… etc.

    They drink bourbon, you know.

  31. Alex the Bold says:

    I saw a piece on television about heritage turkeys. (I realize that sounds a like cold-blooded.)

    In New Jersey there are turkey vultures. I think there might even be wild turkeys, but I haven’t seen them close enough to be sure.

  32. zeitgeist says:

    ‘Gaaaaaaaak. Off-topic, but I need to vent. My fifteen year old daughter’s priest, who knows who I am, and why I left the parish, just compared homosexuality to beastiality in answer to a question at youth group. In front of all her peers, most of whom also know why I don’t attend Mass anymore. Spit…Hiss…. ‘

    Oh God! Seriously! What is wrong with that Priest! What an idiot! Where do I start? I mean, he had to know how this could affect your daughter! And, I mean really, beastiality?! That is the single most stupidest thing I heard! But what do you expect from somebody who is allegedly celibate. Thanks for reminding me why I do not attend Mass anymore, either!

  33. Natkat says:

    I love it that kitty turns to you and “talks”. How’d you get her to do that?