Great Mo-ments Contest

September 20th, 2007 | Uncategorized

Mo gnawing on newpaper(Katie designed this contest for you)

Correctly match Mo’s rant with the event she’s upset about.










  1. 1. Bush orders Gulf War number Two.
  2. 2. Gay and Lesbian March on Washington.
  3. 3. Vermont Civil Unions are in the news.
  4. 4. The annual rite of Pride rolls around again.
  5. 5. Ellen and Rosie meet on late night TV.
  6. 6. Mo copes with Gay Neocons.
  7. 7. Clinton is elected after 12 years of Republican leadership.
  8. 8. The Lewinsky Scandal, as if you ever wanted to think of it again.
  9. 9. Bush orders Gulf War number One.
  10. 10. Thugs throw a rock through the window at Madwimmin Books.
  11. 11. Pat Buchanan does too well in the polls for Mo’s comfort.

This time, we’re determining the winner NPR-style, (sans Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary). Email your answers to Katie.

We’ll randomly draw three winners from among the correct answers, if there are that many. One will receive the last remaining DTWOF mousepad, one will receive the Italian edition of Fun Home, and one will receive the issue of The Comics Journal with AB’s naked butt on the cover. A note to the shy- if you don’t want us to read your name aloud in a blog-video, tell us so. Answers must be received by October 1st.

30 Responses to “Great Mo-ments Contest”

  1. 'Ff'lo says:

    Yay! Contest. Love it.

  2. Ng Yi-Sheng says:

    And I love these rare occasions where I’m rewarded for my compulsive habit of checking this site three times a day.

  3. 'Ff'lo says:

    Well, we have until Oct. 1. Which I like, too.

  4. Ian says:

    The sad thing is I think I can do all these from memory, though some are a little tough. There’s only one I’m not sure of.

    By the way, is this comp open to non-US readers?

  5. --MC says:

    Re: that thumbnail. She’s gonna get newsprint ink all over her teeth again.

  6. Raffi says:

    Any remaining Lois mugs? Mine mysteriously broke after it was announced as my favorite coffee cup.

  7. Kaptain Equinox says:

    My eyes are going. I read answer number six as “Mo copes with gay raccoons.”

  8. Cadence says:

    “C” is one of my favourites. I love how Harriet takes the cake away, saying that Mo has had enough processed sugar. I also love the top thumbnail, when Lois says “oh no, she’s gonna get ink on her teeth again”. I’ve been rereading all the comics lately.

  9. K.B. says:

    How fun! I had been wondering why all those pics had been uploaded to flickr lately…

  10. --MC says:

    Those gay raccoons! They not only wash their food in the stream when they get it, they usually reseason it. (I read that in “Mo Trail”.)

  11. Katie says:

    Yes, it is open to non-US folks.

    Sorry Raffi- mugs aren’t in the list of prizes this time around!


  12. Ian says:

    Oh, fantabulosa! I’d better get my entry in.

    I’ve always regretted not being able to buy DTWOF merchandise. Never mind the artistic integrity, feel the cold hard cash!

    Mugs are big business in Britain – must be all the tea we drink. You should see the amount of Beatles mugs we flog here in Liverpool. There must be a “Theoretical critiques of Critical Theory” type article about mugs as an expression of identity in there.

    As a great example of British navel-gazing there’s a programme on TV on the history and cultural implications of the motorway (highway) system. Every time I start to feel culturally superior (a bad habit of the British), I remember we have a motorway service station fan club.

  13. ksbel6 says:

    Those of you who can do this from memory are way too smart to play. You should have to look through every book like the rest of us 😉 Of course, the Oct. 1 date helps with that…here’s to being lucky enough to get your name pulled out of the hat!

  14. Ian says:

    That I did it from memory doesn’t mean my memory’s right! I had to do it from memory ‘cos all my books are packed before I move house!

    Good luck to everyone who enters!

  15. Alex the Bold says:

    Seeing the list of Mo’s from past to near-present, I wonder if A.B. is ever going to do a Dykes To Be Watching For episode set 200 years in the future (lots of flying cars and Jetsonian sets…)

  16. Ian says:

    DTWOF in the future? We’ll prob still have Mo-2-D2 moaning about evil BushBots starting wars in the Persian Gulf …

  17. Suzanonymous says:

    Why on earth will this be announced via video? Enormous file transfer for what could be typed just as quickly but load much much faster.. ?

  18. don’t worry, Suzanonymous. if we do the video at all, it’ll be in addition to a simple text announcement.

    Ian, yeah… Mo-2-D2 whining about how we all need to crawl out of our blogs and overthrow the Blackwater junta that’s taken over the planet.

  19. Rachel says:

    You left out my personal all-time favorite: the time when Mo, overcome with frustration about the war in Iraq, started an antiwar militia.

    This was the episode in which an out-of-view voice shouted CUT! and everyone stepped out of character. (Stuart looked in the mirror at his forehead wrinkles.) The strip ended right after Mo’s tirade got to “I’m starting an antiwar militia” while she brandished a machine gun. (? I’m no gun expert.) People began dragging Mo off-camera/out of the strip frame and Jezanna told another character–I forget who–“Get that placard up. NOW.” The placard said something along the lines of “experiencing technical difficulties; please stand by.”

    Disclaimer: quotes are from memory. Apologies if memory isn’t 100% accurate.

  20. Aunt Soozie says:

    Hi Katie,
    Will you share with us how many entries you received? Or at least how many correct entries? I’m curious.

  21. Suzanonymous says:

    Sorry, Alison, I wasn’t worrying, I was generally grouchy that day and later wished I hadn’t said anything. Though I think I had a good point, I could have waited to see what you guys decided to do, maybe it will be really cool. (Std. disclaimer: “you guys” is not meant to exclude women, ha ha ha.)

  22. Katie says:

    Hi Aunt Soozie,

    We’ve received about thirty entries, and about a third of them are correct. I worked hard to make this a tricky contest!

  23. Ian says:

    Rachel, that is my all time favourite DTWO4 strip, apart from the novella at the end of Unnatural … (also my fave book cover).

    Don’t mention the B word, AB, “they” are watching … 😉

  24. Ian says:

    Argh! After re-reading Invasion I know which one I’ve got wrong! There goes my mousemat! Hahaha! Good luck to everyone else who entered though.

  25. c&s says:

    Hi. The links to Katie’s email aren’t working for me. Can someone tell me what her address is? Thanks

  26. c&s says:

    never mind…I got it. If anyone else is having trouble:

  27. Roz Warren says:

    What issue of the comics journal with AB’s tushie on the cover??? How did I manage to miss that?? (I really ought to read this blog more faithfully…)

  28. Aunt Soozie says:

    Hi Roz!!
    I think it was the mag cover where Alison drew herself chopping wood au naturale in her yard while a school bus is driving past?? …it’s posted here somewhere but I couldn’t find the back post. Couldn’t find it under “the artistic condition”…don’t know where else to look…oddments?? Maybe Katie can direct us to the proper entry/link??

  29. ksbel6 says:

    So who wins?

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