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May 4th, 2009 | Uncategorized

I finally have the blog set up so I can post to it from my iPhone. Now you can look forward to curt, misspelled, and even more irrelevant and solipaostic–I mean solipsiatic &$@”? SOLIPSISTIC posts than I already make, starting with this one.

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  1. Acilius says:

    Great! I look forward to your solipsism. I’m such a fan that if you twittered I would probably follow you there.

  2. RadioWaco says:

    Watch out for finger and hand cramps…Those little keyboards and touch screens can be terrible when you’re trying to type something correctly and coherently. I find that after texting a bunch, I get hand cramps when I sit down and try to write with a pen.

    Bah, relevancy is overrated. Bring it on!

  3. NLC says:

    And this is me responding to your post from my Kindle.

    Boy howdy, we’re geekin’ now…

  4. I’m posting this comment from my Water Pik!

  5. ksbel6 says:

    The geekiness is overwhelming…go geeks, go!

  6. NLC says:

    And this is a post which I’m sending from your Water Pik after having hacked into it.

  7. noominal says:

    I’m posting from my weed-whacker. It has spell-check. 😉

  8. hairball_of_hope says:

    That’s ok, I’ve hacked into your Internet-enabled electric meter and you are now paying for my usage.

    I’ve also hacked into your Web-enabled refrigerator and microwave. They’ve ordered my groceries and are making my dinner. I’ll be over later to pick them up. After I finish hacking your washing machine to only wash clothes with horizontal stripes.


  9. Therry and ST. Jerome says:

    St. jerome and I are posting (best John Housman imitation) the old fashioned way — we earned it.

  10. cybercita says:

    my cat is posting this. from his digitalized litterbox.

  11. Sunshine says:

    My toaster gets Internet now.

  12. ksbel6 says:

    Seriously, all of you make me laugh! Did you know they are coming out with web streaming tvs? Soon cable/satellite will be obsolete and we will all just watch shows at their dot coms 🙂

  13. Renee S. says:

    As long as they keep microchips out of our heads…..

  14. hairball_of_hope says:


    Direct streaming media which bypass the cable company-provided content is a huge threat to their business model. Time Warner recently abandonded plans to charge broadband users by bandwidth usage. They issued press releases about how a small percentage of users were hogging the bandwidth, and made it sound like file-sharing Torrents and illegal downloads were the issue, but that’s really bogus.

    The bandwidth-charging plans were poorly received by the public because quite a few people saw through Time Warner’s BS.

    For example, if users have to pay prohibitive bandwidth charges for content from Hulu (owned by NBC/Universal), it would give a competitive advantage to Time Warner-provided content.

    It’s also why Net Neutrality is so important. If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) decided to deprioritize content coming from an outside source, it would give a competitive advantage to the ISP’s offerings.

    Back to the example of Hulu – if Time Warner, Comcast, or Verizon decided to slow down the data packets of streaming media that they didn’t own, your experience of these media would be awful, so you’d likely stop using them and would use the ISP’s own “movies-on-demand” instead.

    Similiarly, if you are using Skype or MagicJack for your VoIP phone service, and your ISP has a deal with Vonage, they can legally discriminate against those packets. They can block them, slow them down, whatever. Again, this could give them a huge competitive advantage.

    And under current FCC and Commerce Dept laws, this is all legal.

    In most US cities and towns, there is only one cable provider. There is only one landline phone company. And despite legal ruling that say they have to open up some of the bandwidth to competitors, just try getting a different DSL provider over your local telco line. Or a different ISP over your cable connection (although I must admit that it’s not impossible to get Earthlink over Time Warner’s system, but you’ll never find out about it from Time Warner).

    I’m still waiting for a tech breakthrough that allows the local electric utility to provide internet service (signals can’t be passed through the step-down transformers, so it’s not a simple matter of shooting a signal down the wire). That would give the cable/phone duopoly a run for their money.

    But what I’d really like to see is a basic municipal internet access service that’s provided to all residents. If you want higher bandwidth than the basic municipal service, you can pay for it, the same way you pay for higher water usage. And it would be content-neutral, net neutral.

  15. Anna in Albuquerque says:

    Whew! I actually understood most of that. How I’ve changed.I used to just read books.

  16. Mary E says:

    I’m not sure what’s going on here, but it sounds serious.

  17. Aunt Soozie says:

    I’m posting this from my hitachi… with one hand…

  18. Renee S. says:


    re: basic municipal internet

    They have this service in Ann Arbor, Michigan. However, the free access was originally supposed to service the entire surrounding county, but somehow only the larger (and richest)towns receive it.

  19. Okay, Aunt Soozie. That takes the internet-enabled cake.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Yes indeed it does….

  21. Ellen O. says:

    don’t leave us unsatisfied Aunt Soozie…. finish that ellipse… or did you got out to smoke a cigarette?

  22. K.B. says:

    what’s a “hitachi”? This thing?


  23. Aunt Soozie says:

    O Ellen, A woman needs to maintain a little mystery.
    Thanks for the cake Alison!

  24. Minnie says:

    That’s it! The “twin” model, with which Aunt Soozie posts off-handedly!
    @hairball_of_hope, thank you for the explanation and vision.

  25. Maggie Jochild says:

    Well, here’s a show-of-hands question: How many of us here own a Hitachi? (I refuse to say which attachments I own…)

  26. hairball_of_hope says:


    That’s brilliant! I wanna see the attachments for *that* Hitachi!

  27. Ian says:

    @KB: no it’s not, but it does make the earth move!

  28. Dr. Empirical says:

    I love that the blog is vibrator-literate!

  29. Aunt Soozie says:

    Speaking of which…. the fifth annual Beaver Queen Pageant is right around the corner. Y’all should waddle on down to the Duke Park swamp, enjoy the festivities and place your vote (bribe a judge) for the 2009 Beaver Queen.

    This link is Fishscenta, the 2008 Queen, in the evening wear portion of the pageant. All pageant proceeds (judge bribes included) benefit the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association. Therefore, I believe, if you drive to Duke Park, Durham, NC in a Prius full of lesbians (or lesbian friendly mammals) and donate lots of money to the watershed you offset the carbon emissions of your travel.

    Someday, when Ms Bechdel is NOT working on deadline and Ms Holly hasn’t just opened a retail green store, we’ll recruit them to be among our celebrity judges. Until then, believe me, it’s well worth attending… you never know what may happen at the Beaver Queen Pageant. Of course, you may want to wear your tails and bring a lawn chair. This year’s pageant theme is Woodstick.

    Duke Meadow, Duke Park, Durham, North Carolina
    Saturday, June 6, 2009
    Pre-pageant events start at 5pm (ie, tail making courtesy of the Scrap Exchange) pageant begins at 6pm. There are seven talented furry contestants this year.
    For more information you can visit www(dot)beaverlodgelocal1504(dot)org

    Hope you see some of you there!
    Peace, Love, Beaver,
    Aunt Soozie
    Yogi Beaver – 2007 Beaver Queen
    (still clinging to that tiara)

  30. Jenna says:

    Speaking of spelling mistakes… How’s the dictionary job going? Haven’t heard any updates from you about that recently.

  31. bean says:

    you people are cracking me up tonight more than ever before! i think that everyone has spring fever. and it’s a full moon in a couple of days.

    and, yes, i have one. makes my teeth rattle. got to use it with a friend last week, though, so that was fun. and unusual.

  32. Therry and ST. Jerome says:

    Coming to the dialog laate as usual, but I thought the Hitachi was this:


    Us upcountry straight people don’t get out much.

  33. Aunt Soozie says:

    bean, therry… cracking me up. bean… no problem with a little self disclosure, huh? afterall… you are among friends here… wait, let me go check that cluster map to see how many of your close friends just read that comment…. : )

  34. Alton says:

    Readig “Fun Home” gave me a better understanding of my sister’s time in Parochial school (and a Catholic women’s college). I have always accepted her sexuality, now I have a better feel for her life. BTW: She would make an awesome priest!