Mädchen Madness

August 4th, 2010 | Uncategorized


Remember Mädchen in Uniform? The very steamy 1931 German film about girls at boarding school? My pal Jenni Olson has been working very hard to make a DVD release happen of the 1958 Romy Schneider/Lilli Palmer remake. I haven’t seen this but now we all can! Help Jenni succeed by adding the film to your Netflix queue or ordering it online.




And, Jenni adds, if you’ve already seen it, please give it a nice star rating at one of the above sites or write a short complimentary review if you can.

24 Responses to “Mädchen Madness”

  1. Dr. Empirical says:

    Netflix tells me it’s slated for release in September.

  2. Kate L says:

    But how likely is it that women in uniforms will go for some sisterly action? Gosh, I wore a uniform in grade school, and look how I turned out. What was that? Oh… never mind! 🙂

  3. 'Ff'lo says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know there was a remake in the ’50s.

    Added to Netflix queue. 🙂

  4. Renee S. says:

    added to NETFLIX

  5. judybusy says:

    The post changed so quickly I didn’t have a chance to add this to our skydiving discussion. It’s about a guy who is going to try diving from 120,000 feet. Yeah, you read that right. All the physics geeks will have a fine time reading about all the difficulties entailed!

  6. drawmedy says:

    Ok so I’m about to seem very uncouth, probably. I’ve been a great fan of Alison’s work for, well, going on fifteen years now (that’s about to be half my life!) and a lurker on this blog for about five years.
    I just started an illustrated blog, and at the the risk of appearing as a cynical pitch-meister, I’d really just like to share it here, where so much of my inspiration has come. So – here ya go! (It’s a sketchbook blog, so the roughness and, well, sloppiness is kind intentional, FYI… aaand the first post on there is about Mary Poppins as a shamanic figure – a topic I thought this crowd might get a kick out of!)


    Thanks so much, Alison and gang.

  7. Acilius says:

    Neat site, drawmedy!

  8. Acilius says:

    Also, I think the federal court in California found an excellent way of celebrating the DVD release of this movie.

  9. Ted says:

    Acilius they sure did! A 142 page decision. Unfortunately there is still the hurdle of the SCOTUS.

  10. Ted says:

    Here’s a link to SCOTUS Blog that lays out what went into the decision.

    Click Here!

  11. grrljock says:

    Wow! Once upon a time I think I saw the 1931 version. I know that I definitely enjoyed its parody version, Five Lesbian Brothers’ “Brave Smiles”. OK, off to Wolfe Video to order it!

    Oh, and I also want to plug a YA book I just finished: A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend by Emily Horner. I’m a sucker for sweet coming out stories like this one.

    And I’ve officially met my monthly quota of exclamation marks.

  12. Kendall says:

    not to digress too badly, but there’s that prop 8 thing, and then Alison, you’re on this list: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/jacketcopy/2010/08/20-classic-works-of-gay-literature.html

  13. Renee S. says:

    #6 Drawmedy great stuff! keep up the good work.

  14. drawmedy says:

    Thanks Renee and Acilius! Anyone else in DTWOF blog land have comic / graphic work inspired (however loosely you want to interpret that) by brilliant artists like Alison? It would be fun to share more of it here!

    (Next, short post will be up on drawmedy when I get back from the Netherlands next week 🙂 – it’s Amsterdam pride this weekend!!)

  15. Therry and St. Jerome says:

    Drawmedy, terrific site — there should be more multidimensional blogs!

  16. Diana says:

    I enjoyed the original Machden en Uniform a great deal but was unaware of the remake. ’tis the Diety’s own work you’re doing, spreading the word. Will Netflix on availability!
    Hey, as long as we’re shilling, I loved drawmedy, especially the Mary Poppins insights, and am now following it on my blog. If any here are so inclined, feel free to check my stuff out as well.

    [Freed from spam-filter limbo. –Mentor]

  17. Diana says:

    Weird, for some reason my comment disappeared.
    To restate:
    1. Very glad to see the news of Machden en Uniform. I’ve seen the original but was unaware of the remake. ’tis the Deity’s own work you’re doing, making it available. I’ll Netflix it on availability.
    2. I love drawmedy’s blog and have linked to it on my own blog. The Mary Poppins insights were delightful!
    If any of you are interested, feel free to check out my blog as well.

    [Freed from spam-filter limbo. –Mentor]

  18. --MC says:

    Drawmedy, I dig that blog of yours. Your pages remind me a little of Carrie McNinch (“You Don’t Get There From Here”).
    I’m inspired by Alison’s work.

  19. Diana says:

    Gotcha, mod. Sorry about the double post!

  20. Renee S. says:

    Hey, Movies Unlimited is now taking orders for Madchen in Uniform. Available 9-14-2010. Just in time for AB’s 50th birthday.


  21. Renee S. says:

    Elena Kagan was just voted in for SCJ.

  22. Hey, Drawmedy! Very nice stuff!

  23. Therry and St. Jerome says:

    Take a look:

    Elena Kagan

  24. drawmedy says:

    *trying to breath normally* Alison (and others) thank you so much for your kind words! I can’t imageine a bigger compliment.