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January 3rd, 2017 | Uncategorized


Sending white light out to Maggie Jochild, old blog pal from back in the pre-facebook era. She is very ill, possibly dying. Maggie met her partner Margot through this blog years ago. Margot has managed to get from the UK to Austin, TX, to be with Maggie.

This is a photo of Maggie getting her hair cut at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival back in the day. I ripped it off–hope that’s okay–from this post she made about her first time at Michigan. A highlight:

And I tell you:  If I had had to deal with male socialization there on that land, I would not have found the freedom to become who I am now.  It simply would not have been possible.

I am very glad Maggie became who she is now. The world is a better place. You can read more of Maggie’s work on her own blog, Meta Watershed.

15 Responses to “Maggie Jochild”

  1. Dana from LA says:

    I remember Maggie Jochild. Peace, love and light being sent your way. ??

  2. Alex Knisely says:

    Funny, tough, soft, emphatic, loving, straight-thinking, hard-done-by, clever, loved.

  3. Therry and Saint Jerome says:

    Happy to have been there for her sixtieth birthday last year. At one point in the festivities she looked around at the vast web of loving friends present and skyped and crowed, “This Is my circus, and these are MY MONKEYS!”

  4. Bean says:

    such an awesome and certain-to-become historic photo! Therry, I was sorry to have missed her party, but glad you got to go! I attended Michigan for the first and only time that year, and had hoped to skype in, but it somehow never happened. 🙁 but, i would like to be counted among the monkeys!

  5. Lynn Kirkwood says:

    Sending you comforting woo for your journey.

  6. S. Irene says:

    Sending live love to Maggie and warm padded socks of light.

  7. S. Irene says:

    My favorite of what Maggie jo child’s work that I’ve read :
    Maggie Jochild – “Chasing the Second Wave in San Fran”
    which can be found In Aunt Lute. She describes that time so well.

  8. Thank you for including a link to Maggie’s post on Voices From The Land. Her story and this photo were of the first to come in when I was starting that project and it has always held a significant place in my heart, along with our correspondence and her words of encouragement. Thanks for calling our attention to her today. Wishing her so much comfort and ease.

  9. Maggie was a dear friend of mine for many years. I am holding her in my heart and sending her loving lightness.

    I published her first website, which is not current but still online. You can see select photos and poems at

  10. Liz Romanski says:


  11. Renee S. says:

    Marj reports that she departed this morning. A great loss.

  12. Therry and Saint Jerome says:

    So sad to say that the biggest baddest warrior dyke of all has crossed to Valhalla this morning. All the heroes are bowing before her, and even the Father and Mother of Battles are looking worried. Rest in power, our Mags.

  13. […] Alison Bechdel was writing about Maggie because Maggie was very ill. A few days later, just a few days after I was introduced to her blog, she died.  It is clear from […]

  14. […] Alison Bechdel was writing about Maggie because Maggie was very ill. A few days later, just a few days after I was introduced to her blog, she died.  It is clear from […]

  15. Diamond says:

    So sorry to hear this, and sending warm wishes to Marj and everyone who was close to her. I didn’t know Maggie, apart from her posts on this blog but her life is clearly a great loss.