My big day

August 31st, 2005 | Uncategorized

I’ve been working for the past six years on a graphic memoir about my father. Houghton Mifflin is publishing it in the spring, and they flew me to NYC yesterday for a meeting. I’ve quite literally been sitting in my basement working on this project since 1999, except for one day a week when I go out for necessities like groceries and therapy. So turbopropping to Manhattan was a change of pace, to say the least.

The assistant director of publicity, Whitney, and her assistant, Michael, took me to lunch at the Union Square Café. Here they are in front of the restaurant.

whitney and michael at union square cafe

I had to be told that this was a very trendy destination. My lunch was lovely (see photo), but I was much more impressed by the fact that Whitney turns out to be the daughter of Clyde Peeling, of the eponymous Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland–a major local attraction in central Pennsylvania, where I grew up.

my lunch

After dining, we had a meeting with the Marketing and Publicity directors. One guy attended from the Boston office via video conference. Unnervingly futuristic, but in an oddly comforting glitch, he was all out of focus. After the meeting I was whisked off in a Town Car to the photographer’s studio. Until now, I have never understood Americans’ automotive fetishism. But I could live in that leather-upholstered thing. If it weren’t a root cause of terrorism. Here I am with Greg, the photographer, on Bleecker Street.

me and the photographer, Greg, on location on Bleecker St.

Spent a grueling 4 hours posing for my book jacket photo, then another Town Car back to LaGuardia. It was quite a day. Now I’m in my basement again, with 34 pages of the memoir left to ink in soothing, rustic solitude.

7 Responses to “My big day”

  1. lem1955 says:

    Hi A. – I’ve been checking here, looking for signs that you were carrying on and … coming up for air now and then. Guess I’m not surprised that when you do come up for air it’s in a leather appointed Town Car. Glad to know you are on schedule, well treated by H-M, and home safe. – L.

  2. A storied New York City literary lunch. The glamour!

  3. Anonymous says:

    mmm..whatever you are eating sure looks good!

    will you do a book tour next year for this book?

  4. Jaibe says:

    34 pages left out of how many?

  5. rh says:

    four hours? what was he doing? chisling you in marble?

  6. Does the publishing deal include distribution in the UK?…
    -Time it right and you could appear at the Edinburgh International Book Festival (which is frankly fantastic) … *sigh*

  7. asrai says:

    it really put a smile on my face to think of you being driven around in a town car. i hope your day was lovely and good luck with getting the last 34 pages done!!!i’m really looking forward to reading it…