New Tour Dates!

August 3rd, 2006 | Uncategorized

While we’re on this updating spree, you should all know Alison’s new tour dates!

Outwrite Bookstore, 991 Piedmont Ave, Atlanta, GA 30039. September 26, 8pm

Books & Books, Miami Beach, speaking/signing, Thursday, September 28, 8:00pm
St. Louis, MO
Left Bank Books, speaking/signing, September 30, 7pm

Washington, DC:
Politics and Prose, October 2, 8:00pm

Details are forthcoming about Cleveland and Toronto– we’ll flesh out the information as soon as it comes.
These will be added to the tour schedule as well for your reference convenience. Hope to see you at these events!

13 Responses to “New Tour Dates!”

  1. Juliegrrl20 says:


  2. Jaime R. says:

    Yay! I hadn’t read your book the first time you came to D.C. and I was so disappointed that I missed you. But you’re coming back again! Yay! Politics and Prose is a great store.

  3. DW says:

    While we’re on the flog blog, how bout writing in to “Fresh Air” and suggesting an interview? I went to WHYY in Philadelphia to do it because my local public radio website was too layered to get through. You wanna sell books and get it out there, “Fresh Air” is the place. Yeah, I know Alison burned that bridge (imprudent of you, AB), but let’s see how big Terry Gross is. If she can do Gene Simmons and O’Reilly she can forgive AB.
    Oh, yes, I also suggested the book to my local librarian.

  4. fireeyedgirl says:

    yayyyyy toronto! hey, if you’re making it to toronto, why not ottawa?

  5. austin kleon says:


  6. Sarah R. says:

    There has certainly been a great deal of coverage on NPR (and affiliates), in general, however.

  7. geogeek says:

    What’s the background on fresh air and alison b.?

  8. NLC says:

    re: D2WO4 and “Fresh Air”

    [I don’t think it was a particular big deal. Just
    a poke at “Jerry Grosz” & Co playing in the background
    of the strip.]

    Here’s the strip in question (#307):

  9. SB says:

    Seems a nice poke to me, almost a compliment.

  10. DW says:

    Well isn’t Fun Home exactly what you’d expect on Fresh Air? Write in and suggest.

  11. geogeek says:

    Oh, yeah, I remember that strip. I really enjoy the voice-over effects from the radio since I’m kind of an NPR junkie, and around election season I tend to scream at the radio a lot. I occasionally put myself on radio hiatus so as to keep my blood pressure something normal.

  12. Laurie S. says:

    When are you coming to Denver?

  13. Anne S says:

    Yes! A Denver trip! Do you need the Tattered Cover to contact you or does that happen on your end?