Phone message from my mom

May 26th, 2006 | Uncategorized

I’m having trouble getting YouTube to embed in my new blog, so if you want to hear this you’ll have to leave the site. It’s not a video, really, it’s the only way I could figure out how to record this phone message from my mom on the day I did the Entertainment Weekly photo shoot–catch the aside she makes to someone in the room as she’s hanging up.

13 Responses to “Phone message from my mom”

  1. corinne says:

    that’s hilarious.

  2. asrai says:

    That is so cute and funny!!!

  3. Deb says:

    What a hoot!!!

  4. Melissa says:

    LOL… Probably similar to what my mother said when I told her I’d been accepted into graduate school! Congratulations!

  5. cat says:

    Hee! Sounds like something my mom would say.

  6. Ann says:

    That’s great. I have Fun Home on order from the local bookstore. I dreamed the other night that it came and the pages were falling out. The text was in cursive and there were only a few pictures. Anyway, the point is, I haven’t read it yet, but always had the idea that your mother was pretty cool because of the way she handled your avoidance of the scarf dance.

  7. MiMi says:

    Gees, easy to see where the fodder for your writing comes from…

  8. gia says:

    I just finished reading Fun Home last night. It is the third graphic novel that I’ve ever read (the other two being by Harvey Pekar) and I simply can’t stop thinking about it. Congratulations on a true work of art. I’m a mother of three, 47-years-old and I want to read more about your life, Alison. And I wouldn’t mind being gay either–what have I been missing my whole life??? I will definitely research access to more of your work. Best of luck with your tour. Any chance of coming out to Shaker Heights, Ohio??

  9. MG says:

    What’s scary is that I can hear myself leaving a message like that for my daughter… particularly the “I think”

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