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June 22nd, 2007 | Uncategorized

[Update: Site visitor “Yoj La Rosz” provided a more effective Google cache search which resulted in a more complete reckoning of the commentary on DTWOF Episode #509. Thank you very much.]

[Update: Post and comment restore complete. Thank you for your patience.]

Hello DTWOF readers. The server encountered a glitch last night. I’m currently working to re-upload the missing posts and comments. I am sorry for the inconvenience and hope to have this resolved shortly.

Thank you for your patience.


14 Responses to “Site Server Status”

  1. Josiah says:

    I’m just glad the site is back up — I was beginning to get worried! (Can’t go too long without my DTWOF fix, y’know.)

  2. Sarah says:

    It was daytime in London. The art of stating the obvious is not lost.

  3. sk says:

    oh that mercury in retrograde…

  4. Vivid Lady says:

    I see only 2 comments regarding the current strip. Knowing the verbosity of this group, that’s difficult to believe!

    g-lo, can you help, please?

    Thank you much for your patience!

  5. Ydnic says:

    Vivid Lady, if you click on the comments link, you will see that all of the previous comments were restored as one big long comment. Thus it looks as if there is only one for all, uh, what, 123? Last I knew, anyway.

  6. Ydnic says:

    Whoops, as usual, I spoke before I checked! You’re right, there are only a few of the dozens that had been there!

  7. filosopher says:

    What, restoration complete? Say it isn’t so. Don’t you have daily backups on the server? That long, multifaceted conversation after the last strip, where so many viewpoints found light of day, lost? Most disheartening news.

  8. Yoj la Rosz says:

    The Internet is eternal. I did a Google search for my name because I responded to Episode 509. It came up, and while the link to the strip as it appears now was still truncated, the cache had it intact. You can go find it, and copy if it you want, at

  9. xckb13 says:

    Even that cache is truncated – does anyone remember who wrote one of the very last comments before the server went down? Maybe a search for that person’s name will bring up all of the comments that were there.

  10. ksbel6 says:

    I think “Jay in Chicago” had much to say about the posts following that episode…I’m not sure if he posted last, but he had posts all throughout, so you may want to check that.

    BTW…I loved all those posts…I kept wanting to add, but then he would have beat me to the punch 🙂

  11. Vivid Lady says:

    Hmm… even looking for “Jay in Chicago” resulted in only those very few postings. Thank you for the search tip, though. That’s good information.

  12. sk says:

    oh, mercury in retrograde…. needs to be said twice since we have till July 10th to enjoy it!

  13. g-lo says:

    Thank you Yoj La Rosz. I have added the comments recovered to the episode thread.

    Just so everyone is clear on how I’m going about this (I appreciate everyone’s support and understanding in the face of technology… I also am worried because I’m flying to Japan on the 9th and if Mercury is in retrograde until the 10th….):

    First I entered in my standard backup (happens every week or so).

    Then, for the posts between the standard backup and the problem date, I used a Google cache search. Much like what Yoj La Rosz provided, but just for the site and article title.

    I performed minimal formatting and just worked to get the content up there. I apologize if anyone’s search rankings are unduly effected by me just putting all the comments in the one post (I’d rather spend the time it would take to manually re-enter the posts improving the general blog structure and design-but seriously, let me know if you really and truly want me to put the formatting back in place).

    For the record:

    I did have a more current backup (June 17th), but given the nature of backups (they work about 80% of the time, and the other 20% they create a complete nightmare) I decided to go with the June 9 backup that I knew worked and didn’t create dis-harmony between the database (the thing that stores all the content) and the structure (the code underlying what you see as a web page). I could go on at length about my decision to do this but it would be geek speak. If you’re really interested post a comment and I will make a post elsewhere.

    Thanks again, G-lo


    If anyone has further good search-terms that gets a better cache than what I’ve put in, please submit it as a comment to this post and I will re-enter them.

  14. mlk says:

    g-lo, maybe you have time still to work on this?

    I’m sure there was much more on the ADD thread than you’ve captured. for instance, there was a hilarious comment by “suddenly anonymous.” and I believe Aunt Soozie had more to say about Alison and banjos.

    pretty please, will you dig further?