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May 29th, 2008 | Uncategorized

Tana, who contributed a guest strip recently, has sent another. It’s about Lois being single, but I feel I should point out, in my punctilious way, that Lois in fact, or at any rate, in fiction, is in a relationship with Jasmine. But here’s her piece, below.

Plus Sara emailed me this link to a funny panel our friend Bonnieslashfiend did of JR and Janis discussing Harry Potter.

20 Responses to “some fanfic”

  1. chriso says:

    This is fantastic and the art is gorgeous!

  2. tana says:


    I totally thought I could keep this one in the continuity of the story, but I guess I just never picked up on Lois’ relationship with Jasmine. And all this time I thought I was being a careful reader…

    Anyway, if you guys like my stuff you can go visit my website:
    I’ve got an OGN (original graphic novel) coming out in September called Duck! It’s about Lesbians in Boston. Oooo!
    (end shameless plug)

    And Alison, I love this site.
    Keep up the terrific and inspiring work.

  3. Feminista says:

    Tana,maybe you could make this a dream Lois had,and then she wakes up and realizes Jasmine has been a part of her life for some time. Remember the time,after she got her work promotion, when she complained to Mo about feeling like the dad?

    Just some helpful advice; please don’t get upset.I suggest you proofread your dialogues, as there are some punctuation errors: e.g.,Where is this coming from Lois? A comma should be between from and Lois.

  4. DeLandDeLakes says:

    Tana, you’re really talented. Keep it up!

  5. geogeek says:

    Nice work, Tana. It’s interesting to see the characters drawn in a different style but still recognizably themselves. I suppose being able to figure out how to do that is part of the things artists do that I’m not so good at…

  6. Ian says:

    Lois needs to get laid like Bush needs less brain cells.

  7. April says:

    Nice experiential artwork. The knee-patting is particularly working for me!

  8. tana says:

    Ha-Ha! (like bush needs less brain cells)

    Thanks guys!

    Yeah, Maybe I’ll make Lois wake up or something.
    These are really just little warm-ups for me so if any of you out there want to actually write a little strip I’d be willing to sketch it up.

    I miss the old days when we’d see Lois in a bedroom (or living room or bath tub) getting it on. Remember those days? I just can’t remember if we have actually seen her and Jasmine kiss? I just don’t know…

    So yeah, that’s what I have to say about that.
    Apologies for the poor punctuation.

  9. tana says:

    And if you DO have ideas you’d like me to draw, you can email them to me at (tanadotfordatgmaildotcom).

  10. jules says:

    hey there… first time contributor here

    Ian? i’m glad you weren’t the one commenting on editorial particulars….

    while Bush most certainly doesn’t need fewer brain cells and may not have enough left to survive should he lose any more, i disagree with the notion that Lois doesn’t need to get laid

    i miss her randy nature and rambuncious sex play… hmmm, what about Clarisse?!?! Tana? Alison? anyone up to make it happen?

    good luck on the books, T & A (am i in need of a good roll in the hay or is it evocative- T & A?)

    take air,

  11. LondonBoy says:

    Tana, don’t worry too much about keeping perfect continuity with Lois – she’s already had that peculiar business with the anti-depressants, and they didn’t really fit in with her prior story either.

    I love that way that Lois looks exactly like Lois, but as seen through the eyes of a different artist. And I love the way that your style is somehow similar to, but different from, Alison’s. Are we seeing the beginnings of a “School of Bechdel” ? It’s fascinating to see the same clean-ness of line and balance of framing. Also, you and Alison both remind me in some ways of Tim Barela – you’ve all got that same tendency to precision and control.

    Overall, a fine contribution to the expanding DTWOF universe.

  12. Andy-Anne says:

    Great work Tana! May I introduce Mehitabel and Archy, Alison?

  13. Cally Chef says:

    Tana, very cool. I am especially excited that you choose Lois to zoom in on. I have missed her. You are so talented. I will definately be looking for your graphic novel.
    Alison, I think it’s also cool the way you are so open and are “sharing” your work with other artists so we can all continue to enjoy what you have created. Still, I miss you.

  14. Maria says:

    Oh Lois. I miss her so much. She was always my favorite and the one I’ve most strongly related to. When DTWOF became a soap with recurring characters, she appeared in the very first strip, listening to Mo whine about being celibate, and said to her, Stop making it like it’s a conscious choice, admit that the opportunity just hasn’t arisen!

  15. andrewo says:

    Tana I love your work. I almost wish you’d take over the strip while Alison is on sabbatical!

  16. isrw says:

    The knee patting scores with me, too. There’s something about that tiny note of somewhat forced reassurance, within a strip that’s otherwise rather solemn, that just hits me right funny.

    (Also, I don’t think it hurts anyone in particular to “get laid” in the way Clarice means. We need to have physical lives.)

  17. Indigo says:

    I’ve never seen Clarice wearing high heels before, but she seems quite at home in them!

  18. Paul says:

    Come back! DTWOF has been part of my life for longer than I can remember.

  19. judybusy says:

    Lois sounds like early days Mo, when she was complaining of being single! Great work, Tana–can’t wait to see your novel in the fall!

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