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January 18th, 2008 | Uncategorized


The good people at bushslastday.com just sent me a buncha swag for featuring one of their t-shirts in my comic strip a while ago.


I was going to give it away to blog readers in another contest. But I can’t be bothered to think up a contest right now, so I’m just giving it away to whoever wants it. I got:

  1. a teeny tiny blue t-shirt
  2. an XL gray t-shirt (the one I’m wearing…I don’t know why they call it XL, it’s pretty small)
  3. a L gray t-shirt
  4. an adjustable hat

Whoever claims each thing first gets it, just send Katie an email with your address. Oh, and I’m sorry, I know this is UScentric of me but I’d kinda like to limit it to people who don’t have international addresses, to cut down on the postage costs. That might be a problem because lately it seems like the entire population of this blog is European. On the other hand, if you don’t live in this country you probably aren’t anticipating Bush’s Last Day with quite the same degree of desperation as those of us in the heart of the beast, and thus might not be inclined to celebrate its advent on your clothing. Whatever. We’ll see if anyone claims these lovely items.

Oh, and don’t get the wrong idea. They didn’t ask me to feature their shirt, I just did it of my own accord because I saw people wearing them and thought they were cool. So in case anyone’s thinking of asking me to plug their merchandise, I won’t do it. I only do product placement when it serves my own mysterious purposes.

53 Responses to “spreading the love”

  1. Leslie says:

    Hey! I’ve got a Chicken pillow too.

  2. The chicken pillow is AWESOME. It’s just like having Chicken in your house.

  3. Ginjoint says:

    Before I even noticed the T-shirts, I noticed the Chicken pillow. I do already have an 01.20.09 bumper sticker…can’t wait.

  4. Deena in OR says:

    feeling stupid for not being able to see the Chicken pillow…unless it’s the stuffed cat on top of the bookcase?

  5. Duncan says:

    Maybe I should get one of those t-shirts. 1/20/09, that’s the day that either Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or John McClain will be sworn in as POTUS, and I’ll have to commit suicide. Or at least leave the country.

  6. Eris says:

    Yes, the stuffed cat is Chicken. Chicken is the cat of cartoon character Hothead Paisan (http://www.hotheadpaisan.com), Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist.

  7. Feminista says:

    Does that mean that somewhere there’s a chicken named Cat? heh heh.

    Re: JR above–as a toddler she’s self-centered,as she should be. Acting like a toddler as president is an apt description,exceptthe obvios fact that she doesn’t carry the power he does.

    I’m sure Stewart et.al.would prefer that she want to share her cake,though she’s having none of it. But maybe when she discovers it doesn’t taste like fruit bats,she’ll be more than willing to let others indulge. Unless it’s a Maoist orange cake,of course.

  8. Jana C.H. says:

    Duncan– Maybe it’ll be Edwards, and you can live. Just because the media is studiously ignoring him doesn’t mean he’s not in the running.

    Jana C.H.
    Saith JcH: If I can’t have Big Al, Gimme Little John.

  9. dzieger says:

    Damn, I’m sure I’m too late to get a shirt at this point.

    Just as well. If that one you’re wearing is a Large, no way I’m cramming my chunky, man-boobed physique into a mere XL with my dignity intact.

  10. LA says:

    Can’t we just write in Margaret Cho for president???

  11. newbie says:

    I must be doing something wrong….the strip is not loading for me…help

  12. Ellen O. says:

    I’m thinking that everyone with a George Bush countdown calendar should gather in their respective towns and celebrate some kind of ritual or fest as the number of hours, then minutes, then seconds, dwindle away.

  13. fjm says:

    If the x-l t-shirt is still available and you can bear to send it to the UK, I’d love it.

    (farah at sf dot gmail dot com)

  14. Monique says:

    Dibs on the teeny tiny blue one if no one’s asked!

  15. Monique says:

    email is kaiser.monique@gmail.com, since it does seem that no one has yet claimed it.

  16. Kyle says:

    Dibs on the hat! email is entergoku@hotmail.com

  17. ravaj says:

    is the xl tee still available? if so, i bagsy it! if not, i shall just have to go get one from the site myself.


  18. Jessica W says:

    Does this mean the L is still available? If so, may I ask for it? jware42@gmail.com? Or am I supposed to have emailed Katie? Why am I up trying to get free t shirts at 615 on a Saturday morning–I have no life!

  19. Michal says:

    I don’t know about only USAmericans waiting for the November change. You guys might be in the heart of the beast, but it’s OUR bloody back yard the beast is running around in…

  20. Michal says:

    Oops, sorry – January change…don’t know why I wrote November.
    While I’m on it though – why do you people write the date all mixed up? January 20th should be 20/1/09, like it is in the rest of the world, no?

  21. Renata says:

    Just to let you know that you have fans following your blog from other parts of the world as well… like Brazil, which is my case. And yes, we too look forward to the non-W days…
    and in Brazil the dates are also like Michal said: 20.01.09… go figure…

  22. Pam I says:

    Contradictions – as well as hats and bumper stickers, you can buy Vermont 01.20.09® Peace Granola: one flavour is Frostbite – “Our antidote to Vermont winters, with a generous helping of mango, pineapple, rolled oats, and coconut, we’ll have you on ‘Island Time’.” Do many pineapples grow in Vermont in January?

    Ooo I’m such a pedant. She said, glugging a yummy cranberry and mango smoothie.

  23. AnnaP says:

    Nice shirts I might make one for myself. Except that in here the date is written 20.1.09

    Can`t wait Mr Bush to leave White House, I am planning of having a little party when it happens.

  24. Ian says:

    Before you count your chickens (geddit?), he hasn’t gone just yet …

  25. Jaibe says:

    I think he was trying to start a war in Iran to have an excuse to suspend the 08 election, but the unelected bit of “the system” finally has ground him to a halt.

    If anyone has a better theory for the CIA turn around, I’d love to hear it!

  26. Stasa says:

    Actually, the date format should be 2009.01.20. 😉

  27. Ayala. says:

    it seems to really pay off drawing merchendise in your comic strips. Maybe you should try drawing a lamburgini or other cool and extremely exepnsive things in there.

  28. Counting Down in Canada says:

    “On the other hand, if you don’t live in this country you probably aren’t anticipating Bush’s Last Day with quite the same degree of desperation as those of us in the heart of the beast …”

    You are kidding, right?

  29. Kate L says:

    Lately, the whole population of the blog seems to be European? Not so, A.B.! Although I was once mistaken for a Canadian… by the nice, elderly Canadian couple that I was speaking with. They tried to guess which party I belonged to, and decided that I must be Liberal because I didn’t dress like a Democrat. And, I DO have Canadian relatives -the exotic side of the family.

    The news services in North America have just declared Hillary Clinton the winner in Nevada. I’m beginning to think that my early experience of living in a society run as a matriarchy (i.e., a Catholic school taught by nuns) will finally be useful in the secular world! 🙂

  30. pd says:

    But under their obscure weighting rules, Obama ended up with one more delegate than Clinton, 13 and 12. He now leads nationally by 2.

  31. Noominal says:

    Does the “swag” thing for product placement ever pay off for you really really big time? Like the Flat screens? Or the often-shown Mac laptops or iMacs?

    Though I know you take great joy in warping logos and mangling brand names intentionally. 😉 It would still be cool to picture that as “star perk” of cartooning. Hah!

  32. K. says:

    I seem to have missed the strip this image is from. Care to provide a link so I can catch up?


  33. straight european says:

    K.: I assume it’s the next strip, that has already appeared in print but is not yet online. Happy birthday, JR!

    feminista: JR is turning five… she’s not a toddler! But yes, that behaviour is not uncommon (nor weird) even at age five.

  34. Alex K says:

    The desperation with which non-US citizens regard US politics is sharpened by the realisation: NOTHING TO BE DONE. NO INFLUENCE. NONE.

    US citizens can still illude themselves into believing that their voting, etc., will make things different.

    Hear that above you? The oinking? Yep – it’s the Flying Pigs Squadron…

  35. Chris says:

    I present to all ye confused: strip #493.

  36. naomi says:

    and canadian…don’t forget the great white north!

  37. buddy is canadian says:

    Tall whisperin’ pines ‘n’ hot maple syrup
    Red-coated mounties perched high in their stirrups
    Hard rubber hockey pucks shot from the wing
    These are a few of our favorite things!

  38. Robin, in Canada says:

    Just counting down the sleeps here in the true north strong and free until Dubya, or W, or just plain Dumbass is gone.


  39. JimB says:


    It’s from strip 493

  40. Elf says:

    Great t-shirts! I don’t doubt that they’re available in the UK somewhere. Even living here in the most Tory-ridden, conservative part of Britain, I have yet to meet a single person, of any age, who admires Bush or agrees with any of his policy decision. Not one.

    Just because some of us fled the country when Bush stole his second election is no reason to believe that we are not waiting with bated breath for him to exit the White House for good and all… And believe me, we’re doing what we can from afar, with letters and contributions.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Delurking to say that if you threaten to commit suicide whenever the situation improves marginally rather than completely, you are too perfectionist to live anyway. Good grief.

  42. Anonymous says:

    “January 20th should be 20/1/09, like it is in the rest of the world”

    The US has always liked to be contrary 🙂 9/11 *really* should be 11/9. Whatever…

    Its frustrating that Bush hasn’t been impeached by now.

  43. squeako says:

    They do that date thing in Japan, too…they would also put 01.20.09. It’s quite confusing. It’s impossible to glean the intended date if the day part of it is 12 or under.
    Agatha Christie would have made use of that, I think…

  44. squeako says:

    Cool! The time stamp shows 5:28pm with you, it’s 9:28pm in the UK (or should that be 21:28…?). We’re so doomed.

  45. Jeffster83 says:

    “The US should do X like they do in the rest of the world.”

    That’s a poorly-thought-out statement. For one thing, the “rest of the world” is not monolithic in any of its customs. And those customs in most of the “rest of the world” are truly appalling, and I doubt any of you would want to live under them. Dramatically shorter lifespans, little to no healthcare of any kind, no recreational activities except soccer, illiteracy, warlordism and banditry, poor food supplies, no opportunity for unpunished meaningful political action, nothing on TV except hagiographies of the Maximum Leader, and frequent visits by hand-wringing Western celebrities. And that’s just what the men in the most of the “rest of the world” suffer. For women it is far worse.

    What people who say that really mean is “The US should do things the way they do in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.” Those are the places to which the America-haters move. I notice they never say “If the Republicans win, I am moving to Paraguay!” or “… to Guinea-Bissau!” or “… to Malaysia!”

  46. Anonymous says:

    Man, I have to de-lurk again now just to mock that last comment. So all countries that aren’t ‘Western’ are alike, and they’re all holes in the ground? Funny how they can be both totalitarian and anarchic, boring and war-torn, illiterate and rife with imprisoned political dissidents at the same time.

    Just FYI, Paraguay is not Colombia. Paraguay is also not Costa Rica. It’s somewhere in the middle. But I guess since it’s not ‘Western’ it’s just a pit like Malaysia…oh wait, according to UNICEF Malaysia has a “good” standard of living. Hmm, guess the whole shaming mechanism to make us thank god we live in the U.S. is flawed.

  47. Jeffster83 says:

    Erm, Anonymous, I myself said in my second sentence that the “rest of the world is not monolithic in any of its customs”. If you are going to mock my statement, shouldn’t you differ from it? And you introduced the words “hole in the ground” and “pit”, not me.

    I don’t understand why you characterize the mechanism that intends us to “thank God we live in the US” as a “shaming mechanism.” I know it is nationalistic, often arrogant, and sometimes appeals to our worse natures, but to my knowledge it has never tried to make us ashamed. That would be counterproductive. If anything, it is a pride-inducing mechanism, not a shaming one.

    Granted, there are people who ~are~ ashamed to live here, but they are not the ones who thank God for the opportunity, and they usually come to this attitude on their own, despite the propaganda.

    Could you explain, please?

  48. Ian says:

    Alex K – I think you’re right. But to comment further would feel patronising and superior European old world (to me anyway). To do anything but express solidarity with the genuine left in the US and the difficult task it faces would be impolite.

  49. ocd/twof says:

    On a lighter note, I’m definitely interested in the hat & gray tee, but only if they come w/ the hot dyke who’s sporting them.

  50. judybusy says:

    Sorry to put out this competely unrelated comment: Oi Renata! I am getting back to Brasil in August after a twenty year lapse! I am super excited, and glad to see Brasileiras on this site!

  51. claricealike says:

    On a completely unrelated note — my apologies if this has already been dealt with and I missed it in the wild stream of comments — but which episode was this little “unitary exec” bit from?

  52. Ian says:

    Ep 493 if memory serves correctly, claricealike.

  53. Ruth says:

    I’ve been travelling internationally, and it is absolutely not true that people outside the US “aren’t anticipating Bush’s Last Day with quite the same degree of desperation as those of us in the heart of the beast.”

    We may live in the belly of the beast, but it’s safer here (there?) than only barely out of reach of the beast’s claws. Here in Turkey and Syria, people are truly desperate for change at the top in the US. They have more faith than I do that a change at the top will make a difference for them, but that’s another story.

    (I am not suggesting that you expand the give-away to outside the US, especially since the give-away is over!)

    PS: I saw Fun Home, in Portuguese, for sale in Brazil back in November.