Alison on Vermont Public Television

November 10th, 2006 | Uncategorized

Katie here.  I hope you enjoyed the ’80’s pictures.  I’ve got some Chucks lined up in place of the shoes pictured below.

Here’s a comment written by ‘NLC’ from the last post that I would like to highlight: If you live in VT, tune in to Alison on Vermont Public Television!

Public Television Interview with Alison Bechdel

Host Fran Stoddard will interview cartoonist Alison Bechdel on the show Profile on Vermont Public Television this month. Bechdel is the creator of Dykes to Watch Out For comic strip that OITM runs each month, and wrote the graphic novel Fun Home that was published earlier this year.
The Profile interview with Bechdel will air twice: From 7:30-8 pm on Monday, November 20, and from 1:30-2 pm on Sunday, November 26.


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34 Responses to “Alison on Vermont Public Television”

  1. AnnaP says:

    A friend of mine is working at the local ministry and has serious trouble sending e-mail to her American and British collegues because she has a muslim family name. She actually had to open a new adress on a fake name to be able to mail them. Apparently American or British authorities can`t reseive e-mails from an openly muslim source.

  2. nic h (uk) says:

    wot! thats outragous. (well, it would be if i could spell it). im off to email a muslim friend of mine to check that fact out.

  3. Ian says:

    They can’t? Hmmm, that’s interesting. I do remember seeing a story about a US piece of news relating to Britain being blocked to UK IP addresses. I’d be surprised if that was true as in the UK there are a fair few people actually with Arabic names – wonder what they do about them?

    Anyway, on-topic, if any nice person video’s the interview, does anyone have the tech knowledge to put it on YouTube? A bit like Raffi …

  4. Pam Isherwood says:

    I would have thought those US/UK authorities would let emails through so they could spy on them… I’ve never had this problem here. Would it be legal? It may be spam filters, I do lose a few that way – but if you add the name to your address book it should get through ok. AnnaP try getting your friend to get her people to put her in their OK lists and see if that works. If not, then we can really start getting paranoid.
    Is it right that before 2001 there was no-one in the CIA who could speak Arabic? That they were still too busy learning Russian?

  5. Manuel Housu says:

    They had a training camp in Beirut that Saddam H. attended in the sixties…

  6. Deb says:

    Ian, that would be so cool if someone could record it and then post it!

  7. NLC says:

    Concerning Ian’s (and Deb’s) comments

    Bear in mind that this is a 30min broadcast of copyrighted

    I don’t know a lot about YouTube, but I’d wonder about, on
    the one hand, the techinical problems in doing this,
    and on other, the legal issues involved.

    (My personal problem is that although I live in VT, I
    don’t have a TV…)

    Anyway, I wonder if Vermont Public Television has any
    provisions for distributing DVDs of the program. Many stations do this, but sniffing around their site I didn’t see any indication of this. However, it might be worth
    a quick query to the station.

  8. Smctopia says:

    Maybe the TV station has a site where they archieve programs or show clips from them?

  9. fran stoddard
    Here’s a photo I took of the illustrious Fran Stoddard yesterday, after my interview. Her show on Vermont Public Television is called Profile.

    I think the interview went pretty well. My nose started to run toward the end, though, and I thought it would look bad to wipe it so I let it run. I hope it’s not noticeable. Like NLC said, the interview will air Monday, Nov. 20th at 7:30pm, and again at 1:30pm on Sunday the 26th. Uh…channel 33? WETK? I can never figure that stuff out. My television set baffles me.

  10. AnnaP says:

    Wish I could see that interview someplace. I would ask an American relative to tape it but my WCR here does not play American tapes since it`s a different standard.
    One more reason to purchase a dvd player, just bought a new WCR year back.

    Are there really 33 TV channels (or more?)there, anything good on? We got four channels and nothing really watchable, wonder if having more channels would help..or not.

    Asked my friend if her fake e-mail address help communicating with collegues owerseas and it did. Ms. Anderson is allowed to email to USA and England but not Ms Abu Rahman

  11. Josiah says:

    AnnaP, yes, there are a lot more than 33 channels. We Americans tend to take our television like we take our food — unhealthy, mass-produced and in ridiculously large quantities. And no, there’s not really much good on. (House is still offensively fun, but Lost has lost the plot.) I prefer British imports like Doctor Who myself…

  12. Diana says:

    Someplace in my archives, I have a VHS of an interivew Alison did with the Minneapolis Public Library in the 80s, also one of an interivew iwth jackie Urbanovic. If I can dig it up I’ll try to burn it DVD and get you a copy for your archives, assuming you have archives, Alison.

  13. Silvio Soprani says:


    What I want to know is whether HOUSE is broadcast in England, and do all you Brits realize how PERFECT his American accent is? He never slips.

    And if there is such a thing as an American ATTITUDE, that never slips either. How the fellow who made his reputation playing Bertie Wooster can act such a malevolent character seems pretty breathtaking to me.

    His appearances on Saturday Night Live and late night talk shows have shown me that he is still in touch with his inner silly ass, so to speak.

    Before HOUSE, all I ever watched was our public television (one or two channels per area), and believe me ONE good station is worth 120 stupid cable channels, so I hope your four channels in England are good.

  14. Deb says:

    Well, thanks for any efforts to burn a CD and archive it. I wonder since the program is on public television, it could somehow be “replayed” on OPB…”Oregon Public Television”? Maybe if there were some requests to have it on here they would do it? I will check into it!

  15. Pam Isherwood says:

    There’s a lot more TV in the UK lately – since going digital a couple of years ago, there are now a dozen watchable free-to-air channels, plus dozens more on Murdoch-owned subscriber satellite Sky about which I know nothing as it all seems to be dross. Or gross. And expensive. But about half the population has it which is depressing. And Freeview (the digi channels) also has eg MTV and shopping channels which have a horrible fascination, like watching roadkill.

    Another thing is lots of immigrants have huge satellite rigs which brings them TV from their home country. So I get to watch Turkish soaps while getting a haircut.

    Can’t find House as the TV listing site is crashing, it being sunday evening.

  16. AnnaP says:

    Actually I am Scandinavian but I take it as a compliment that someone might thinks that English is my mother tongue.
    My mother tongue belongs to language group known as fenno-ugrian languages. And sometimes it is decribed as the most difficult languaga in the world which is not true at all.

  17. Sophie says:

    That’s easy for you to say AnnaP, you were born to it! ;°P
    This from a native French speaker, which is not reputed to be an easy language either. I find it easy enough!

    Ah, the many-channels-with-nothing-but-crap-on conundrum… I have forsaken my cable subscription for about a year now, bringing the number of channels from, yes, more than 33, to about four. Which I don’t watch either. Which gives me more time to visit cool websites and forums. At least I chose what to stare at on a cathodic screen.

  18. Kat says:

    yes, House is on in the UK. Channel 4, I think? Or am I wrong….

    I’m American, though, so I can’t vouch for what Brits think of the accent…

  19. Jaibe says:

    YouTube — it is currently fully of copyrighted material, broken into 9 min long chunks. I got hooked on it after following one of Alison’s links there & then having British special on Billie Jean King recommended to me after watching it — ha! But I watched all 5 episodes, it was great! I vaguely remember my mother & grandmother idolizing but fearing her when I was little. My grandfather liked her too, actually.

    Back to YouTube — since Google bought it they are saying they will start cleaning out the copyrighted material, but if they do Steve Colbert will have to start *paying* for publicity 🙂

  20. Ian says:

    Yep, House is on Channel 5 in Britain – though I’ve never watched it so I can’t say anything about Hugh Laurie’s accent! He is a very, very good actor so I wouldn’t be surprised. To ‘return the compliment’, I was very impressed with Natalie Portman’s British accent in V for Vendetta.

    Like Sophie and Pam said – we now have cable and satellite giving us 100 plus channels if we want. I used to subscribe to cable – there were a few channels I liked imported from the US – like the Discovery Channel. We now get a channel called ABC1 which (good comedies apart), I find the sheer amount of adverts during the programme absolutely infuriating! No wonder ADD is rampant!

    But there’s nothing more depressing than having 100 plus channels with nothing on. We used to have a children’s TV programme that had a theme song that went: “Why don’t you switch off your television set and go and do something less boring instead?” Very wise, if slightly self-defeating, advice …

  21. Silvio Soprani says:


    Regarding the amount of advertisements during programming, I think Americans are so used to these little breaks every 10 to 15 minutes that we depend on them so we can make a pot of coffee, get another beer, go pee, etc.

    When I watch a DVD I tend to have to stop the show every so often for these same reasons. I guess it’s what you get used to.

    I love that little children’s tv jingle–it shows a lot of self confidence on the part of the programmers! I had about 15 years where I did not watch any tv at all. I had so many things to do–playing with my kids, reading, practicing music, sewing, talking with friends. (Pre-Internet).
    Then when I started teaching high school I thought perhaps I should get back in touch with popular culture so I would not be clueless with my students. ( I pretty much stuck to FRIENDS and ARE YOU BEING SERVED; it was all I could stand.)

    Then for a while I only rented videos and DVDs, so there was still an element of choice, and I began to view the video store as a sort of library.
    then I subscribed to which is a mail-order, no late-fees rental service for DVDs. I OD’d on DVDs you might say.

    the final nail in my coffin was when I moved into this apartment three months ago and discovered there was free cable (someone hooked it up and never un-hooked it.) I find that having so much non-stop programming (mostly old movies, which I am susceptible too) is too overwhelming and quite often I tear myself away and take a walk in the park.

    I would love to break my addiction and go cold turkey for a while. I am just as addicted to e-mail and certain blogs (ahem!).

    Perhaps the only solution is to quit my job, take my tent, and live in the woods for a year and observe birds and insects. When I re-emerge, hopefully the world will still be here.(Well, hopefully at least the Democrats will be.)

  22. LM says:

    Just a small political diversion: “Madam Speaker”, “Madam Speaker”. Madam Speaker”, “Madam Speaker”. There, I said it; just like the sound of it.

  23. Arte es Vida says:

    LM, here’s an even better diversion: Third in line to the Presidency. Third in line, third in line…

  24. LM says:

    And you know, it is not as if Ms P. finds herself in a position like that of her predecessor; where a hopeless hack could thrive for almost six years. She will have to show political acumen to match that of any Speaker in my long memory.
    I think she has the stuff. Serious as the issues of the next two year will be, I must admit, I am sure going to enjoy watching the show.

  25. AnnaP says:

    I actually spent 3.5 years lying to my son that we have no TV (it was upstairs in my workspace back then). And manage to get him to go to fleemarket hopping with me by saying that we might find a nice televison and buy it.

    He still doesn`t watch it more that half an hour on satursay morning but i am compeletely hooked to the News.
    Actually I think reality-TV is more honest than the news, which are just as much faked reality than Big Brother.

  26. Elisablue says:

    Was so happy to hear this morning (prime time !) on french national radio France Inter a very good critic of Fun Home
    ( podcast :
    click on “écoutez l’émission du lundi 13 novembre ), along with Charles Burns’ “Black Hole”.
    I must say it was a very good way to start the day, hearing about Alison’s work in such terms, the guy also mentioned DTWOF … You know , that feeling of being acknowledged … That feeling of what is part of my world and feelings is brought over to millions of people .. You know what ? It makes ME feel proud in some kind of ricochet way … 🙂

  27. Kat says:

    LM and Arte: not only 3rd in line, but “most politically powerful woman in US history” if I’m not mistaken.
    go Madam Speaker!

  28. Ian says:

    I think Condi Rice/Madeleine Albright might have something to say about that Kat, surely? Or Hillary Clinton circa 1993-2000?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist it …

  29. LM says:

    Ian: In my seldom humble opinion, Speaker Pelosi’s represents a qualitatively different situation. She can not only claim the biggest chunk of Party leadership, but under circumstances where her influence could yield immediately beneficial results while preparing for the next go round. Madeleine Albright and that earlier Hillary Clinton served supporting roles under a strong, dare I say hands on, leader. By the way, Hillary’s attempt to be a political First Lady brought about interesting reactions. A degree of emnity, outright hatred, that seemed to this occasionally objective observer to border on the pathological. This too should offer some delicious political theatre in the 2008 run up.

  30. Maggie Jochild says:

    For all you wonderful Vermonters, there’s a great photo of Bernie Sanders up at Daily Kos as part of their “Meet Our New Senators” series; if you hop to the comments section, there are some GREAT things said about him and his election. Thanks, ya’ll, for sending him to our Senate!

  31. Jen Carroll says:

    Silvio: coffee AND beer–no wonder you have to pee every 10 minutes!

    re House: I’m a nursing student and I have to speak up on this one. Yes, Hugh Laurie is a great actor, and yes, his character is an a**, but didja ever notice how the nurses in that show only walk in to a) screw up and give the doctors a chance to fix the error b) get yelled at or otherwise bossed around c)hold things. Similar issues with Grey’s Anatomy.

    In both shows the docs undertake all manner of interventions that are usually nursing roles for dramatic reasons–they actually involve extended periods of patient care and interaction.

    Whew. Anyone want my soapbox?


  32. nic h (uk) says:

    ”Apparently American or British authorities can`t reseive e-mails from an openly muslim source. ”

    ive checked with a couple of friends who work for organisations with muslim names and who have muslim names thwmselves. they ahve absolutley no problems sending emails to British government organisations, in fact I was told,
    ”we work with the government aid agencies so they have to be able to get our emails.”

  33. NLC says:

    Concerning the discussion above about getting copies
    of the “Profiles” interview with AB:

    I contacted the station and it turns out they do have
    provisions for making DVDs of the programs.
    The cost is $19.95 plus $4.00 s/h
    If interested, you can contact

  34. Thea says:


    Thanks for the information! I thought this would be a good opportunity to practice my high school French since in the springtime my partner and I will be heading to Paris (and the Cotswolds in England) with my parents — and I’m the only one who speaks French (albeit rather poorly now since I graduated high school some 18 years ago).

    I found the proper page ( and clicked on “écoutez l’émission du lundi 13 novembre 2006” but the resultant link didn’t work. Can someone try this? Is it my computer or the link?

    Cheers and thanks,