wut the hail?

May 22nd, 2009 | Uncategorized

Why aren’t the comments working on that last post? Will this work?

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  1. testing testing

    Huh. Seems okay.

  2. Aunt Soozie says:

    lemme see..

  3. Aunt Soozie says:

    okay, works for me too Alison. that last post is in internet hell… I can see it but I can’t open it… or something… it’s just not right.

  4. Aunt Soozie says:

    yeah, that post is posted in it’s entirety on the page… but if I go to this page, the link up there that says previous post doesn’t take me anywhere… and I can’t post a comment and the “next post” link on the “want ad” post doesn’t work either… I dunno AB… that Shawn had a kinda crazed look in his eyes… watch out!

  5. Mary E says:

    the internet does strange things sometimes…

  6. Ready2Agitate says:

    hey wait – I wanna see Dr. W. watching the cat vid!

    WHICH reminds me… I think the newly fandangled site should offer a place where we can all post photos. of our cats. nuff said.

  7. brooke says:

    for some reason your blogging software totally freaked out because you didn’t have a title for the post.. that’s what it looks like to me. which is bizzare, because blogging software shouldn’t freak out because of that. if you go to the home page of your blog you – at least i (mac leopard w/ firefox) – can see the video.

    .. yes, i’m kinda a geek.

  8. hairball_of_hope says:

    @Aunt Soozie

    I didn’t have any problem posting another comment on the “want ad” post. ???


    Welcome to Geeks To Watch Out For.

    And the obligatory haiku for the munged-up post:

    I’m clicking on it
    Four-oh-four is the message
    We are SOL.

  9. Aunt Soozie says:

    yeah, not posting a message there but getting to the un-named post from the want ad post by clicking on the link for “next post” the navigation link… not the post a comment link…

  10. Ted says:

    Hairball, I dunno Is SOL one or three syllables? Maybe even four if you throw in “of”. I’m just kidding of course, you are one talented lady.

  11. hairball_of_hope says:



    Lady? LADY? Female, yes. Lady, questionable. For a facsimile of lady, first I have to take out the chainsaw and shave my legs, then get into corporate drag (suit with skirt, pumps, stockings, nice blouse), and finally, remember to “sit like a lady” as my mother always reminded me. “Pretend you’re holding a grape between your knees,” she said. See what fun you guys miss out on? I don’t miss it one bit, and I loathe the few times a year I have to do it these days.

    SOL is S-O-L, as in S#^& Outta Luck (bowdlerized for your protection so this post can make it through the corporate/educational/Big Brother nanny filters).

    AB uses periods in SOL to indicate the three syllables. See DTWOF #521: