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Cool Quiz and Question

December 21st, 2004

The enterprising and cyber-savvy “taxishoes” over at the DTWOF Livejournal Community has created a DTWOF quiz which asks the whimsical question, “Which dyke in Dykes To Watch Out For are you most like?” Anyone can take it. Feel free to post your results here.

Also, we’ve encountered several complaints on-line regarding Planet Out’s new strip multi-screen format. Is it really that bad? They didn’t consult us about it. What do you think?

Comix Fix, Part II

December 21st, 2004

Wow — so exciting to read everybody’s comments about where they read DTWOF. Thanks for your input. Nice to see so many people are keeping tabs on this evolving blog.

A suggestion for those of you who said you can’t find the strip in your local paper, but would like to: I submit Alison’s cartoons to editors all the time, but my cover letters and sample strips are probably less effective than a few smartly worded emails from some local readers. I think DTWOF is perfect for alt. weekly audiences (Burlington’s alt. weekly, Seven Days, runs the strip). But alt. weekly editors are more likely to listen to their readers than to me. Feel free to write to them and demand (yes, demand!) that they carry the country’s most interesting comic strip with the word “dyke” in the title.

And fyi — as far as we know, Between the Lines in Michigan is still running the strip. They still pay for it, anyway. Remember, it comes out every other week, so sometimes there will be an issue without a strip. I think Washington Blade is still carrying it, though they tend to print it sporadically. If you want more regularity, send ’em an email. Can’t hurt, right?