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Juicy Mother

January 18th, 2005

That’s the title of a new comix collection from Jennifer Camper and Soft Skull Press, available here. Alison’s “Oppressed Minority Cartoonist” panel is in there, along with a comix jam she did with Camper, Howard Cruse, Diane DiMassa, Rupert Kinnard, and Ivan Velez, Jr.

From the publisher’s blurb: “Juicy Mother includes comix about an older butch dyke and her Lolita, an African-American gay man coming of age, an Arab Muslim dyke searching for her identity, two big hairy men getting married, a cynical Latina teen encountering aliens and a wild cartoon jam. In a genre especially known for being dominated by straight white men, Juicy Mother is an alternative to alternative comix. The collection places emphasis on the voices least represented in the comic world. As such, the stories within are exceptionally exuberant and carefree.”

Book 11 Update

January 11th, 2005

We have a title: Invasion of the Dykes to Watch Out For . Descending on an independent bookstore near you this October [cue spooky body snatcher music.]

New Web Format Thingy

January 11th, 2005

Those of you who read the strip regularly on Planet Out will have noticed this by now, by for anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet, here’s a tip: if you want to see the whole DTWOF episode at once instead of clicking through it panel by panel, scroll down the page and you’ll see some options. Click on “see the whole comic strip.”

Not sure why they changed it. Perhaps the comments here and on the Planet Out message board made an impression…?