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driving around new england

April 27th, 2006

chalk dykesMan! 88 comments on that last post…I haven’t even had time to read through them all yet. But thank you. I’m a bit crazed. I was out on the road again this week, which I meant to announce before I left, but of course didn’t have time for and now my laptop has croaked, making everything infinitely more difficult. I talked about my comic strip at Wesleyan University Tuesday evening. That’s where I took this picture. ben at wesleyanAnd here’s Ben Sachs-Hamilton, a student at Wesleyan who I’ve known since he was a little kid. Interesting milestone: I’ve now officially been drawing this comic strip for longer than college students have been alive.

I forgot to take a picture at Mt. Holyoke last night because I was having so much fun.

me and hilary priceThis morning I had breakfast in Northampton, MA with Hilary Price. She does the excellent comic strip Rhymes With Orange. hilary drawingHere’s Hilary working on the drawing we did together.