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Latest Episode, #486

April 22nd, 2006

Jeez, I finished this almost two weeks ago, and forgot to post it. I’m used to washing my hands of a strip once I’ve emailed it off to the newspapers, so it’s hard to remember that now I still have to put it online. Here’s the large print version for people without bionic eyesight. Episode 487 will go up on May 3.

Okay, what do people think of this possible revenue scenario: for a modest subscription fee, I email you the strips as soon as they’re done. That means you’d see them when they’re still fresh, and the current events they touch on are not yet yesterday’s news. Then I’d delay posting them online for a month or so–that way people who can’t afford to pay could still read them eventually, and people who pay could have steaming hot episodes delivered right to their in-box. What do you think of that? What about a dollar an episode? Is that reasonable? It’s a biweekly strip. so that’s two bucks a month.

Hey, and what about this? The email version could be like HBO. I could leave all the swear words in, and perhaps even have occasional frontal nudity. Instead of the #@&*’s and artful drapery that I employ in the newspaper version.

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