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on the radio

June 20th, 2006

If you’re not doing anything this afternoon, come hear me talk about Fun Home on the Mike Signorile Show on Sirius satellite radio. You can sign up for a free pass to listen. I think I’m gonna come on at 3:30.

Barnes & Noble, Chelsea

June 20th, 2006

bunns & noodle, chelsea

A large but ruly crowd came to my reading at Bunns & Noodle in New York last night. See that goth-ish young woman in the black t-shirt? That’s the logo for Ministry, the band my brother’s playing with. She heard them last week when they were in town and was psyched to find out that he was my brother and I was his sister. She works for DC Comics.

another doppelganger

June 20th, 2006

more doppelgangers

The reason I was out walking yesterday was to meet my old pal June Thomas for lunch. She worked at off our backs eons ago. Now she works at Slate and wears a seersucker suit. When I first met her, she was convinced that I had based my character Mo on her. Here she is making a Mo face.

mo face


June 20th, 2006


Yesterday I took a long city hike. God, I love walking in New York!
times square

My favorite thing is how at the crosswalks, there are two walls of people who flow effortlessly through one another.



No one ever collides. Well, hardly ever. Imagine all the infinitesimal directional calibrations that entails.

crosswalk 2

It’s very different from walking in London, where every three feet you seem to get caught up in that little left-right dance with someone.