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Center for New Words, Boston

June 24th, 2006

Center for New Words reading 2

Tonight the Center for New Words hosted a Fun Home reading at Simmons College in Boston. It was hot and steamy, and there was some kind of electrical situation in the original location. But the CNW and Simmons women quickly found another place. A sweaty but lovely dykestowatchoutforesque audience showed up, and I had a great time.

colorful crowd, Center for New Words

I love this photo. It’s so colorful. It’s like an Old Navy ad targeted at progressive intellectuals.

Toast Failure

June 24th, 2006

I am SO, SO sorry to anyone who showed up at the Toast Lounge in Somerville tonight expecting to see me there. I was supposed to come by and hang out after the reading I did at Simmons College for the Center for New Words, from 9 to 10. But my driver and I couldn’t find the place! And didn’t have a map! Or a phone number. I even got out on the street in Union Square and walked around asking people where Toast was, to no avail. Anyhow. I just got back to the hotel after being in the car for over an hour. And I’m terribly sorry and frustrated about the whole fiasco.