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Pas de tables

February 1st, 2007

in france they have no tables

Here I am having dinner in Paris Monday night. Did you know that in France, they have no tables? It’s true. This was a lovely meal I had at Hélène & Ghanima’s apartment. Hélène teaches at the University of Tours, and arranged the academic part of my trip. On the left is Karim Chabani, who read a paper about Fun Home called “Double Trajectories” at my thing in Paris last week. And in the pink sweater is Agnes Muller, who read a paper called “Image as Paratext.” It was very pleasant being psychoanalyzed by them.

That’s the back of Ghanima’s head, and her son Alain. And I’m on the right. Ghanima made a Moroccan dish called bastilla, and a flourless chocolate cake, both of which were divine.

I’m really sorry I stopped posting–things just got too crazy at the Angoulême festival to keep it up, and now that I’m home I’m swamped with work. I’ll try to catch up soon. I’ve only had time to skim the most recent comments here–I’m looking very forward to reading that article Maggie Jochild linked to, the one about author blogs. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my relationship with the blog, and wanting to figure it out.