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Barbara Gittings, 1932-2007

February 20th, 2007

barbara gittings

Barbara Gittings died of breast cancer Sunday. She was a lesbian activist since olden times. I’ve always been very moved by photographs of her at a demonstration in Philadelphia in 1965. Everyone decided to dress very conservatively, to help make their point that they were just like everyone else and deserved equal treatment. What impressed me, I guess, is not just the bravery of these pre-Stonewall activists for putting themselves out there like that, but their willingness to look kinda dorky while they did it.

Thank you, Barbara. Here’s a link to a proper obituary.

Three Items

February 20th, 2007

Katie here. 

I’ll start with the items most pertinent to this blog, followed by the digression

The appearances page is updated with a few more details about Alison’s upcoming appearances…hopefully, we’ll hear more soon about other locales where she will appear.

Today, the spamfilter deleted the 20,000th piece of spam. I guess this is momentous to me because I play with it so often, but it seems to be picking up fewer and fewer of your comments, so that’s good news.

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