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four entirely unrelated items

October 12th, 2007

1. How ’bout that Doris Lessing?

2. Has anyone seen Amy Goodman lately? She seems to have Bell’s palsy. God, I worry about her. She works too hard. Though I once knew someone who developed this condition from riding her motorcycle without a helmet, so who knows?

3. Disappointed with my foliage time-lapse project, and unwilling to put in the necessary effort to do it properly, I undertook another leaf-related film yesterday. I shot the footage just at dusk in a rather melancholy light. Then set it to Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem Spring and Fall: to a Young Child.

4. If you’re in NYC, there’s a release party for Juicy Mother 2 (Comix for Gender Pirates and Sexual Outlaws) at Bluestockings on Saturday night. Here’s more info.