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that toddlin’ town

November 14th, 2008

When I got to Chicago yesterday, my literary escort (my ex Amy asked me if that meant a well-read hooker, but no, it means the person who picks authors up at the airport on their book tours and carts them around) gave me a tour of Obama’s neighborhood. This is his street, all blocked off by the Secret Service. But we didn’t go to Hyde Park just to gawk like these people are doing. Mainly we went there so I could sign books at the 57th Street Bookstore.


Can you imagine George Bush being a member of a co-op bookstore? Oh. So my escort guy worked on the campaign, and was still really, really amped up about everything. He would have stopped the car so we could walk down the street and be frisked by secret service agents, but I demurred. But look, he insisted that I take pictures of Grant Park, and I did my best as we whizzed by.
It’s there, behind that SUV, okay?
So I said in the last post that there was a really lovely, large, ardent crowd at my Women and Children First event last night. I don’t have any photos because I was too busy to take any. I was at the store signing books till 10pm. Near the end, a police officer on her beat happened in. She said her wife was a big fan, and she had me sign a book for her. As I did that, I was also chatting with three young seminarians of various genders, from the Chicago Theological Seminary. Isn’t that kinda wild? That wouldn’t have happened 20 years ago, a cop in uniform and three ministers coming to one of my booksignings.

butch bonding ritual

November 14th, 2008

When I was in LA on Wednesday, I got to hang out a little with my old pal Phranc. Read the rest of this entry »