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February 5th, 2009

spreadeagle cat

Whoever makes a coherent comment incorporating all the random items that comprise this post WINS!

1. Last night I went to Outright Vermont, our local queer youth organization, for their annual celebration and awards ceremony. Here are some pix taken by the board chair, who is also a professional photographer.

2. Here’s my cat watching a hairy woodpecker this afternoon. She hurls herself against this window fifty times a day, but I have yet to capture that part on video.

3. A concerned citizen emailed me to notify me about Rachel Maddow’s appearance on the Martha Stewart Show. She thinks Martha has a crush on Rachel. Just watch Martha’s hand on the carrots–that’s all I’m saying.

4. Here’s an interesting argument in the Women’s Review of Books by Carole DeSanti about “what women writers’ lives look like these days.”

5. The phenomenal Gretchen Phillips has just released a new album, “I Was Just Comforting Her,” and is about to do a West Coast tour.