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what’s the world coming to?

February 1st, 2009


A whole buncha people emailed me yesterday about this article in the New York Times about womyn’s land. Yes, with a ‘y’. Yes, in the Times. Also, I just noticed Ready2agitate linked to it on the last post. Thank you all.

It’s a pretty cool piece. True, it’s about the increasing rarity of womyn’s rural communities, and their aging and dwindling populations. And true, it’s in the “Fashion and Style” section. But whatever. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a thoughtful, respectful look at real lesbian lives in such a mainstream forum. And I’ve certainly never seen the idea of lesbian separatism given any air time whatsoever unless it was to skewer it. There’s a little bit of a “quaint and outmoded” vibe to the article, but it doesn’t poke fun at these women.

Also, there’s a great slide show with narration by the dykes who live at Alapine, a lesbian-only community in rural Alabama.