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accounting for myself

September 7th, 2009


I know I haven’t been posting much. I’ve been working, though. And doing other things. Here’s the two cords of wood that got delivered in July, all stacked. And that’s the garlic Hol and I planted last November. And that’s a jar of peaches Holly just canned. (don’t actually click those links, or you’ll go to some very long dull videos.)

I guess I’m all ready for winter.

Oh, and today I hiked up Mt. Mansfield with Hol. We got almost to the forehead, but turned around because Hol’s boot fell apart. The sole came completely off. She cleverly kept it in place with the lace, though, till we got back down.

das boot

Here’s some guy’s blog which explains the physiognomy of Mt. Mansfield. Personally, I don’t see a human face when I look at this mountain. I think the native Abenaki had it right—they called it Mountain with the head of a moose. Doesn’t it look like a long, rambling antlery moosehead?

site maintenance…sorry

September 7th, 2009

We just upgraded to the latest version of wordpress, and in the process lost some recent changes to the site. We’ll get it sorted out soon. Isn’t this a sad, generic look? Here, I’ll try to spice it up with a picture of Dr. Winnicott.

Photo 101