an instructional drawing video from howard cruse

December 18th, 2010 | Uncategorized

Look at my pal Howard Cruse’s video of how he drew his Christmas card!

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  1. Alex K says:

    When the carrot noses threw long angulated purple shadows (1:06 – 1:13) looking like lascivious SATANIC TONGUES, yeah! Way cool!

    I have just been doing a hymenotomy on the mayonnaise squeeze dispenser. Little plastic film things on the top of the “bottle”-neck and again inside the cap. I was getting toothpick-thin trails of mayo whilst squeezing the bejesus out of that “bottle”. Mrrrrrrrr… Then light dawned. INSIDE THE CAP. Tip of sharp knife and around, and around, and out it comes. Cap back on. Invert dispenser. Squeeze… Ladies and gentlemen, the two, the only: MISS KATIE PRICE ! ! !

  2. Kate L says:

    Don’t Ask, Don’t tell was just repealed by Congress, and the repeal is on its way to President Obama for his signature. If the U.S. military has entered the new millenium, can Smallville be far behind? We still have the second reading of adding LGBT to the local human rights ordinance in January.

  3. hairball_of_hope says:

    Hot off the press… DADT decisively repealed by US Senate, 65-31.

  4. Therry and St. Jerome says:

    I want the names of the 31 senators who voted not to repeal, and I want their screen names for PARTYBOY.COM

  5. hairball_of_hope says:

    @Therry and St. Jerome (#5)

    I’ve only got half of what you asked for… the Senate roll call vote on DADT, courtesy of

    Your two GOP Senators from Maine did you proud, both voted to repeal DADT.

  6. Therry and St. Jerome says:

    Aha! I found the names at the NYTimes site. A lot of the usual suspects, but good grief, John McCain. Thanks, Dad.

  7. makky says:

    The snowpeeps look crocked.

  8. Kate L says:

    (hairball # 6, Therry and St. Jerome #5 and #7) Senator Snowe of Maine, together with (gasp!) Senator Joe Lieberman of Conneticutt were instrumental in bringing the repeal of DADT up for a vote as a stand-alone item before the United States Senate this afternoon. It had previously failed in the Senate as an item in the over-all U.S. defense authorization bill. The sponsors of the repeal in the U.S. House of Representatives credit Snowe and Lieberman with finding a way to enable a Senate vote that did not get entangled in opposition tactics of delay and defeat to prevent a vote. On C-Span’s* cable coverage of the debate leading up to the repeal vote this afternoon, it was surreal to hear Senator Lieberman talk about the importance of repeal, then to hear his good friend Senator John McCain** take exactly the oppposite view. What Lieberman’s crucial support for repeal has cost him personally in the clubby, exclusive atmosphere of the United States Senate will probably make interesting reading, someday. Senators Roberts and Brownback of Kansas both voted against repeal, no surprise there. But a win is a win is a win. Now, it’s on to the Start treaty. Nuclear weapons are still very bad things, and Senate ratification of this U.S. – Russian nuclear weapons treaty is an important step towards world peace, no exaggeration.

    * C-Span I, C-Span II, and C_Span III (!) are three , count ’em, three cable news channels dedicated to coverage of the United States Congress (both houses). They are funded as a public service of the U.S. cable industry, sort of like a national version of local cable access.

    ** – When John McCain became the Republican nominee for president in 2008. he reportedly would have liked to have had his friend Senator Liberman be his vice-presidential running mate, but apparently thought he could not get the delegates at the Republican National Convention to go along with nominating a democrat for their national ticket in the general election.

  9. E.T. says:

    Re: DADT…During the news breaks on our local station here in L.A., the members of the service who have family here send greetings from where ever they are stationed outside of the U.S. It occurred to me that, this time next year, we may hear : “Seasons greetings to my partner in…” whichever local city they may reside. Big steps, baby steps… all steps moving forward.

  10. Ginjoint says:

    Cute Christmas card from Cruse. My friend emailed me The Digital Story of the Nativity, which I thought some here might enjoy. (Don’t worry, it’s short and very well done!)

    John McCain is a cranky, cranky old man. Quite soon I expect to see him in an antiquated wheelchair, pissing and moaning and scheming, like Mr. Potter in It’s A Wonderful Life. (Hey, remember how much Dick Cheney resembled Mr. Potter at Obama’s inauguration? Har!)

  11. cd in Madison says:

    @Kate L #9: C-SPAN is also running an interview with Elena Kagan this afternoon. 5:30 for those of us in the midwest. I love to hear her speak.

    Coincidentally, I was having dinner at the Brathaus early this summer when a woman came in, zeroed in on me and began to ask questions like What is a brat? and Does it make you gassy? (Answers: a German sausage in a bun and Yes). She was obviously from out of town, accent Brooklyn or the Bronx, so I invited her to sit down.

    The subject of Elena Kagan came up. We went to the same high school, the woman informed me, but I don’t agree with her at all. I was totally mystified. Here I was in liberal Madison, WI, talking with a woman from one of the NY boroughs, and we were on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

    What’s wrong with the Tea Party? she asked. OMG, she was serious! But we shared a couple of brats and a few pops, spent a while in civil conversation, didn’t agree on anything, but we had each made a new friend and maybe broadened our horizons a bit.

  12. ready2agitate says:

    remember when obama won and there was prop (h)8 in the background…?

    Glad to see DADT repealed, but very very sad to see the DREAM taken away from hundreds of thousands of young Americans – sorry I don’t think it’s right to call them anything other – of having a pathway to citizenship via school or military.

    A very young gay male friend just emailed me to tell me that he is leaving the state in January because he is about to enlist in the Navy. I am very mixed about it and haven’t yet responded to him…. 🙁

  13. Kate L says:

    Kate L walks into the DTWOF ready room and adjusts her red Star Fleet captains’ jersey with the Federation Tug (hands on either side of the hem, followed by a sharp downward pull). She is here to remind one and all of the lunar eclipse visible from the western hemisphere and northern and western Europe in the early hours of Tuesday morning, December 21st. The eclipse starts at about 02:17 Hours (U.S. Eastern Standard – New York – time) and will reach totality about an hour later. As the eclipse proceeds, you will see a curving shadow of darkness pass across the face of the full moon. The edge of that shadow is the edge of the Earth blocking the Sun. At totality, the Moon, by now completely in shadow, will stil be illuminated by an orange-red glow. This glow is sunlight filtering through the atmosphere of the Earth; you are seeing light from literally every sunrise and sunset taking place on Earth at that moment!

  14. Cameron says:

    Well, I would be seeing the lunar eclipse except for the cloud cover. *sigh* trudging out to check the sky again.
    Have seen DADT referred to as a relic from the Clinton era. Great, so we can blame him when he tried to get the ban on gays lifted and finally got cornered into the only compromise he could get them to make – Don’t ask, don’t tell. I don’t think he had a clue as to the witch hunts that the concept was to inspire or set off.
    SO….now. What do you do if you are in the military, or aspire to military service and you are transgender?
    Going to check my cloud cover.
    Happy Solstice everyone!

  15. Kate L says:

    (Cameron #15) We had a crystal clear night sky all night long. Too bad I fell asleep! 🙁 During the last lunar eclipse, the sky remained clear until just before the start of the eclipse, when a cloud bank rolled in and stayed there through totality and beyond.

    On the other hand, yesterday afternoon, I was walking my dog near city park when what should I see but two young women walking hand in hand! 🙂 Why, they were living out loud, just the same as anyone!!! A far cry from the furtive, hand-written notes from lesbian to lesbian on the wall of the science library elevator when I was a student at KU…

  16. Kate L says:

    For those of us who missed it, here is video of last night’s lunar eclipse…